Yeast Diaper Rash in Babies: Prevention & Treatment

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Diaper rash is the most common problem in infants. Yeast diaper rash in babies can be caused by various unhealthy habits and wrong choices of diapers. Some common rashes are yeast rash, bacterial rash, irritant dermatitis, and some may cause allergies. Here, we are specifically talking about yeast diaper rash in babies. Let’s find out the reasons, cure, treatment, symptoms, and everything related to yeast diaper rash.

Yeast Diaper Rash

What is Yeast Diaper Rash?

Yeast infection in babies is caused by a fungus which are microorganisms that live on the skin. If not treated properly, it can stay for a longer period causing more infection to your baby. Your baby’s diaper is the attraction point for yeast. As that area contains moisture, the yeast is most likely to grow in such areas. The more wet and moisture-carrying area it is, the more the chances of getting this yeast rash. If you are a new mom and unaware of such fungal infections, this is a complete guide for you to identify and treat yeast infection diaper rash.

What Causes Yeast Infection in Babies?

There are multiple reasons which cause yeast infection in babies. Commonly yeast infections are caused by infrequent changing of diapers or tight diaper pants. As the diaper is not changed in few hours, the baby feels uncomfortable, giving yeast an invitation. In the same way, tight pants also create friction while the baby is moving.

Candida is a type of yeast that causes this fungal infection. This yeast can live on the skin and inside the body. Due to moisture in the diaper area and infrequent changing, candida starts spreading which produces a rash on the baby’s skin.

yeast infection in babies

How do I Know if My Diaper Rash is Yeast?

If your baby wears a diaper, then having rashes in that area is somewhat common. Studies show that about half of the babies have rash problems. But specifically, you should know what does a yeast diaper rash looks like. There are some differences between common rashes and yeast rashes which will help you identify symptoms of yeast diaper rash in babies. While a normal rash makes skin itchy and slight reddish coloration in that area, the bright red color makes it easy to identify yeast rash.

If you see tiny pimples with red spots in it with bumps on your baby’s skin, then it is a yeast infection. In some cases, you can also see pimples that may crack and bleed.

Signs of Yeast Infection in Babies:

  1. Bright red skin in the diaper area.
  2. Small bumps in the folds of thighs.
  3. Red skin and pimples can also be seen in the lower belly portion if the rash is severe.
  4. The rashes don’t get cured immediately with regular rash cream.
  5. Small ulcers with pus.

How do you Treat Yeast Rash in Babies?

As soon as you identify the yeast diaper rash in your baby, it is important to start the treatment. Some of these treatments are easy as well as super effective for your baby.

  • Change Diapers Frequently:

Baby yeast diaper rash can be treated by changing the diaper from time to time. You must keep watch on the time and check diaper if is wet or dry. It is not hygienic for the baby if you keep the diaper on for a long time.

baby getting diaper changed

  • Warm Water Rinse:

There is nothing better than a frequent rinse. After every stool, rinse off the area with lukewarm water.

  • Let Air Pass:

Less air passing in that area also causes yeast rash. Let the skin from the diaper area breathe, so let your baby be free from diapers for some time.

What are the Home Remedies to Treat Yeast Diaper Rash in Babies?

Along with precautions and medication, there are also a few home remedies that can prove helpful in treating yeast dipaer rash:

  • Coconut Oil:

Due to its antifungal property, using coconut oil in the diaper area will give relief to your baby.

  • Petroleum Jelly:

Applying any petroleum jelly after bath on the infected area will soothe and act as a barrier.

  • Baby Powder:

Gently dab the baby powder on the yeast rash to decrease the moisture present in that area. Remember, use gentle powder which is mild and free from fragrance.

powder applied on baby's diaper area

Will Yeast Diaper Rash Go Away?

Usually, it takes 3 to 4 days to cure yeast diaper rash. But the good part is it is not something that is going to last for too long. Yeast is a living organism that grows on the skin, so early treatment will make it stop spreading. However, it is suggested that if it spreads to a larger area, you should get it treated by a doctor.

Does a Yeast Diaper Rash Hurt?

Yeast diaper rash is not that painful as compared to several rashes. Few bacterial infections are raw and light. As compared to those, yeast rashes are bearable and will not hurt the baby if the infection is normal or not severe. Several complications can be painful as they may affect other parts of the body and that is when you should approach a doctor right away.

Small babies often have health issues and most commonly diaper rash. Prevention of yeast diaper rash in babies is possible to an extent by keeping the diaper area clean and dry.  It is obvious that every parent wants their baby to be safe. To keep the baby hale & hearty, you should take preventive measures and begin the treatment as soon as you see the first signs of yeast infection and your baby will be free from yeast rash, smiling and healthy as ever!

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