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Pregnancy Quotes

A remarkable tale of affection, aspiration, and transformation, the pregnancy journey is an enthralling section in a woman’s existence. It’s when a woman’s heart brims with hopefulness for what lies ahead, and her physique nurtures the wonder of a fresh existence. Amidst the physical transformations and emotional peaks and valleys, language has often been our solace and comrades. They enable us to communicate the indescribable and commemorate the profound instances of this extraordinary voyage.This article will explore an intriguing assortment of pregnancy quotes and expressions that capture the emotions, wisdom, and chuckles of being pregnant.

These statements celebrate the depth of this phase of existence. From the humorous comments that bring a grin during the tribulations of carrying a child to the deep statements that illustrate the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. Come and accompany us as we delve into these deep contemplations on the wonder of pregnancy, which immediately prompt that each of those movements, longings, and instances is a section in a stunning story just yearning to be penned.

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48 Top Maternity Quotes and Sayings

having a baby quotes

The pregnancy experience is one of discovery, love, and eager expectation. Here are 50 pregnancy quotes that perfectly express the wonder of being pregnant.

  1. Pregnancy is gaining a companion within one’s own skin.
  2. Pregnancy is a lovely thing in its own right. Pregnancy has become something I look forward to more than the alternative.
  3. I’m well aware that the outcome is by no means guaranteed and that my next pregnancy may be very different.
  4. I don’t care how horrible my day has been; all I need is a small kick in the belly to feel great.
  5. Having a life developing inside of you is the most magnificent creation. No other present can compare.
  6. In the act of giving birth and in the experience of being born, we enter the realm of the divine, where the human soul is brave, and the body is a wonder of intelligence.
  7. You’ll feel like you’re falling in love all over again, this time with your spouse and your kid.
  8. A mother’s birth coincides with the birth of her kid. She is a brand-new phenomenon. The mother never materialized, but the lady did. Being a mother is a whole novel experience.
  9. If there is such a thing as magic, you are it for me.
  10. Babies are nine months inside you, three years in your arms, and forever in your heart.
  11. Everything is getting bigger and rounder and stranger, and here I am in the thick of it all, wondering what you will become.
  12. I always planned on having you. I loved you before you were even born. I would give my life for you in the first hour you were here. This is where motherly love works its miracle.
  13. Having a baby in your life creates a feedback cycle of love. Giving makes you happier than receiving, and receiving motivates you to give even more.
  14. A kid will make your love grow deeper, your days shorter, your nights longer, your bank account smaller, your house happier, your clothing shabbier, your past forgotten, and your future more than worth living for.
  15. The choice to start a family is a monumental one. Choosing to have your heart roam about outside of your body is a permanent decision.
  16. The experience of becoming pregnant is simultaneously life-affirming and life-altering. Pregnancy is a period of significant beginnings because the soul and spirit are stretched together with the body.
  17. Having children is like experiencing a full-body crush for the first time in seventh grade, only it lasts forever.
  18. A mother is the first person in any story. It all starts with her.
  19. You are powerful and pregnant. You are both stunning and courageous. Carry on with your confidence, charm, and happiness. Have faith in the strength of your body to give birth and in the support of women everywhere.
  20. You will never really grasp life until you feel it developing within you.
  21. Pregnant ladies, it is commonly said, radiate beauty. Because, as far as I can see, you’re literally drenched in sweat.
  22. As mothers, we may also give birth to new possibilities inside ourselves when we have children.
  23. One thing is certain: your life will never be the same again, whether your pregnancy was planned, medically induced, or an unexpected surprise.
  24. Pregnancy is the most fulfilling experience a woman can have.
  25. Perhaps infants perceive angels when they gaze out of your sight and smile.
  26. For a woman, giving birth is the ultimate spiritual initiation.
  27. During pregnancy, two bodies coexist, one within the other. Dual personalities share the same body. Strangely, our bodies are so similar, given how much effort we put into remaining separate individuals.
  28. During your pregnancy, you won’t feel guilty about getting up to eat or use the restroom.
  29. Instead of wishing my pregnancy away, I would have enjoyed every minute, knowing that the miracle taking shape inside of me was my only chance to help God do a miracle.
  30. Being pregnant is, in all honesty, altering who I am. Every new day is a part of this incredible adventure that has forced me to rethink my life’s direction and my ultimate aspirations.
  31. Pregnancy is the happiest time of my life. If I could, I would have ten children immediately.
  32. You’ll only feel big for nine months, but the happiness of becoming a mother will last a lifetime.
  33. My intense adoration and protectiveness for you made me feel like I was being squeezed when you moved. We are a single entity. That cannot be altered by anything, not even death.
  34. When I became pregnant, I had to put my profession on hold for nine months to focus on my baby.
  35. Let’s celebrate the female body and everything it does throughout pregnancy.
  36. Motherhood is a high-stakes game of chance. It’s the beautiful energy of life. It’s enormous and terrifying, an act of boundless hope.
  37. Stretch marks are like battle stripes for pregnant women.
  38. Consider an unplanned pregnancy the universe’s way of teaching you to deal with the inevitable surprises that come with parenting.
  39. Huge bellies and women are the only things more attractive than a sailing ship.
  40. You are powerful and pregnant. You are both stunning and courageous. Carry on with your confidence, charm, and happiness. Have faith in the strength of your body to give birth and in the support of women everywhere.
  41. Life is full and steady when you’re waiting for anything to happen or to hatch.
  42. During pregnancy, there is a natural want to give in to the mysterious power that sustains all life.
  43. God’s design for mothers and infants is incredible in its resilience and adaptability. It really is a miracle. It is the greatest of all blessings.
  44. It’s not the fact that giving birth hurts that is our cultural secret. That women can do anything.
  45. It gives me the confidence of a lady. It gives me the impression that everything in my body serves a purpose. It’s lovely to have a little life inside you, making you feel round and soft.
  46. Envision what would happen if women felt empowered by their bodies after giving birth and aware of their ability to experience ecstasy.
  47. A woman doesn’t get pregnant, so she can put medical professionals to work. Females only have one shot at the joyful, happy journey that is childbirth. It’s the pinnacle of artistic achievement for a woman.
  48. What if I don’t make it? But, honey, what if you could fly?

49 Top Inspirational Quotes About Pregnancy

funny pregnancy quotes

Being pregnant is a miraculous experience full of amazement and tremendous change. Here are 50 motivational pregnancy quotations that perfectly reflect this incredible event’s spirit.

  1. A woman’s worst insecurities are dispelled during childbirth, proving her strength and resilience.
  2. My kid will never be without someone to lean on for comfort. If I truly love someone, I will be at their side through thick and thin.
  3. You are worth every second of my impatience.
  4. It was you in the dream we woke up from. We wished for you, and you became real to us.
  5. The depth of my feelings for you will never be shared with anyone else. You are the only one who has ever heard the sound of my heart beating.
  6. I will never get over the miracle that is you.
  7. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is true happiness.
  8. You’ve given my heart new strength.
  9. Some of life’s greatest rewards might sneak up on you.
  10. Infants don’t put in a request to be born. Having children is a deliberate decision. This is why we adapt to their needs and schedules.
  11. As you develop inside of me, there are countless questions I have. When can I finally meet you? Who are you going to be?
  12. I’m curious as to who you’ll try to imitate. But one thing about how much I love you never surprises me. For the simple reason that I know you will become my world.
  13. Because you gave birth to my spirit, you fashioned me in my mother’s womb.
  14. Becoming a mother is a remarkable experience, unparalleled by any other joy.
  15. When you have to wait for something, you appreciate it more once you finally have it. There is no such thing as instant gratification.
  16. I prayed to the Lord for this kid, and He graciously provided for us.
  17. The sensation of life pulsing within you is unparalleled.
  18. You invest nine months in preparing for a lifelong love.
  19. Spending a lifetime loving you is a fantastic way to live.
  20. It’s amazing how much emotional space the tiniest things can take up.
  21. Carefully crafted with a passionate heart.
  22. The experience of giving birth can help a woman overcome her worst insecurities about her own strength.
  23. Wishes are poured into a newborn. All participants’ expectations, anxieties, histories, and opinions are included.
  24. One of the greatest things about having children is that you will no longer put yourself first.
  25. You have more strength, beauty, and power than you give yourself credit for, Mom. Do your own thing. Put your faith in your physical self. Remember that there is a strong group of mothers that are rooting for you, no matter the outcome of your birth.
  26. Each new child improves the quality of life for everyone.
  27. If a mother planned for a natural delivery and even writes a birth plan but then has interventions performed, she should not feel guilty about it.
  28. Motherhood is a high-stakes game of chance. It’s the beautiful energy of life. It’s enormous and terrifying, an act of boundless hope.
  29. The choice to start a family is a monumental one. Having your heart roam about outside your body is a permanent decision.
  30. My intense adoration and protectiveness for you made me feel like I was being squeezed when you moved. We are a single entity. That cannot be altered by anything, not even death.
  31. Your very existence demonstrates the reality of love before first sight.
  32. I always planned on having you. I loved you before you were even born. I would give my life for you in the first hour you were here. This is where motherly love works its miracle.
  33. The act of giving birth should be celebrated, not feared.
  34. You are powerful and pregnant. You are both stunning and courageous. Keep being the fearless, stunning, and fulfilled person that you are. Have faith in the strength of your body to give birth and in the support of women everywhere.
  35. The birth of a set of twins is one of those occurrences for which no one is ever quite ready.
  36. Understanding what it means to love someone more than your own life begins the moment you feel that first little kick and hear that first small pulse.
  37. The amazement, optimism, and dream of possibilities accompanying a child’s birth are universal.
  38. You are living proof that love may develop without physical contact.
  39. Motherhood is the one profession where one may simultaneously enjoy paradise and suffer hell.
  40. The uncertainty of the future is one of parenting’s most significant challenges. This is a huge act of trust.
  41. I want to learn to value my body for everything it does for me.
  42. Being a mother is a beautiful experience since women are responsible for the conception, birth, and sustenance of every human being.
  43. The gift that my body has given me is priceless.
  44. Every new baby is God’s way of saying He hasn’t given up on humanity yet.
  45. Pregnant ladies are all fighters in training. Even getting up and going to work every day requires some effort.
  46. A child’s birth represents a brand-new possibility, a gleaming and fresh idea from God.
  47. Women have two grins that would make an angel jealous: the one that welcomes a lover before they’ve even spoken a word and the one that shines on her newborn child and guarantees her love for it.
  48. An active birth requires a focused mind, a calm body, and a receptive heart.
  49. In one way or another, parenthood is expected of every woman, whether she is married or not.

50 Funny Quotes About Pregnancy

Pregnancy Quotes

Being pregnant is a one-of-a-kind experience with many hilarious and unforgettable highs and lows. Here are 50 quotations that encapsulate the wit and wonder of this extraordinary event.

  1. Every woman in the world has the same beautiful child.
  2. You shouldn’t show up pregnant at your high school reunion, lest everyone assume that’s all you’ve done with your life since graduation.
  3. As a wife, you run the risk of becoming pregnant.
  4. Consider an unplanned pregnancy the universe’s way of teaching you to deal with the inevitable surprises that come with parenting.
  5. Having a kid is the most aesthetically pleasingly insane thing a couple in love can do to each other.
  6. It’s a perk of pregnancy because you can eat and urinate whenever you want.
  7. Pregnancy forces you to mature in many ways. The abrupt realization that, “Yikes. All right, here it is. We’re done playing now.”
  8. In my opinion, carrying a child is similar to sprinting at full speed. It’s like releasing all restraint and allowing oneself to be stuffed to the gills.
  9. Life is full and steady when you’re waiting for something to happen or to hatch.
  10. I didn’t know until I was pregnant how much work was required of the female spouse. Her stomach looks like a building site right now.
  11. The only two things more attractive than a sailboat under full sail are a pregnant lady and a woman with a huge belly.
  12. I had six beliefs on parenting before I got married, and now I have six kids and no idea what I’m doing.
  13. I’m keeping track of all the sounds my friend’s newborn makes so I can figure out what he’s trying to tell me.
  14. Adam and Eve were spared the discomfort of teething, and this was among their many benefits.
  15. A newborn’s mother’s singing is the most annoying thing.
  16. The arrival of my in-laws has been a highlight of my week since becoming a parent. They’ll be able to care for the infant while I go out.
  17. I was completely overjoyed to learn that I was pregnant. It’s cause for celebration that you’ve gone nine months without a period.
  18. Even though I have a second brain, I have never been so dense.
  19. One of the strangest things you can do is stare down a newborn. The recommendation is strong.
  20. I blame “pregnancy brain” for my indecisiveness about pretty much everything.
  21. Due to my pregnancy, I am currently sober, bloated, and ravenous. Be careful as you go closer.
  22. A kid is just a curly, chubby, wacko.
  23. It’s not hard to become a dad, but it’s not easy becoming a father.
  24. Don’t bother me, please. Being pregnant has kept me busy today, and tomorrow will be no different.
  25. Being pregnant is like being in a state where you must urinate every time you laugh or cough.
  26. When everyone around you is watching what they eat and hitting the gym, all you can think is, “Baby wants a cupcake,” since you’re pregnant.
  27. When it comes to twins, there are two things in life for which no one is ever fully prepared.
  28. In response to a compliment, I enjoy asking, “For what?” and enjoying the look of terror on their faces.
  29. Usually, a month consists of 30 days; however, the ninth month of pregnancy often has over a thousand.
  30. My name is not Buddha. Putting your hands on my pregnant tummy will not bring you luck, riches, or any other good fortune.
  31. I feel like a superwoman now that I’m pregnant. A superhero who is constantly hungry and exhausted, who can’t carry anything heavier than a soda can.
  32. No waddling here. Simple maternity swag.
  33. I’m exhausted, but someone keeps jumping inside my stomach while I try to sleep.
  34. When you have to name your baby, you learn just how many people your friends dislike.
  35. For nine months, pregnant women get to slack off.
  36. Being pregnant has taught me to appreciate the skill required to control urination during a sneeze.
  37. As a mother, peeing on a stick and preserving it is only the beginning of the gross things you will do.
  38. My infant’s body fat percentage is about 3% this week. I’ve never been more envious of somebody.
  39. This baby’s arrival is like waiting to pick up a friend from the airport when you have no idea who they are or when their aircraft will land.
  40. One does not just “roll over in bed” when eight months pregnant.
  41. There’s a detailed strategy for giving birth, but what is the goal here? I mean, you can’t just hold it within, can you? My intention, therefore, is to remove it, I suppose. However, it seems that this is only part of the overall scheme. I have no idea what it is.
  42. I typically eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, an appetizer, dinner, dessert, dessert number two, and a snack after supper every day.
  43. When your friends start having children on purpose, you know you’re becoming old.
  44. There is an emphasis on breathing and stretching in prenatal yoga. As does taking a nap.
  45. It’s a lot of work to nurture newborn humans.
  46. Even though I can no longer consume alcohol, I still wake up with a hangover every day.
  47. Only my bladder has been helpful to me today.
  48. The uncomfortable time during pregnancy when others may mistake your weight gain for pregnancy.
  49. Don’t bother asking me why I’m in tears; I have no idea.
  50. Birth contraception works 99% of the time; I can attest to that.

Being pregnant is an incredible experience full of profound feelings, incredible strength, and even comedy. This article explores a collection of quotations and sayings that praise the wonder of pregnancy in all its manifestations. These words encapsulate the spirit of this fantastic moment in a woman’s life. From the motivational pregnancy quotes that remind us of the strength and perseverance of pregnant moms to the humorous ones that add laughter to the trials of pregnancy.

These pregnancy quotes and sayings will surely thrill and resonate with you, whether you are a parent-to-be or a friend or family member supporting an expectant mother. They serve as a poignant reminder that the nine months of pregnancy are more than just a passage from one physical stage of life to another; they are also an emotional and transforming event that should be honored and appreciated.

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