Symptoms and Signs of low estrogen

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Estrogen is one of the most widely heard of female hormones. It is considered to be the primary female sex hormone. This hormone is responsible for the development of the female reproductive system and regulating secondary sex characteristics. There are some symptoms and signs of low estrogen.
low estrogen
Though it is present in the body in small amounts, its effect on maintaining the overall health of the women’s body is huge. A lot of women about to hit puberty and who have reached menopause suffer due to this problem. However, women of all ages can develop low estrogen. So let us begin with the symptoms and signs of low estrogen.
How Estrogen Functions?
Signs of Low estrogen: causes
Signs of Low estrogen: Symptoms
Signs of Low estrogen: side effects
What is the normal estrogen level for women?
Causes of low estrogen in the 30s
Diagnosis of low estrogen
Low level of estrogen treatment
Low estrogen: natural treatments
Is there a connection with estrogen levels and weight gain?

How Estrogen Functions?

Estrogen is a hormone that is mainly required for sexual development in ladies as they reach puberty age. Some more functions of estrogen includes are given below:

  • It initiates changes in breast tissue during pregnancy and adolescence
  • It also helps to regulate menstrual cycles  
  • It regulates body weight by helping to control metabolism involved in the growth and development of bone tissue in a healthy way(absorption and retention of calcium level).
  • Some reports say it may play a key role in promoting healthy cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) activity also.


Signs of Low estrogen: causes

Estrogen produces in ovaries, so technically anything that affects the ovaries is indirectly going to affect the estrogen production in the body. And this low estrogen can be caused due to,

  1. Natural causes: it can happen naturally amongst women who are about to reach puberty and those who are either premenopausal or menopausal.
  2. Other causes: Sometimes low level of estrogen results to some special conditions like,
  • Eating disorders: It can include anorexia where the women starve herself to severe limits.
  • Turner syndrome: Abnormality in the sex chromosome.
  • Excessive exercises or extreme dieting
  • Kidney diseases 
  • And low-functioning pituitary gland, hypopituitarism
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)


Signs of Low estrogen: Symptoms

The symptoms and signs of low estrogen are given below. Girls haven’t reached puberty, and women approaching menopause are likely to have a low level of estrogen in them. Still, All ages of women can face this issue.
Common symptoms of low estrogen are:

  • vaginal lubrication is lack during sex. So pain occurs at that time 
  • hot flashes
  • depression
  • trouble concentrating
  • fatigue
  • headaches or accentuation of pre-existing migraines
  • breast tenderness
  • They are increasing in urinary tract infections (UTIs) due to a thinning of the urethra
  • irregular or absent periods
  • mood swings

Due to low estrogen, your bones fracture or break happens more easily. This may occur due to bone density levels to decrease. It works in conjunction with vitamin D, calcium, and other minerals to keep your bones strong. If the level of estrogen is low, you may experience a decrease in bone density.
If untreated, this can lead to infertility in women.

Signs of Low estrogen: side effects

signs of low estrogen
Estrogen is considered to be the ‘power hormone’ of the body. And lack of estrogen can lead to several side effects that may disrupt the normal functioning of the women’s body. Those are,

  • Lack of vaginal lubrication that leads to painful sex
  • Prone to urinary tract infections
  • Irregularity in periods
  • Depression or severe mood swings
  • Severe headaches, migraine
  • trouble in concentrating
  • fatigue
  • hot flashes
  • Loss of libido, sex drive

Apart from all, It can also lead to reduced bone density. Thus bones become easily breakable. Because estrogen works hand in hand with calcium and vitamin D in keeping the bones strong and reduction in the same may lead to weak and brittle bones.

What is the normal estrogen level for women?

Estrogen is the primary female hormone that is produced in the ovaries. The normal level of estrogen differs at various levels. In day 2 to 3 of the menstrual cycle, the estrogen level is noted to be 25 to 75 picograms per milliliters. During menopause, thus level of estrogen drops down to as low as 32 pg/ml. This level continues to drop at 10 Pg/ml.

Causes of signs of low estrogen in the 30s

When a woman is in its early 30s, estrogen levels typically start to drop down due to many notable reasons. The major reason among these is the usage of birth control pills. These pills trick the body into believing that it doesn’t require as much hormone, but it does.
Moreover, excessive exercising, binge eating, and even women who get extreme PMS, etc., all these can cause the estrogen levels to drop down in the 30s.

Diagnosis of low estrogen:

Proper treatment can prevent many health problems. If you’re experience symptoms and signs of low estrogen, consult your doctor immediately. They can check your symptoms and make a diagnosis if need. Early diagnosis may help to prevent other complications.
During your appointment time, your doctor will discuss your family health and assess your symptoms and also perform a physical exam. Blood tests will need in order to measure your hormone levels in it.
Your estradiol and estrone levels may also be tested if you’re experiencing the below things:

  • hot flashes
  • insomnia
  • frequently missed periods (amenorrhea)
  • night sweats

Some times, your doctor may order a brain scan also to check for any abnormalities that may affect the endocrine system. DNA testing may also be used to check out any issues with your endocrine system.

Low level of estrogen treatment

A lot of women suffering from estrogen level is low have benefitted from the following medications,

1. Estrogen therapy

Women who are 25-50 suffering from estrogen deficiency are generally prescribed a high dose of estrogen. Depending on their severity, the actual dose is decided so that they do not develop any bone deficiencies, cardiovascular problems, or other hormonal imbalances.
This estrogen dose can be administered orally, vaginally, or through injection. This therapy may reduce menopausal symptoms and even reduces the chances of fractures.

2. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Menopausal women are generally recommended HRT as menopause leads to a significant decrease in estrogen and progesterone. And HRT may help you restore the levels of these hormones. Furthermore, in HRT, the hormone can be given orally, topically, vaginally, or injections. 

Low estrogen: natural treatments

Everyone cannot respond equally to medical treatment for it. Hence, here is a list for those who prefer going all-natural to increase their estrogen levels,

  • Healthy eating: low levels of carbohydrates and fats and increased diet of fibrous food.
  • Caffeine: Surprising enough, but coffee and tea are considered useful to boost the levels of estrogen
  • Say NO to tobacco: Tobacco can severely low down the levels of estrogen
  • Herbs: Some herbs like chaste berry may work magic in increasing the levels of estrogen.


Is there a connection with estrogen levels and weight gain?

Sex hormones, like estrogen, will influence the fat in the body. It regulates glucose and lipid metabolism also. If your estrogen levels are reduced, there is a chance of weight gain.
Some reports say women approaching menopause to become overweight. Getting overweight can increase your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases also.
So consult your doctor for advice on the next steps to take. It’s always the best idea to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Talk with your doctor about developing a diet and exercise plan, Which is correct for you.

Bottom Line:

Low estrogen can impact her physical, emotional, and sexual health also. The treatment for women with this may vary depending on the cause, severity, and other factors. Treatment for low estrogen is HRT. It is more very effective in recent days.

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