Top 150 Anime Names for Girls With Meanings

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Top 150 Anime Names for Girls With Meanings

The concept of anime gradually evolved from Japanese animated series. Anime has acquired immense popularity over the years, and parents frequently contemplate naming their children after their favorite anime characters. If you intend to name your newborn girls after anime characters, there is no need for concern. We have compiled a list of the top 150 anime names for girls with meanings.

Anime names are typically derived from anime films, video games, and online characters. If you are a fan of anime and are looking for a feminine name for your princess, you can find a compilation of the most popular, stylish, adorable, and finest anime names for newborn girls.

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If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll discover a fantastic selection of popular anime names that are absolutely perfect for your little girl. Here we have listed the top most 50 popular anime girl names for you to choose from.

SL No Name Orgin Meaning
1 Abigail Hebrew One with a joyful father
2 Akane Japanese Deep red
3 Akeno Japanese Morning; Sunrise
4 Akihiro Japanese Great brightness
5 Alice French Noble
6 Amaterasu Japanese Shining heaven
7 Arata Japanese New; Fresh
8 Asuka Japanese Perfume
9 Atsuko Japanese Kind child
10 Atsushi Japanese Director
11 Ayaka Japanese Vibrant flower
12 Ayame Japanese Iris of the eye
13 Chie Japanese Intellect
14 Chiharu Japanese Thousand seasons of spring
15 Daiki Japanese Noble
16 Daisuke Japanese Very helpful
17 Emi Japanese Great blessing
18 Emiko Japanese Blesses child
19 Etsuko Japanese Happy child
20 Ezra Japanese Gift of god
21 Fujiko Fiji Wisteria child
22 Fumiko Japanese Beautiful child
23 Hana Japanese Flower
24 Haruka Japanese Remote
25 Hideko Japanese Excellent child
26 Hikari Japanese Light
27 Hinata Japanese Sunny place
28 Isamu Japanese Courageous
29 Itsuki Japanese Timber trees
30 Junko Japanese Obedient child
31 Kaori Japanese fragrance
32 Kiku Japanese Chrysanthemums
33 Kiyomi Japanese Pure beauty
34 Kushina Japanese Aspire
35 Kyouko Japanese Child
36 Lucy English and French Born at dawn
37 Mikasa Japanese A beautiful flower that smells good
38 Mononoke Japanese Natural forces
39 Motoko Japanese Resourceful child
40 Nagisa Japanese Beach
41 Rei Japanese Tinkling of bell
42 Revy English Golden heart
43 Rin Japanese Cold
44 Sakura Japanese Cherry blossom
45 Seiba Japanese Truth
46 Shizuka Japanese Quiet summer
47 Touka Japanese Perfume
48 Usagi Japanese Rabbit
49 Yuki Japanese Snow; Happiness
50 Yumi Japanese Archery bow

Good Anime Girl Names

Good Anime Girl Names

Choosing anime girl names is a fantastic option because they embody a captivating blend of coolness, style, and vibrant energy. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed or calm anime girl name, there are plenty of options to choose from.

SL No Name Orgin Meaning
1 Aiko Japanese Little loved one
2 Aimi Japanese Beautiful love
3 Aina Scandinavian Forever
4 Akemi Japanese Bright; Beautiful
5 Aki Japanese Autumn
6 Diana Japanese French
7 Mana Japanese Love and affection
8 Manami Japanese Love
9 Michiko Japanese Wise child
10 Minori Japanese Truth
11 Miyuki Japanese Wonderful blessing
12 Mizuki Japanese Beautiful moon
13 Nobuko Japanese Trustworthy
14 Noriko Japanese Law and order
15 Riko Japanese Child of truth
16 Suzuko Japanese Bell
17 Umeko Japanese Blossom child
18 Wakana Japanese Harmony
19 Yoko Japanese Positive
20 Yori Japanese Reliable

Best Anime Girl Names

Best Anime Girl Names

Naming a baby can sometimes be a challenging task. However, you will never run out of ideas when you browse through this list of anime-inspired baby girl names.

SL No Name Orgin Meaning
1 Akira Japanese Bright
2 Ami Latin Beloved
3 Anita Spanish Affectionate
4 Asami Japanese Future
5 Aya Japanese Woven silk
6 Ayane Japanese Design
7 Ayano Japanese Color
8 Ayumu Japanese Color
9 Chikako Japanese Perfume
10 Chiyoko Japanese Thousand generations
11 Chouko Japanese Butterfly
12 Dai Japanese Great end
13 Eri Japanese Drawing
14 Faye Japanese Loyalty
15 Heavenly Japanese Pupil of the eye
16 Honoka Japanese Spike ear and head
17 Hoshi Japanese Star
18 Izumi Japanese Fountain
19 Kaeda Japanese Maple leaf
20 Kamiko Japanese Little goddess

Coolest Anime Girl Names

Coolest Anime Girl Names

We have curated the coolest anime girl names for you. Names play a significant role in the baby’s life and thus these anime names are quite meaningful in nature.

SL No Name Orgin Meaning
1 Ayu Japanese Bound by love
2 Kanon Japanese Flower
3 Kaoru Japanese Fragrant
4 Kiko Japanese rejoicing
5 Lina Latin Palm tree
6 Maki Japanese Truth
7 Mami Japanese Real
8 Mariko Japanese Circle
9 Masami Japanese Beautiful
10 Masumi Japanese Pure
11 Masuyo Japanese Benefit
12 Mayu Japanese Gentleness
13 Mei English Fifth month
14 Michi Japanese Child with wisdom
15 Misaki Japanese Beautiful bloom
16 Miwa Japanese Beautiful music
17 Miyako Japanese Beautiful night
18 Moriko Japanese Forest
19 Nanami Japanese Seven seas
20 Naomi Hebrew Pleasant one

Unique Anime Girl Names

cute baby

We have done all the hard work for you in finding the 20 most unique anime girl names. These names are arranged in alphabetical order with their meanings and origin.

SL No Name Orgin Meaning
1 Ai Japanese Love
2 Airi Japanese Love
3 Aoi Japanese Hollyhock flower
4 Ayako Japanese Child
5 Ayu Japanese Gorgeous
6 Beryl English Precious color
7 Chika Japanese Scatter
8 Chinatsu Japanese Wise summer
9 Chiyo Japanese World
10 Cho Japanese Butterfly
11 Fubuki Japanese Snowstorm
12 Rina Latin Beloved
13 Saki Japanese Blossom
14 Sora Japanese Sky
15 Takara Japanese Treasure
16 Tomiko Japanese Happiness
17 Uiharu Japanese Early spring
18 Yasu Japanese Calm
19 Yui Japanese Conclusion
20 Yuzuki Japanese Small citrus fruit

Cute Anime Girl Names

Cute infant

We all love naming our little princess with cute names and what can be better than finding cute anime girl names. Let’s check out 20 cute anime names with their respective meanings.

SL No Name Orgin Meaning
1 Aono Japanese Blue green color
2 Ayumi Japanese A beautiful reason
3 Kanna Japanese Summer waves
4 Kobato Japanese Pigeon
5 Latifa Arabic Gentle
6 Madoka Japanese Circle
7 Mao Japanese Center
8 Mayumi Japanese An arrow that is flying straight
9 Megumi Japanese Blessing
10 Mika Latin Three trees together
11 Miki Japanese Three trees together
12 Mio Spanish Cherry blossom
13 Moe Japanese Dark skinned
14 Nao Japanese Affection
15 Naru Japanese To become
16 Nene Japanese Tranquil
17 Rika Japanese Strong
18 Rikka Teutonic Leader
19 Rio Spanish River
20 Suzume Japanese Sparrow

We really hope that we were able to assist you in selecting the ideal anime baby girl name. You could like anime characters and favour names with a particular origin. The top 150 anime baby girl names listed here include meanings derived from a variety of languages, including Japanese, Hebrew, French, English, and others.

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