Toddler Climbing Out of Crib – Why and Tips to Prevent

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Written by Smita Srivastava

Smita Srivastava

A toddler climbing out of crib

A query most mothers ask, “How do I prevent my toddler from climbing out of the crib?” Welcome aboard! Like you, there are many mothers out there at their wits end wondering how to handle their toddler who is often climbing out of their crib. Toddlers, be it day time or night keep climbing out of the crib, posing a problem for their parents. Remember that your toddlers’ age and developmental stage has an impact on their readiness or reluctance to settle down in the crib.

Mothers may have to leave their toddler for some time in the crib, to attend to some work or even just rest a while. Though the safest place to leave toddlers is their crib, you never know if your toddler is going to be there in the crib till you attend to them or they are simply going to climb out of the crib. You need to be ever vigilant and adopt safe ways to place your toddler’s crib, so their attempt at climbing out of the crib becomes futile.

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Why Do Toddlers Climb Out of a Crib?

Toddlers climb out of crib due to several reasons

Toddlers are wondering about things around them, and they are very curious about their surroundings all the time. They are unaware of physical safety and wander around as their hearts take them. They are too small to know the dangers of climbing up places and moving around. Mothers are constantly worried lest their toddler hurts themselves. Some toddlers may not want to stay in their crib and naturally, it is time to make the move to a slumber in a bed.

A crib is a barrier which toddlers are eventually fighting against. They nurture the need to get out of the crib. Climbing in and out of a crib is sheer joy for active toddlers. You can watch them enjoy the antics of climbing out for hardly a few seconds of placing them in the crib, they are out of it. There are quiet ones who are perfectly content in their cribs, but you can never tell with toddlers, so when they fancy getting out of the crib they will.

When toddlers find they have had enough of being contained in their crib, they may try to get your attention to tend to them or in many instances they try to get out of their crib simply because they can. A constant vigil is necessary unless of course you have mastered the secret of keeping your toddler in their crib safely. When you can ascertain a pattern of movements of your toddler, you will understand how long they will be able to stay in their crib. Try different tips, and soon you will gain the knack of keeping your toddler in their crib.

Tips to Prevent a Toddler From Falling From the Crib

Once you realize your toddler is climbing out of the crib, it scares you. Some toddlers experiment quite early, with climbing out of the crib, but do not fret, instead try a few tricks to keep them there. Here are a few ways which you can follow to keep your toddler safe in their crib.

1. Mattress

Try to keep the mattress on the floor of the crib, this keeps the crib at a high level and limits access. Make sure it is compact so that the mattress does not slide away.

2. Crib Position

Turn the crib around so that the higher end of the crib will be at the front, so it curbs the climbing efforts of toddlers.

3. Use a Sleep Sack

Sleep sack will help prevent toddler climbing out of crib

The sleep sack keeps the toddler’s limbs from getting between crib slats. They come in different sizes and thicknesses too. So that they do not feel hot and stuffy during summer.

4. Use a Pack and Play 

They are kind of a mesh which is soft and prevents your toddler from having a leg up to climb over.

5. Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging furniture will prevent toddler climbing

Move room furniture away from the crib so that it is not used as a support whilst trying to climb.

6. Avoid Extra Things in The Crib 

Remove blankets and small pillows or stuffed animals from the crib which might make it easy for toddlers to help themselves up from the crib over to the floor.

7. Remove Objects

Removing unwanted objects from the crib will limit access

Another essential must do for mothers is that any object which might be used by toddlers to lever them out of the crib has to be removed.

What to Do if The Toddler’s Head is Hit?

Falling from the crib may result in head injuries as well

Often toddlers hurt their head and get bumps on their head especially, when they try to climb out of their crib. Generally, it is nothing to worry about when it is a slight bump or bruise. A small bump will just need an ice pack and it will heal on its own. Such bumps are called goose eggs. On the other hand, if they have a bleeding cut or a soft bulging spot, or a big bruise, it is advisable to check with your doctor.

If your toddler’s head is hit, first check for lumps and bruises. They may sometimes experience drowsiness that is unusual or a temporary loss of consciousness. In that case it may be a serious injury needing urgent attention and medical treatment. Your instincts will always let you know when something is gravely wrong. Even otherwise, to be on the safe side, it is good to check with your physician and evaluate whether the injury is serious.

Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Switch to a Bed

A toddler bed is good if your toddler is not staying in crib

Make sure your toddler is ready for the transition from their crib to toddler bed. The exact age differs for each toddler depending on their developmental stage. Your toddler reaches a stage where they are too big for their crib. This raises concern for their safety as they frequently try to climb out of the crib. Here are a few signs to show your toddler is ready to switch to a toddler bed-

  • Toddler may express their desire for a kid or toddler bed
  • Your toddler’s chest seems to be higher than the crib railing
  • Toddler is completely potty-trained or almost at that point
  • When your toddler is successful at climbing out of the crib

Toddlers climb out of their crib often, so do not panic. Climbing is an important stage of growth in total motor skills. You will be able to manage this stage with the use of many tips to keep your toddler from climbing out of the crib. There are well crafted safe cribs today, equipped for your toddler which will curb their attempts at climbing out of it.


1. At What Age do Toddlers Get Out of Cribs?

Most toddlers tend to get out of their cribs between 18 months and 3 years of age. They express their need to change over to a new bed by simply just climbing out of their crib. This is the time to be very careful since they like to climb out of their crib often and you must exercise a routine where your toddler can safely make the transition from a crib to a toddler bed.

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