Top 5 Tips to Encourage Babies to Crawl

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Tips to Encourage Babies to Crawl

Wow! Can you believe this?! Just some time ago your little one couldn’t move without your help. But they are speedily entering the stage of independence. Motivate and help them to become more mobile. This article guides you through the top 5 tips to encourage baby crawl.

Once your baby is ready to crawl, they try to move and take the help of the hands and knees. At first, they may crawl and sit back for a while, until they pick the speed up. Follow a few tips and help their pickup. Once they are a pro, there is no stopping.

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At What Age Should Babies be Able to Crawl?

In all likelihood, your baby will be crawling within 7 and 10 months. But some babies learn how to crawl earlier while some might take a bit more time, and it’s all very much normal. Many times babies skip the stage of crawling completely and go to the next one directly. So there is nothing to worry about if you see your little one directly trying to stand without crawling.

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How Do You Help Babies Learn to Crawl?

Help Babies Learn to Crawl

Babies are filled with curiosity, and you need to encourage this curious spirit of theirs to crawl.

  • Place their most loved toys in their sight while they are on the floor. Their playful minds will make them start to crawl.
  • Keep some easy-to-pass obstacles on their way in the form of safe objects like pillows and boxes. It strengthens the muscles needed for crawling and eventually walking also.
  • Give them hugs and kisses when they feel bored and don’t continue the lesson further.

Top 5 Tips to Encourage Baby Crawl

Tips to Encourage Baby Crawl

Decorate your baby’s months of learning to crawl with these fun-filled tips that will be very bonding for both of you.

1. Tummy Time

From the first few weeks of their birth. This small activity will give them massive boosts in terms of muscle strengthening in their arms, shoulders, trunk, and back (required for crawling).

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2. Buy Tunnels

Buy tunnels for your baby. This novelty will uplift their adventurous spirit within to crawl to the other end.

3. Prop Their Lower Body Up in the Air

Keep some objects like a couch cushion below their lower body, after a few days of observance, they will put their hands down. It helps to familiarise and encourage them with crawling. They will start doing it.

4. Let Them See Other Babies

While it’s true that crawling comes naturally to babies but a little demonstration can be just the button to make it happen. Let them make friends with babies who can crawl. After all, good company matters!

5. Applaud The Attempts

Be so happy when they try to crawl that your baby feels as if this is the best thing to do in the universe. Never show irritation even when they aren’t crawling or trying.

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When Should I Worry That My Baby Doesn’t Crawl?

baby not crawling

Because some babies can entirely miss the crawling period, the best way to identify their growth is to look at their motor skills development. A normal baby should be able to scoot on their belly and stand up with support around their first birthday.

If you see your baby unable to pick up with movement, and if you feel something wrong with your baby’s way of crawling, consult your doctor. It is not always a sign of concern. Some babies do it early, and some take time, while some completely skip crawling. Your doctor will be able to check and let you know about the baby’s motor milestones.

Create more occasions for your baby to move around. Take them out from their baby carriers, seats, and walkers. Childproof the house and put them down. This will encourage them to move on their own and be a starting point to learn crawling.

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1. Is it Normal For a 9 Month Old Baby to Not Crawl?

It’s not a matter of concern. Wait for 2-3 more months and keep encouraging them.

2. Why is Crawling So Important For Babies?

Crawling is such an important milestone because it builds balance, sensory, cognition, and many more vital skills.

3. Do Babies Sit or Crawl First?

Babies learn to sit first, and afterward they progress toward crawling and other milestones.

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