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Tooth Care

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Many people suggest that going to a dentist is a vicious circle!  If you don’t believe this, then you have actually not tasted the pain yet. One goes to the dentist to cure the existing problem and once the problem is cured he again goes to the dentist to get it checked so that the problem does not reoccur. This is a vicious circle.
If you want to avoid such trouble, then taking care of your child’s dental health is the only way out. Your child’s teeth formation starts in the second trimester of your pregnancy and by the time he is born, he has about 20 primary teeth  fully developed. Mothers need to take a piece of clean and wet cloth and clean the gums of the baby after every feed. These days there are various options available in the market for the new born like, the brushes and tongue cleaners specially designed for them. You can use these products according to your advantage.
After your child has turned 2, he knows how to spit, so proper brushing has to start now. Make him brush twice a day, once in the morning and the other before bed time. Proper brushing together with flossing helps to keep his teeth healthy. See that your child is not swallowing the paste and is spitting it out and rinsing his mouth properly. Children need proper guidance in this regard. Give him regular training until he learns to brush his teeth properly.
Your child needs to rinse the mouth, the number of times he eats anything, so as to avoid any eatable or sugary substance from remaining in the mouth for long creating cavities. Cavity is a very common oral problem in children that is caused due to high sugar intakes from medicines or milk or any other eatable remaining in the teeth for prolonged time. Cavities also known as caries start tooth decay, by eating away the tooth completely. Visit your pediatrician or a dentist specialized in kids problems for early healing of the problem. Plan a regular visiting schedule to the dentist, if your child is having any dental problem. It can be from once in three months to once yearly, according to your need.
If your child complains of tooth ache, don’t take it lightly and visit your dentist before it gets worse. If the problem is cured in the initial stage, it may require only some filling and cleaning. Silver is widely used for the purpose of filling these days. It keeps the tooth intact, but your doctor can advice you better on other options available to you. So don’t be reluctant in visiting a dentist.
If you maintain a healthy oral routine for your child and follow it strictly, your child may not require going to a dentist at all. But if you or your partner happens to face any tooth problem like tooth decay or gums diseases, then your child is more likely to have such problems. In that case you need to be extra vigilant. Don’t be too lenient with your child, even if he is too young.
After all, you cannot compromise on your child’s health.

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