Sugar Bug Vein in Babies – Everything You Need to Know

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Aparna Hari

Sugar Bug Vein in Babies

When a baby is born, parents are engulfed in immense joy and sheer amazement at how great nature is. They admire every inch of that creation and wonder how something can be so perfect and cute. While adoring every inch of your baby’s body, you are inspecting it too without realizing it. Sugar bug vein also known as blue vein between eyes in babies is a common condition that can be cause for concern for babies.

It is a natural tendency to ensure everything is alright with the baby. We want to get all doubts clarified at the earliest to ensure there is nothing wrong. When you are exploring and adoring, you notice a small blue vein on your baby’s face, between their eyes. It leaves you wondering if it is just newborn translucent skin or if something is wrong with your baby.

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What is Sugar Bug Vein in Babies?

Sugar bug vein is the bluish appearance on the bridge of the nose in between the eyes. This bluish tinge is due to the prominent appearance of a vein called the dorsal nasal vein. The occurrence of sugar bug vein in babies indicates sugar sensitivity in babies and hence parents may need to get their babies checked regularly and monitor their baby’s diet, health, and lifestyle habits.  As babies grow, the sugar bug vein gets milder in appearance.

Is Sugar Bug Vein Normal in Babies?

Yes, it is completely normal in newborn babies. Since their skin is very delicate and translucent the veins are easily visible. There is nothing to worry about. We all have arteries and veins running through our bodies. They are well hidden behind the skin. For a newborn baby with thin skin, the veins are prominent.

What Does Sugar Bug Vein Look Like in Infants?

sugar bug vein

A sugar bug vein is generally noticeable between the baby’s eyebrows – on their nose. They can be anywhere between 1mm to 2mm in thickness and run laterally between your baby’s eyes. You may spot one or many, as many veins run in that area.

Causes of Sugar Bug in Babies

All human beings have multiple veins running throughout their bodies. A baby’s skin is thinner than an adult’s skin and even lighter due to the lack of melanin. It may be more visible in some babies than others. Some of the common causes of sugar bug veins can be:

  • Color of the skin
  • Thickness of the skin
  • Size of the vein

Diet to Follow For Babies Having Sugar Bug Vein

A sugar bug vein can indicate sensitivity to sugar, according to Chinese tradition. Some believe it can indicate behavioral issues in the baby. However, scientific research states a sugar bug vein can be due to a spike in the baby’s sugar levels and advises altering the diet accordingly.

As the baby is prone to sugar sensitivity, parents need to avoid giving any food items loaded with sugar; must include other whole foods to support and facilitate the baby’s growth. A spike in sugar levels can impact a baby’s growth. Hence it is important to add nutrient-rich foods with as little sugar as possible.

List of Foods to Avoid For Babies Having Sugar Bug Vein

Foods to Avoid For Babies with Sugar Bug Vein

A newborn baby is on an exclusive milk diet till they are 6 months old. In breastfed babies, the mother’s food intake can impact the baby’s sugar levels. So, it is advisable to avoid sugar-rich foods, which can transfer to the baby through breastmilk.

Once you start your baby on solid foods, you need to watch what they eat. If your baby has sugar bug vein, you should consider avoiding the following food items.

1. Sugar

Any food that contains artificial sugar like cakes, candies, cookies or even juices must be avoided. When it comes to foods with natural sugars like fruits and some nuts, limit the intake.

2. Carbohydrates

Carbs release sugar. You need to avoid it completely but give it in moderation. If your baby’s veins seem to bulge after consumption of foods with carbs, you may need to reduce the quantity further.

List of Foods to Include For Babies Having Sugar Bug Vein

Your baby’s growth and development in the first year of their lives are very important. The food they eat can have a direct impact on their growth. If your baby has a sugar bug vein, you will have to cut back on many food items.

  • Ensure your baby gets all their essential nutrients through food sources that are not rich in sugars (even natural sugars).
  • Include food items that are rich in calcium, iron, proteins and other essential minerals.
  • Fresh foods and vegetables can be a good source of nutrients with less sugar content.
  • Fruits have essential nutrients but have natural sugars too. If your baby’s sugar bug vein seems to get worse after consuming certain fruits, you may want to adjust or discontinue the intake of those fruits.

Top 4 Ways to Support a Baby With Sugar Bug Vein

Ways to Support a Baby With Sugar Bug Vein

A spike or dip in sugar levels can impact our energy levels. For a baby with a sugar bug vein, it is important to offer the right support to help them grow. Apart from providing a nutritious diet, implementing the following can be very helpful for your baby:

1. Fix a Schedule

Come up with a schedule for their meals. You need to give your baby small meals at regular intervals to avoid a sugar spike or dip. If your baby eats something after being on an empty stomach for a long time, it can lead to a sugar spike and may cause the vein to bulge more.

2. Provide a Healthy Environment

If you are cutting back on certain food items for your baby, ensure you don’t leave them in plain sight. Babies can get tempted and do not have any self-control. If you have an older baby, ensure they eat all their treats when the little one is asleep. This way, your baby with the sugar bug vein will not be tempted.

3. Reduce Stimuli

Babies with a sugar bug vein may be very sensitive to stimuli. Reduce their exposure to bright lights, loud noises, or an overly active environment. If you are taking them out, restrict their exposure to crowds.

4. Let Your Baby Lead

Keep a close watch on your baby’s behavior and follow their cues. Observe what calms them and provide more of it; observe what triggers them and limit exposure to it. It need not be just food, it can be their sleep schedule, toys or people they play with and more.

When to Call the Doctor?

It is quite natural for parents to worry and rush to the doctor for even the smallest concerns. If you notice any of the following, you need to consult a doctor immediately –

  • Sudden swelling or bulge of the sugar bug vein or any other spots on your baby’s nose
  • A sudden change in color around the bridge of your baby’s nose.
  • Any unusual lumps anywhere on your baby’s body
  • Formation of dents or scars or hair on your baby’s nose
  • A pulsating/ throbbing vein.

A sugar bug vein can be very concerning for parents. In most babies, it can go away on its own around the baby’s first birthday. Some cases may need medical intervention. In very few cases the sugar sensitivity stays. Consulting the right doctor at the right time and following a balanced diet for the baby can help alleviate the condition.


1. Does a Sugar Bug in Babies Go Away?

In many cases, it does go away on its own around the 1-year mark. Even if it does not go away completely, the thickening and darkening of the skin along with other facial changes will make the vein less prominent.

2. Can I Give Formula to My Baby With a Sugar Bug Vein?

If your doctor approves, you can. Some formulas may have a little sugar in them. If your baby reacts to them, you may have to switch brands.

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