Top 10 Best Books About Moon to Read For Toddlers

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Smita Srivastava

Books About Moon

The moon – the big white ball, up in the sky, so far away has always been something parents talk to their little kids about. Toddlers find this big ball very fascinating and pay close attention to any information about it. Today we have some of the best books about the moon to make learning about it fun.

You can just look up at the sky and talk to your toddler about the moon or you can read a few interesting books. Reading books to your toddler is a great way to not only teach them about the moon but it will also help improve their vocabulary and communication skills. If you are not sure what books to expose your toddler to, we have a list right here for you!

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10 Best Books About Moon For Toddlers 

There are lots of rhymes and poems about the moon, which have been around for ages. Apart from these, another way to entertain and educate your toddler about the moon is to make them read books. There are some wonderful books which are fun and entertaining for kids. Here is a list of 10 such top books about moon for toddlers- 

1. Little World: To The Moon

Little World: To The Moon

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Is your toddler curious and loves to explore everything around them? Then let them explore this book. To The Moon is a push-and-pull book that allows your toddler to explore the book in their own way. The bright artwork and gentle narration encourage a toddler to explore and enjoy the book many times. It can help teach them about outer space and improve their fine motor skills.

Age Suitable For- 12 months and above
Author– Allison Black

2. Space Baby: Zoom to The Moon!

Space Baby: Zoom to The Moon!

(Image Source)

Why should the moon be just something we all look at and admire? Why not go to the moon and see it up close? A very interesting, shiny touch and feel book that is sure to capture the interest of young minds. The book introduces your toddler to the idea of going to the moon and traveling into space. Putting such ideas into young minds can open up their minds to different possibilities of what they want to do in the future.

Age Suitable For– 1 to 4 years
Author– Pat-a-Cake

3. Moon Landing (Campbell First Explorers, 13)

Moon Landing

(Image Source)

Here is a fun book with important details for your toddler to learn while they play with the book. A very interactive book about the first landing on the moon. The book has tabs to push and pull, items to seek and find, and simple language suitable for toddlers. The book can educate your toddler about the moon landing in a fun and interactive way. It can also help improve their fine motor and observational skills.

Age Suitable For– 3 to 4 years
Author– Campbell Books

4. Hello, World! Moon Landing

Hello, World! Moon Landing

(Image Source)

Why wait until school lessons about landing on the moon? Let your toddler learn about the historical event through this book. This is a one-of-a-kind non-fiction board book about landing on the moon. The book covers all important details about the astronauts, the spacesuits they wore, the NASA team behind the historical event, and even the rocket modules. The author also describes how the world celebrated such a big accomplishment. Everything is expressed in easy-to-understand terms for toddlers. It can be a great addition to your toddler’s book collection and teach them about a historical event in an interesting manner at a very young age.

Age Suitable For– Baby to 3 years
Author– Jill McDonald

5. I Love You to The Moon And Back

Kitten’s First Full Moon Board Book

(Image Source)

Parents love to recollect how they loved every minute of the day they spent with their little ones. This is one such story. A beautiful narration from a parent’s perspective. The book narrates a mother bear’s version of her day with her little bear. In the book, she recollects how she and her little one shared many moments together during the course of the day. She tells the baby bear how she loved every moment of it and ends by telling that she loves the baby bear to the moon and back.

Age Suitable For– 2 to 5 years
Author– Amelia Hepworth

6. Kitten’s First Full Moon Board Book

Kitten’s First Full Moon Board Book

(Image Source)

One of the New York Times’ best-illustrated books, your toddler is bound to enjoy this little story. This is a small board book about a kitten’s first full moon. The author beautifully narrates how the little kitten mistakes the full white moon to be a bowl of milk. The kitten goes on to try its best to drink the milk. Toddlers can resonate with this story as many of them confuse the moon and many other things for something else they are familiar with.

Age Suitable For– Up to 4 years
Author– Kevin Henkes

7. Good Night, Baby Moon

Good Night, Baby Moon

(Image Source)

Toddlers love to question everything. Here are answers to their questions on the moon. The author beautifully illustrates how the moon goes through its course from a full moon to a new moon. The LED light-up moon is sure to excite your toddler enough for them to ask for this book repeatedly. The rabbits in this book are curious, full of questions and fear just like a toddler.

Age Suitable For– 2 to 5 years
Author– DK

8. Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me

Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me

(Image Source)

Toddlers ask for the most unimaginable things and parents would do their best to get it to them. Will this papa get his child the moon? The world-famous children’s author weaves a beautiful story about a girl who wishes to play and touch the moon. Like all kids, she turns to her father and asks him to get it for her. The story goes on to tell us what the father does to make his daughter’s wish come true.

Age Suitable For– Kindergarten to 2nd grade
Author– Eric Carle

9. Goodnight Moon

Good Night Moon

(Image Source)

A toddler who wants to fight bedtime will patiently wish every single item around them a good night. Make that into a bedtime story and your toddler is bound to love it. A famous bedtime story that has been a parents’ favorite for decades. Throughout the book, the author rhythmically wishes everything in the room a good night. This book can lull your baby to sleep and also help improve their vocabulary. Toddlers learn that it is time to sleep after wishing everyone and everything a good night.

Age Suitable For– Up to 5 years
Author– Margaret Wise Brown

10. Moon: A Peek-Through Board Book

Moon: A Peek-Through Board Book

(Image Source)

An interactive book that discusses the lunar cycle and the world during moonlight. A peek through picture book just perfect for bedtime after a long day of fun and play. The author expresses about the various animals and scenes that exist in various parts of the world, under the moonlight. The peek-through holes illustrate the lunar cycle, which can be a fun and effective way to learn about the moon’s journey

Age Suitable For– Toddler to 7 years
Author– Britta Teckentrup

Books are an easy way to get into an imaginary world. Reading to your toddler gives them a chance to get creative, let their imaginations bloom, and understand information about the moon in their own way. Exposure to different narrations also helps you understand more about your toddler and their preferences. So, keep reading and have fun with your toddler.


1. Do Toddlers Like Books About the Moon?

Toddlers are very curious and love to hear about many things they see regularly. Teaching them about the moon is important and books can be an effective way to do so.

2. How Can You Teach a Toddler About the Lunar Cycle?

Find an interactive book that tells about the moon’s journey in a simple yet fun manner. Toddlers tend to retain such information when they learn it through play.

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