When Will I Feel My Baby Kick In The Womb?

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Baby Kick In The Womb

“When will I feel my baby kick in the womb?” is a question all first-time mothers never forget to ask their doctor.  In fact, many of them awaits the moment they saw those two blue lines! Are you just impatiently waiting to feel your baby’s first kick ever since you have realized you are pregnant? The very first time you experience the little angel growing inside you move can be an extremely exciting and touching moment for you during your pregnancy.

You feel so amazed and wonderful to feel your little baby moving inside you and start thinking about what exactly they might be doing inside there. Your baby’s movement will make you feel closer to him and render a whole new definition of being pregnant.

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When Will I Feel My Baby Move In The Womb?

Most women experience the first fluttering of the baby moving inside them somewhere between the 16th and 25th weeks of their pregnancy. If it is your first time, you may take even more time to understand that the tiny fluttering feelings that you often feel inside your tummy are actually your little mite performing acrobatics inside you.

If this happens to be your second or third pregnancy, you can recognize your baby’s movements as early as 13 weeks itself as you become quite experienced. At the very start, the movements will be extremely mild like just gas bubbles or a rippling feeling. However, soon enough you begin feeling your little angel twisting, kicking, and swirling inside you.

If you find you have not experienced any sort of movements inside your tummy till around twenty-four weeks, it is advisable to talk to your doctor about it. Though there is no need to panic as some babies simply move lesser than others, it would be wise to bring this up with your doctor.

What Movements Does My Baby Make In The Womb?

With all thanks to the wonderful developments in the field of science and technology, the latest ultrasounds can give an incredible idea about the various movements which babies make and when it happens.

If you are very lucky, your little angel just wakes up while your doctor is doing your ultrasound and you can witness your little one squirming and wriggling inside your tummy. Read on ahead to comprehend a rough idea in approximation when your angel begins moving.

  • When the fetus is around seven to eight weeks, it begins stirring and sometimes makes sudden movements.
  • When fetuses reach around nine weeks of growth, they can hiccup and begin moving their legs and arms.
  • Swallowing and sucking also happen to begin around this period.
  • By the time they reach ten weeks, the little one can move his arms to reach his face, can open his jaws, and also stretch.
  • They also begin yawning by around twelve weeks.
  • By the time fifteen weeks are up, they begin sucking their thumbs.

Termed as ‘quickening’ in the medical world, seeing the baby kicking in the womb on a scan can be a very exhilarating feeling. Very often your little one might be sleeping during a scan, so there may not be much activity or movements during this period. Anyhow, this implies you need not be overly tensed if your little one’s movements are not experienced all the time as they do sleep for long spells together.

How Many Times Approximately Will A Baby Kick Each Day?

How Many Times Approximately Will A Baby Kick

There is no hard and fast rule about the number of kicks you need to watch out for every day. Each baby follows a totally different pattern of waking and sleeping and so you need to just get tuned to your baby’s pattern during the day which gives you a fair idea about his movements.

Also, there is every chance you may even miss those kicks if you have been quite busy or have not really concentrated on them. You experience your fetus’s movement more when you are resting quietly – especially lying down, rather than when you are on the move.

If you would like to experiment whether your little baby responds by moving, one good way is to drink some cold beverage as the sudden alteration in temperature will make him move. Another way is to play loud music or slam one of your doors, mostly babies respond by kicking or moving around.

What If My Baby Hasn’t Been Moving Enough?

Given below are some of the cases in which you need to see your doctor immediately if you don’t feel your baby moving as much as expected.

  • There is a steady decrease in your fetus’s movements over the week.
  • Your little one growing inside does not seem to react to any stimuli like blaring noise or the like.
  • You do not find yourself experiencing ten different movements while you are lying to one of your sides for more than a couple of hours.

Although sometimes, there may be nothing to get panicked about, it is absolutely necessary to get in touch with your doctor at once, if the above-mentioned cases occur. In most cases, it may be something minor, but one does not require taking any kind of risks especially with your precious mite growing inside you. So go ahead and look forward to those kicks your little one gives you when you are least expecting them and enjoy your pregnancy period to the fullest.


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