10 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Relay Race Ideas For Kids

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Ajanta Biswas

Relay race ideas for kids

Engaging your kid constantly in a task is a task in itself. And the task becomes more complicated when all the kids join together. Some good relay race ideas for kids can come to your rescue at such a time! Relay race is one of the fun and engaging activities that you can try with kids. You can arrange a relay race for kids both inside and outside your home. The good part is you can include as many kids as you want so nobody will have to be just a spectator in this game. 

There are different types of relay races for kids that you can try in rotations every time they join together at a birthday party or picnic. And if your kid has two or three siblings or cousins then you can try the relay race anytime. Here are some indoor and outdoor relay race ideas for kids that you can try.

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10 Fun Relay Race Ideas For Kids

A relay race is mainly a partner game where one partner races to a certain point and then taps or passes a certain object to the next partner who then carries on the race to the end mark. You can use anything as a prop to pass on in the relay race. You can create obstacles on the way to make the game more fun and challenging. Here are the top 10 fun relay race ideas for kids-

Egg And Spoon Race

Egg and spoon race is a great relay race idea for kids

It is one of the most popular, messy, and giggly types of relay races as eggs are involved in it.

Location- Both indoors and outdoors (preferably outdoors).

Props- Spoons according to the number of participants, eggs (one for each team). Though playing with raw eggs is fun, you can either hard boil them or use plastic ones to avoid food wastage and cleaning the mess.

Method of play- Divide kids into small teams of two to three members per team. Give one egg to each team. The first member has to carry the egg on the spoon either holding it in their hands or mouth (according to the age of the kids), run toward the passing point and pass it to the second member. The second member will do the same and pass the egg to the third member. The third member then runs toward the finishing line while balancing the egg on the spoon. The team that reaches the finishing line first will win. You can play the same game with marbles and coins if you do not have spare eggs.

Newspaper Race

Newspaper race can be fun and entertaining relay race idea for kids

This fun relay race includes lots of physical activities as here the kids will not have to run but bend before taking each step to roll the newspaper.

Location- Both indoors and outdoors.

Props- Newspapers.

Method of play- Give two newspapers to each team. The first player has to place one newspaper ahead to move one step while folding the other left behind. The first player will have to reach the second player by repeating the same process. Then the second player will continue the process until the finishing mark. You can use towels or any square-shaped paper or cloth for this game.

Dress-Up Relay

Dress-up relay is fun for kids

Location- Both indoors and outdoors (preferably indoors).

Props- Two bags of clothes, accessories, and ornaments for dress-up.

Method of play- On the starting whistle the first player of each team will run toward their respective dress-up bags, put on all the clothes and accessories, and return to the team to remove them. The second player then will put on those clothes and run the length of the playing space to the third partner and so on. The team whose last member gets dressed up earlier will win. You can gradually increase the difficulty level of the game by adding one more item in each round.

Shoe Hunt

Shoes hunt is great for keeping kids engaged

This game will require the observation skills of your kid.

Location- Outdoors.

Props- Shoes.

Method of play- The kids will remove one of their shoes and place it in a large box. On the whistle one player from each team will run and find their teammate’s matching shoe. The team that will successfully bring all the matching pairs of shoes of their teammates will win.

No Hands Race

No hands race

This relay race game will test the lower body strength of your kid.

Location- Both indoors and outdoors preferably on a soft surface such as a mat or grass.

Props- Not required.

Method of play- In this game, the player will run to a particular mark and then sit and lie on their back, and then try to stand up again without using their hands for support. The player will return and tap the next partner who will do the same and so on.

Tunnel Relay

Tunnel relay

This relay game will make the kids move their entire body.

Location- Both indoor and outdoor.

Props- Not required.

Method of play- Make two teams. The members of the team will create a human tunnel by standing with their legs apart. Each member will have to go through the tunnel to reach the ending point one by one. The team that finishes first will win.

Sponge Race

Sponge race

It is a great game to play during summers.

Location- Preferably outdoors as water is involved.

Props- Four buckets and two pieces of sponge.

Method of play- divide the teams and make them stand in a line. Place a bucket full of water at one point and an empty bucket at the other point of the gaming area. Each player, one after another, has to dip the sponge in the first bucket and then run to squeeze it in the other. The team that fills the bucket first will win.

Drop The Coin

Drop the coin relay race

According to a report published in the Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, team games enhance concentration, swiftness, and decision-making abilities in children. This relay race game is a perfect example of it.

Location- Both indoors and outdoors.

Props- A bowl full of coins and two egg cartons.

Method of play- Here the players have to run, pick a coin from the pickup point, and then aim it inside the egg carton upon approaching the endpoint and then return to tap the next player who will do the same.

Three-legged Race

Three-legged race

Team sports like relay races enable children to coordinate and communicate. This game is specially made for this purpose.

Location- Preferably outdoors.

Props- Scarfs or any long fabric to tie the legs of two players.

Method of play- Join one leg of two players from each team then start the race. The team that reaches the finish line first with good communication and coordination will win.

Pop The Balloon Race

Pop the balloon

This game is comparatively for older kids as the popping sound of balloons can scare the younger ones.

Location- Both indoors and outdoors.

Props- Lots of air-filled balloons.

Method of play- Make two teams and make them stand in two lines. Give one balloon to each team. They will have to pass the balloon to the next player through their legs or above the head. The last member will pop the balloon to win the game.

So, next time when you have kids over at your place, try these fun relay race games with them. While playing with them you can also go back to your childhood for a while. These games will not only keep them engaged without screen time but will also help them to move around, get some physical exercise, and learn about playing in team and coordination.


1. Why Are Relay Races Good For Kids?

Relay race and any sort of team game is the best way to teach your kid how to socialize, cooperate, and participate in teamwork. Relay race also demands agility and thus improves gross and fine motor skills.

2. How to Organize/Prepare Relay Races For Kids?

First, create a spacious area without obstacles and mark the starting point, ending point, and turn-around point. Choose any ordinary objects of home as the passing object in the game. It can be a ball or a balloon, coins or eggs, or anything you want.

3. What Are Some Prize Ideas For Relay Races?

The prize is important to appreciate the efforts. You can gift chocolates or small toys or mini trophies with the name of the winner written on it.

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