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Tips For Homemakers For Planning The Day

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Well, well well, put all your clocks on rest and schedules on the back , now that you have a baby in the house. A baby is the prime clock for you to sleep, eat, rest, cook, and even more. It is now on the baby’s call that you may take a nap or cook something for yourself, or take a short walk. A baby doesn’t adjust to our clocks, we have to clock ourselves with the baby.
Arrival of a baby changes the way you worked your day out. As a couple, you need to discuss planning your day with each other before the baby comes in your life. You might have to reschedule certain things that you did on a whim , or you might have to stick to a more precise routine to get done with your daily chores. So plan your day accordingly after having a baby.
If you are not working and are a homemaker you may try to plan your day on the basis of below mentioned tips-

  • Most important thing is to make sure your husband cooperates with you while he is at home. He may help you in taking care of your new one or may do some small household chores.
  • If only the two of you are there in your family with your new born, try completing the important tasks in the presence of your partner, that is before he leaves for office. For example taking a bath, cooking food or any other work for which you will need to leave your baby unattended.
  • Make your partner understand that you might not be able to cook as often as you did before. The house could be a mess, clothes could still be dirty and dishes might need attention. Its both of you and both of you only who need to manage everything. Keeping male-female egos at a bay helps in making a happy household.
  • Since you’d be around with the baby most of the day, ask your partner to handle the baby for sometime while he’s home. Make some space for yourself during that time.
  • You might have bad days sometimes, the baby might be cranky, crying, or upset and you may get overwhelmed or depressed at such times. Relax. You may ask you husband to come home early, or take the help of a family member.
  • Once you will have a baby, he/she will demand full attention & care initially. You will have to be on your toes; It is not a bad idea to rely on a maid/domestic help for household work if you can afford it.
  • It is very important to take care of yourself along with the new born so that you may recover soon. Since your baby decides almost everything for you, try to take a nap when your baby sleeps.
  • Choosing between sleeping and doing other household chores is tricky, but we vote that you sleep when your baby’s also dozing. You never know how long he’s going to keep you up!! Do not get tired by doing something which is not urgent and can wait for some days or months. Stop worrying about cleaning your house mess for some months.
  • After six months or as per your doctor’s advice add light exercises to your routine to become fit and loose those extra kilos which you have gained during pregnancy.

It is important to open up and talk about how are both of you going to handle the situation? How you are going to do your daily tasks? Or how you will manage your day if you both are working? But remember one thing it is not possible to resume your normal routine immediately after giving birth to a baby. A few months after delivering a baby are for rest and taking care of your baby and yourself. Gradually you may try to resume your normal routine, work or be able to attain atleast 30 % of your time as you please.

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