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Watch Your Weight

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Watch-Your-WeightWhen a couple decides to conceive a baby, it is essential to understand that it is a life altering decision and there will be factors that will change forever. The woman needs to be in the best of health to meet the demands of pregnancy by keeping herself fit.

Watching ones weight is never a bad option, but in order to conceive and plan a baby it is all the more important to be at the right body weight as being overweight or underweight affects the chance of having a healthy pregnancy .

It’s easier to have a healthy pregnancy with an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI can be defined as that measure of the human body that is based on the body mass and height. It is actually the body mass of a person divided by the square of the height and represented by kg/m*m.  A low or high BMI is one of the causes of failure in conception.

There are various researches and studies on pregnancy and its connection to BMI. One such study indicates that a BMI less than 20 or one greater than 24 affects the fertility of a woman. For those women who are trying to conceive a baby, it is important that they try to enter the range of a healthy BMI by losing or gaining weight. A healthy weight at the time of conception ensures that the pregnancy is a healthy one.

An easy way to start working towards a healthy weight gain is by trying to reduce the foods that one craves and consumes when there is a pang of need for that food item. An example of such food would be chocolate which is high in sugar and contributes to weight gain but still the craving for chocolate causes people to eat it in abundance. Trying to restrict such food is the first step to weight loss. The second step to weight loss is that one should try to eat healthy and restrict the intake of greasy and fried foods. A healthy diet plan and regular meals also help in keeping weight in control.

For those who are looking at increasing their BMI  it would make sense to try and do it in an informed and healthy way. For weight gain or gain of body mass one should work at eating the right kinds of foods at regular intervals and ensure that the stomach always feels comfortably full. There are diets that have a high glycemic index and should be adhered to in order to gain weight and reach a positive BMI.

A healthy, active and positive lifestyle will not only help in conception but would also ensure that the woman is in the right frame of mind to bring a new life in the world. A baby needs to enter a household that would await and welcome its arrival and not one where there are health issues due to self inflicted bad lifestyle.

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