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The Bash For Your Child’s Second Birthday

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2nd Birthday Bash
The second birthday party is a little different from the first one. Now, your toddler is a little more grown-up. He can stand by himself and does not feel so lost when there are many people around. Of course, your baby is still a toddler and your supervision is necessary always. Celebrate an amazing second birthday with all the glitters, balloons, and ribbons! By the second year, children are also more in flow with their natural creativity than last year. They have already had a whole year of smashing crayons on paper!

The primary arrangements
  • Just like the first birthday, keep your camera and video recorder all charged up for the day. These amazing home videos are keepsakes for life
  • Birthday dress! Do not forget to have an amazing birthday dress for your child. You can also shop online
  • You will also have to decide on the venue. If the space at your apartment is insufficient, go for a rented place. Nowadays, you can find special kid-friendly venues with colorful paintings on the walls and other decorations. Besides, renting a place also saves you from the time taken to set up the place, arrange dining, and clean it up after the magical evening is over

Party decoration

  • Venue providers usually also provide dining. However, you need to choose the menu with the health of children in mind. Avoid keeping processed munchies, fast food, and heavily spicy food for children. Many mommas prefer to bake the birthday cakes by themselves. It is really a very beautiful idea. You can also have separate dining for grownups and kids
  • Also, someone should be at the food table to dispense the candies. You will definitely need a lot of them
  • You will also need a helping hand to look after your kid when you may be busy attending guests. Of course, parents will always have their eyes on the kid. Still, it is great to tell someone to keep an extra eye. You may also want to arrange play activities for kids. Musical chair is a great game to keep kids busy. You can find many other ideas like it
  • Do not forget to place your order for the return gifts. The kids visiting will be overjoyed when you present a return gift wrapped in colorful wrappers
  • You may also want to keep a first aid box. Of course, here is wishing that the little ones do not get hurt when they play. Still, it is always good to be safe and have the arrangements. Children will run around quite naturally, and they can also fall sometimes. It is all but natural

Second Birthday

Fabulous second birthday ideas
  • Birthday paintings from little ones are precious! Many parents get their children to play with the colors on paper on their first birthdays even. The second year’s painting can be an amazing milestone on how your child has grown. They grow very fast!
  • Since your child has grown accustomed to people around him, you can invite more guests than you invited at the first birthday. Guest invitations can be made very specially. You can print out elegant formal cards for guests. You can make the cards colorful in pop-style with a collage of your kid’s photos. About the photos, you can also set them out as printouts and arrange them in a collage of a big ‘2’ to set on the wall
  • Arrange special birthday caps. You can also keep those fancy party masks that children can wear over their eyes. Resembling traditional Venetian masks, these look really cool on children. They just love these!
  • Go totally crazy with the balloons. Kids love to carry some balloons back to their homes when the evening is over. Many children also find delight in popping the balloons. Set up many colorful balloons all around so there is enough for both popping and taking home
  • Second birthday family photo-shoots have children more conscious than they were in the first year. This allows you to be much more creative with shoot ideas. You may have already brought the birthday masks. They can make up great photo-shoot accessories
  • The second birthday is a super-special event. Parents should make sure to look up all the birthday arrangements personally. Plan some days ahead because you need to set up a lot of things. If you are booking a venue, do not leave it for the last moment. You will have to print out the invitation cards at least two months in advance as well. Here is wishing a fabulous second birthday for your little one.
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