Why is period blood black in color?

There are various reasons behind the black color of the period blood. The dark or black color of the blood appears when the blood is not evacuated fast enough from the uterus. This slow discharged blood becomes deoxygenated and due to which the color of the blood changes from the red to black.

Why is Period blood black Causes and Treatments

This dark color actually indicates that the blood has stayed longer in the uterus. If same kind of problem occurs with pregnant woman then the woman should consult her practitioner immediately.

Types of causes of period blood black

Period Blood Black is caused due to many reasons. Here are some common ones:

1.  Normal period

During the period, you may see black blood discharged from the vagina before the start of the period or after the period. Black blood during before the period starts is because of elimination of old tissues of the endometrium from the uterus in preparation for the period.

2.  Uterine polyps

A uterine polyp can prevent the cervix resulting in gathering of blood in the uterus. This can cause blood to become dark while coming out of your vagina.

3.  Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance or fluctuations in hormones either due to medical condition which causes black blood period.

4.  Ovulation

Ovulation is the split of a developed follicle present in the ovary with the release of egg or ovum. This ovum or egg, when together fertilized by the sperm, make you pregnant.

During this process, slight bleeding seen to be comes out from the vagina as dark black blood about a week after period ends. It can be ovulated and mainly halts in few days with some cramps.

Other symptoms and signs of ovulation are

  • Ovulation cramps or pain
  • Stretchy clear watery discharge
  • The temperature of the body increased after ovulation.
  • Slight dip in basal body temperature just before ovulation
  • It will increase the sexual desire

7.  Pregnancy

If you experience the brown black blood a week or days before period, it may be due to implantation bleeding or pregnancy.

Black blood before period

Black blood a few days before period is a sign of pregnancy or it could be caused by an infection or disease.

Dark red period blood: could I be pregnant?

Why is Period blood black Causes and Treatments

In some cases, some women experience a brown discharge instead of period.

A light bleeding around 6-7 days past ovulation is usually associated with implantation bleeding. This discharge could be pinkish in color or bright red. The light color of implantation bleeding suggests that the blood is fresh from the fertilised egg trying to attach and bury itself in the uterine lining.

If you are trying to conceive and you have sex close to ovulation, wait until you have missed your period to test for pregnancy. Women with endometriosis, PCOS, Ovarian Premature failure also experience discharge or mucus before their period.

Black period blood at beginning of period

Dark blood at the beginning of period is very common. This is the process in which the uterus gets rid of old blood that it didn’t expel in the previous cycle. The period should be back to normal red after 1 -2days of black period spotting or flow.

Black discharge after period

Normally the color of the discharge is clear yellow or whites it actually maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal area. But sometimes woman faces black discharge after period it is mainly because of improper or lack of nutrition, infection, disease, change in menstrual cycle, and birth control pills intake.