Top 500 Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With S

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S letter baby boy name

Wise men often say, “A good name is more desirable than the greatest of riches.” Thus, great importance is attached to naming a baby in every culture. It is a big milestone for parents after nine long months. Nowadays, most parents prefer to choose the Nakshatra that comes with the birth time and then look for options. In this article, we have mentioned 500 S-letter baby boy names for parents to choose from.

With changing times, parents have different criteria when choosing names. While some look for modern Indian names, others prefer unique ones. Some also prefer to choose one based on their cultural background. Here you will find a variety of S-letter baby boy names in Kannada, Tami, Telugu, Hindi, and Christian options too. The S letter represents number 3 in the numerological calendar and is defined by the Zodiac, Aquarius. It is believed that those with S letter names think ahead of their times and have a very hard-working personality.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S

It is not always easy to come up with the ideal name for your little bundle of joy. In this table, we have listed 100 Hindu baby boy names starting with S with their meanings. The names are arranged in alphabetical order for easier reference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Saakaar Manifestation Of God
2 Sanurag Affectionate
3 Sanvaran Covering; Enclosing
4 Sanvarth Meeting of rain Cloud 
5 Sanwariya Lord Krishna
6 Sanyam Patience
7 Sapan Dream
8 Saprathas Lord Vishnu
9 Saptajit Conqueror of 7 elements
10 Saptak A musical note
11 Saptanshu Fire
12 Saptarshi Seven Brahmin; Godman
13 Sarag Heaven
14 Saral Very easy ; Honest; Simple
15 Sarana Surrender
16 Saranesh Summary
17 Sarang Musical instrument
18 Saranjith Winner of the Shelter
19 Saransh In Brief
20 Saras Swan; The Moon
21 Sarasi Lake
22 Sarasija Lotus
23 Sarasvat Learned
24 Sarat Meaningful
25 Saravana Clump of Reeds 
26 Sarbesh King or Lord of all
27 Sarbojit Winner
28 Sargam Musical Notes
29 Sarin Helpful
30 Sarish Equal Morning
31 Sarngin Name of Lord Vishnu
32 Sarnud Happy
33 Sarojin Lord Brahma Lotus-like
34 Sarthak Well done
35 Saruh Attainer Achiever
36 Sarup Beautiful Shapely
37 Sarva Lord Krishna
38 Sarvad Lord Shiva
39 Sarvag Another name of Lord Shiva
40 Sarvagny Lord Vishnu
41 Sarvahit Useful To All
42 Sarvajit All Conquering
43 Sarvak Universal
44 Sarvam Perfect in everything
45 Sarvambh Lord Ganesh
46 Sarvang Lord Shiva
47 Sarvansh Omnipotence
48 Sarvashay Lord Shiva
49 Sarvawas Lord Shiva
50 Sarabhanu Name of the Sun
51 Sarvendra Lord of all
52 Sarvesh Master of all
53 Sarveshvara Lord of all
54 Sarvodaya The welfare of all
55 Sashank The Moon
56 Sashanth Lord of All
57 Satyartha Truth
58 Satyasahas Truly Courageous
59 Satyasar The Essence of Truth
60 Satyavak Speaking the Truth
61 Saudeep Easy to get
62 Savitkar Resembling the Sun
63 Sayandip Evening light
64 Sayanjit Kind hearted
65 Shabarish Lord Ayyappa
66 Shaharsh Full of Happiness
67 Shakshat Real; Witness; Truth
68 Shaktik Powerful; Mighty
69 Shams Fragrance; The Sun
70 Sharwik Universal; Whole
71 Shashik Jolly
72 Shatanik Name of Ganesha
73 Shayanth Lord Hanuman
74 Sheyank Fame
75 Srijesh Creation
76 Srikant Lord Vishnu 
77 Srikaran Nice Person
78 Srinath Lord Shrinathji; Lord Vishnu
79 Srineeth Lord Vishnu
80 Srinesh Given by God; Lord Vishnu
81 Srinikesh Lord Vishnu
82 Srinish Abode of Wealth
83 Srinivas God of Venkateswara
84 Srinjoy Modern
85 Sriprad Lord Hanuman
86 Srirama Another name of Lord Rama
87 Srithik Lord Shiva
88 Srivant Lord Vishnu
89 Srivanth Lord Vishnu
90 Srivardhan Lord Vishnu
91 Sriyansh Wealth
92 Stav Loop Autumn
93 Stavya Lord Vishnu
94 Sthavir Lord Brahma Ancient Fixed
95 Stotri Lord Vishnu Praising
96 Subandhu A good friend
97 Subeesh Sun Rise
98 Subhajit Winning in a good way
99 Subhang Lord Shiva
100 Subhayu Fortunate Long Life

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With S

modern Indian baby boy names starting with S

Parents often place high value on selecting a name as they are one of the best and foremost things in creating an identity. Let’s check out 100 modern Indian baby boy names starting with S.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Sashidhar Carries Sashi
2 Sashreek Prosperous
3 Shravan Good
4 Shravana Name of a Hindu
5 Shravin Divine Leader
6 Shray Credit Marvelous
7 Shreedhan God of Wealth
8 Shreeharsh God of happiness
9 Shreejeet Victory on wealth
10 Shreekant An Epithet of Vishnu
11 Shreekar Giving good fortune
12 Shreenand Krishna
13 Shreerag Musical Note
14 Shreesh Vishnu
15 Shrenik Organised
16 Shreshta Lord Vishnu
17 Shresth The supreme one
18 Shrey Credit; Marvelous
19 Shreyan Fame
20 Shreyank Fame
21 Shreyans Fame giver
22 Shreyanshu God of Affection
23 Shreyas Handsome
24 Shreyesh Lord Ganesha; Credit
25 Shriansh Part of God
26 Shridhar Lord Vishnu
27 Shrihan Handsome
28 Shrihansu Lord Vishnu
29 Shrihari Lord Krishna
30 Shrijay Lord Ganesh
31 Shrikant Lord Vishnu; One who is Lucky
32 Shrikar Lord Vishnu
33 Shrikeshav Lord Krishna
34 Shrikrishna Lord Krishna
35 Shriman Beautiful man
36 Shrimat Revered
37 Shrimath Lord Vishnu
38 Shrirang Lord Vishnu
39 Shriranjan Lord Vishnu
40 Shrish Lord Vishnu
41 Shrishail Lord of the mountains
42 Shritej Lord Vishnu
43 Shrivardhan Lord Vishnu
44 Shrivatsa Lord Vishnu
45 Shrivatsav Lord Vishnu
46 Shriyaan Lord Vishnu
47 Shriyadita Sun
48 Shriyam God
49 Shriyan Lord vishnu
50 Shrot Listener
51 Shrujan Creation; Being creative
52 Shrusti Universe; Nature; World
53 Shubam Good
54 Shubh Fortunate; Brilliant
55 Shubhankar Lucky; Auspicious
56 Shubhashis Blessings
57 Shubhendu Lucky; Moon
58 Shubhit Graceful; Adorned
59 Shubhranshu The Moon; Camphor
60 Srihari Lord Vishnu
61 Srihith Lord Vishnu
62 Subhendu Auspicious; Moon
63 Subhradip Humble
64 Sahay Help
65 Suchin Means a beautiful thought
66 Suchir Eternity
67 Sudeep Illumined
68 Sudhakar Mine of nectar; Moon
69 Sudhamay Full of nectar
70 Sudhang The Moon
71 Sudhanshu The Moon
72 Sudheer Smile
73 Sudhi Wisdom
74 Sudhir Resolute
75 Sudhit Like nectar
76 Sudin Bright
77 Sudipto Always bright
78 Sudir Resolute
79 Sugandh Fragrance
80 Sughosh Melodious voice
81 Sugreev Graceful neck
82 Suhas Beautiful Smile
83 Sujan Virtuous
84 Sujendran Universal being
85 Sujetu Well bred
86 Sujit Victorious
87 Sukarman Samhitas
88 Sukeerthi Good fame
89 Sukesh With beautiful hair
90 Sukhakar happiness
91 Sukhdev God of happiness
92 Sukhesh With beautiful hair
93 Sukhpal Victory; Enjoy; Full Life
94 Sukhraj King of peace
95 Sukhwinder Honest; Stylish
96 Sukrant Extremely beautiful
97 Sukumar Handsome
98 Sulek The Sun
99 Sumangal Very auspicious
100 Sumant Wise or friendly

Kannada Baby Boy Names Starting With S

The naming ceremony in Kannada, or Namakarana Samarambha, is conducted on the 12th day as per Kannada rituals and is celebrated in a worldly manner. To make your ceremony even more interesting and grand, we have listed below 50 Kannada baby boy names starting with S.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Sabal With Strength
2 Sabanna Attack Like a Tiger
3 Sabareesh Lord of Sabari Hill
4 Sabari Swamy Sri Iyyappan
5 Sabhya Refined
6 Sabrang Rainbow
7 Sachchit Lord Brahma; Truth; Consciousness
8 Sachetan Animated; Rational; Awake
9 Sachh The Truth
10 Sachin True; Pure; Existence; Lord Indra
11 Sachish Lord Indra
12 Sachit Consciousness; Joyful; Honest
13 Sadabindu Lord Vishnu
14 Sadaiappan Lord Shiva
15 Sadaiyan Virtuous
16 Sahdew One of the Pandava Princes
17 Sadanand Ever Joyous; Perpetual Bliss
18 Sadar Respectful
19 Sadashiv Pure
20 Sadavir Ever Courageous
21 Sandeepan Lighted Up
22 Sadgun Virtues; Good Qualities; Virtuous
23 Sadhan Processing; Fulfillment; Equipment
24 Sadhu Saint; Sage; Holy; Saintly Person
25 Sadhvi Chaste; Honest; Virtuous
26 Sadhwin Gift of God
27 Sadi Fortunate; Lucky
28 Sadiva Eternal
29 Sadvik Winner; Lord Shiva
30 Sadvin Always Win
31 Sadwik Polite; Lord Shiva
32 Sadwin Gift of God
33 Saee One who Makes Effort
34 Sagardutt Gift of Ocean
35 Sagarotharaka One who Leapt Across the Ocean
36 Sahana Patience
37 Sahastrabahu One with Thousand Arms
38 Sahastrajit Victor of Thousands
39 Sai-Damodara Refers to Lord Krishna
40 Sai-Kiran Forever Smiling
41 Saiamartya Immortal; Shirdi Sai Baba
42 Saicharan Sai’s Feet
43 Saideep A Name for Sai Baba
44 Saija Stylish
45 Saijeevadhara Support of All Living Beings
46 Saikalakala Lord of Eternity; Shirdi Sai Baba
47 Saikiran Rays of Sai Baba
48 Saikumar God Name
49 Sainaresh The King; Lord of Man
50 Sainath Saibaba; Legend

Baby Boy Names Starting in Telugu Starting With S

baby boy names starting with S in Telugu

If you are looking for baby boy names starting with S in Telugu, then your search might be over. We have listed 50 such names for you to choose from. These names are unique, hold important meanings, and can be the perfect choice for your little baby boy.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Saadar Thoughtful
2 Saadhik Winner
3 Saadhin Work
4 Saagnik One who wins the fire
5 Saahas Brave
6 Saahat Strong
7 Saahil Seashore
8 Saakash Illumination
9 Saaksh TRUE
10 Saamanth Universal; Whole
11 Saanjya Unique
12 Saaras Swan
13 Saavanth Employer
14 Saavyas Bring together
15 Saayan Dynamic
16 Sacheth Joyful
17 Sachiv Friend
18 Sadhil Perfect
19 Sahan helping
20 Sakash Illumination
21 Sakhya Friendship
22 Sakshik Witness
23 Samarjith Winner of the battle
24 Samhit Secret text
25 Samich Ocean
26 Samik Peaceful
27 Samiksh Near to sun
28 Samvid Knowledge
29 Sanish Sun
30 Sasang Attached
31 Sasthav Lord Ayyappan
32 Satyah Truth
33 Satyak Honest
34 Satyavir Truthful
35 Saunak Boy sage
36 Savith Leader
37 Shanyu Kind
38 Shanyuth Benevolent
39 Sharav Pure
40 Sharul Shark
41 Sharvil Lord Krishna
42 shashin Moon
43 Sher The lion; beloved one
44 Shey A variant of Shea; Courteous
45 Shiv Supreme Spirit
46 Smit Smile
47 Srinu Creative Inspired Person
48 Svar Lord Vishnu
49 Swah Lord of the fire
50 Swet very cute

Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Tamil is widely spoken in parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and even in the different provinces of Sri Lanka and adjoining regions. Here, we have listed Tamil names starting with s for baby boys. The list includes some names that are religious, while others are more in tune with nature and others have positive character traits.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Saalvan Knowledgeable
2 Saathuriyan Soft-Hearted; Calm; Quiet; Refer To Sage
3 Saeran Refer To The King Chera
4 Sahunthan Derived From King Thushyanthan Sagunthalai
5 Sakthibalagan Son Of Goddess Parvathi / Sakthi
6 Sakthihswin One Who Protected By God’s Power
7 Sakthipravin Protected By God’s Power
8 Samudrakani The Fruit From The Ocean
9 Samuthran Ocean
10 Sanakeyan Very Talented Person
11 Sanan Adventurer
12 Sangeethan One who loves music
13 Santhan The quiet one
14 Saran Obedient
15 Sarangan Refer to Lord Krishna
16 Saravanan Epithet of Lord Murugan
17 Sarithiran A historical person
18 Sathiriyan Refer to one of the four Hindu societies Brahma; Kshatriya/chatriya; vaishya and shudra.
19 Sathiya Promise
20 Sathveekan Peace lover
21 Sathyagan Truthful person
22 Sathyakeertan Truthful person
23 Seeraalan Wealthy man
24 Semponnan Pure gold; valuable; worthy
25 Sengathirvaanan Refer to the extremely powerful sun rays
26 Senponnan Pure gold; valuable; pricey; worthy
27 Senthaalan Refer to a flower ‘senthalam’
28 Senthirayan The one who covered his face with a red veil
29 Senthoolan The one who gives more important to friendship
30 Sevaanan Symbol of hope
31 Sevverl Refers to god murugan / kanthan
32 Seyon Refer to Hindu God Kanthan
33 Shasvinth Happiness; Joyful
34 Shiva Hindu major divinity 
35 Shivaakan Devotion to Lord Shiva
36 Shivaamithan Devotion to Lord Shiva
37 Shivaanan The supreme being
38 Shivan Worshiped as the destroyer of world
39 Shivankan The one who knows everything; the supreme being
40 Silamparasan King of stick fighting
41 Sinnavan Youngest one
42 Sivan God Sivan
43 Sivanthan Devotion to Lord Shiva
44 Subramaniam Lord Muruga
45 Sudarmani The burning lamp light
46 Sudaroli A burning lamp with a bright flame
47 Sugan a comfortable person
48 Suriyapriyan Sun lover
49 Suthaharan Lord Krishna
50 Synan Refer to Jainism ( one of the ancient Indian religion)

Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Christian baby boy names starting with S

Looking for Christian baby boy names starting with S? Then you must go through the table mentioned below. These names range from traditional to modern, ones and parents can choose according to their beliefs.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Saam God has heard
2 Saamel It denotes someone who God has heard.
3 Saamir Entertaining companion
4 Sabastian The revered one
5 Sachiel An archangel
6 Safford Boy from river of willows
7 Sagaz Clever
8 Sager Rewarded; Short
9 Sainsbury From the home of saints
10 Saint Holy man
11 Salaila Same as biblical Samuel
12 Saloman One who is peaceful
13 Salton One who lives near the willow settlement
14 Samiir Entertaining companion
15 Sammuel God has heard
16 Sampson Child of the sun samuel – his name is god
17 Samuell God has heard
18 Sanborn Sandy brook; One with nature
19 Santiago Sainted; Valuable
20 Santino Sacred
21 Santos Holy; Blessed
22 Savio Saint’s name
23 Sax A short form of saxon
24 Saxon Sword fighter; Feisty
25 Schuyler Protective
26 Scot A form of scott
27 Scottie A familiar form of scott
28 Searle An armored man
29 Sebastiaan The revered one
30 Sebastian Dramatic; Honorable; Venerable; Revered
31 Sedgely Sword meadow
32 Seeley One who is blessed
33 Seff Resembling a wolf
34 Seger Warrior of the sea
35 Seibert Bright sea
36 Selah Song
37 Selestino Heavenly
38 Selkirk Church home boy; Conflicted
39 Sennen Aged
40 Sennet One who is elderly and wise
41 Sennett Old spirit
42 Serafin Full of fire
43 Seraiah Prince of the lord
44 Seraphim Full of fire
45 Sered Fear
46 Sereno Serene
47 Sergius Servant
48 Servan Servant; Serf
49 Severn Having boundaries
50 Sexton Church loving
51 Shadd Under the command of the moon god aku
52 Shallum Agreeable
53 Shamus Seizing
54 Shaunn God is gracious ; in the bible ; one of the apostles
55 Sheffield From the crooked field
56 Shel Mine
57 Shemei Hearing and obeying the lord
58 Sherborn From the bright shiny stream; Careful
59 Sherill From the shining hill; Special
60 Sherlock Fair haired; Smart
61 Shevon Zany
62 Shilhi Bough; Armor; Weapon
63 Shillem Requital
64 Shimea Obeys
65 Shimron Watchful
66 Siddel Wide valley
67 Silas Borrowed; Forest; Saver
68 Sim Obedient
69 Simmon God has heard
70 Sinai From the clay desert
71 Sincere Sincere
72 Sinjon Saint; holy man
73 Sisto Cowboy
74 Sisyphus In mythology; a cruel king
75 Sixte Sixth

Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With S

unique baby boy names starting with S

Are you a modern parent looking for unique baby boy names starting with S? Then check out the top 75 unique baby boy names. Along with the names you will also find attached its meanings and to choose accordingly.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Saarik One who sings like a bird
2 Saatatya That which is never ending
3 Saatvik Pious
4 Sadhiv Eternal
5 Sadiksha Good Intention
6 Sadru Lord Vishnu
7 Safal Successful
8 Saffar Coppersmith
9 Sagan Lord Shiva
10 Sagar Sea Ocean
11 Sahadev Youngest
12 Sahaj Natural
13 Sahar Sun Dawn
14 Sahara Dawn
15 Saharsh With joy Happy
16 Sahas Valour
17 Sahasrad Lord Shiva
18 Sahastra Thousand
19 Sahasya Mighty; Powerful
20 Sahat Strong; Powerful
21 Sahaya A supporter
22 Sammad Joy
23 Sampavan Pure
24 Sampoorn Complete
25 Sampurna Completed 
26 Samrat Emperor
27 Samvar Content
28 Sanat Lord Brahma
29 Sanatan Permanent
30 Sanay Prayer 
31 Sanchay Collection
32 Sanchit Collection
33 Sandeep Glowing
34 Sandesh Message
35 Sanhata Conciseness
36 Sanivesh Appearance; Form
37 Sanjay Victorious
38 Sanjeev Love Life
39 Sanjiva existing
40 Sanjoy Victory
41 Sankalp Will; Determination
42 Sankalpa Resolve
43 Sanket Signal
44 Sannidhi Nearness
45 Sannigdh Always ready
46 Sanshray Aim
47 Sanshubh Radiant; Beautiful
48 Sanskar Good ethics
49 Santan Whole
50 Santanak Spreading; A Tree
51 Santatey Continuous; Extended
52 Santavir Courageous
53 Santosh Satisfaction; Happiness
54 Shrimohan Lord Krishna
55 Shrinand Epithet of Lord Vishnu
56 Shrinath Other name of Lord Vishnu
57 Shrineel Another name of Lord Vishnu
58 Shrinivas Epithet of Lord Vishnu
59 Shripad Lord Vishnu
60 Shripadma Other name of Lord Vishnu
61 Shripal Lord Vishnu
62 Shripati Another name of Lord Vishnu
63 Shriram Lord Rama
64 Shulabh Easy to get Natural
65 Shulandhar Lord Shiva
66 Shulin Lord Shiva
67 Sreenikesh Lord Vishnu
68 Sreerag Musical Raga from God
69 Sri Beauty Prosperity
70 Sriansh Lord Vishnu’s Part
71 Sricharan Feet of Lord Vishnu
72 Sridhar Lord Vishnu
73 Sridhara Lord Vishnu
74 Srihaan God
75 Sumanth Wise or friendly

Parents must not hurry while selecting the baby name as they are a one time affair and are believed to influence the character of the baby. We have mentioned a total of 500 S letter baby boy names for parents to choose from. Letter S is ruled by Jupiter and the planet falls under Rahu which controls material desires. Every name comes with a set of advantages and drawbacks. So one must completely understand the meaning of the names before naming the child.

Ambili Kartha,B. Sc Zoology (St Xavier’s college for women)

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