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Your Baby- Month 1

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Watching a baby grow is among the most fulfilling experiences ever. A newborn infant can usher in happiness of extreme proportions for the family. However, the initial months can be challenging for the parents as the immediate requirements of the baby would have to be taken care of. As he/she grows, these would become less until your child is able to sustain him/herself. This is a long journey but the beginning is always similar. The baby’s entry into the world would be marked by incessant crying, a trait that transcends race and geographical barriers. There is not much reason in trying to investigate the cause of the crying as well. A well prepared baby nursery is a prerequisite before you bring your child home.

What most babies can do

1 Month Old Baby

Your One Month Old Baby Would Spend Most Of His Time Sleeping and Crying

The first month of your child’s life would be very uneventful. He/she would be asleep for most of the time. This may total upto 20 hours a day. The remainder would be taken up by eating and whatever remains would go in crying. The first few weeks would be hectic for you. There would be a lot to be done, from changing diapers to occasionally cradling the baby. Babies in the first month can be fragile and extremely delicate. Care therefore must be taken while holding the baby in arms. During this stage, the baby still has not developed the strength to straighten out his/her neck. As a result, it needs support. Apart from the occasional spontaneous movements, there are very few other traits that babies of this age show. However, the baby can be expected to show subtle response when touched or in the case of unease. During this early stage, the baby should be fed on a diet consisting of only mother’s milk. The digestive system has not yet developed to an extent that would allow him/her to take in other forms of food. The baby would poop incessantly and you should have a wardrobe of diapers ready. Physical unease or hunger would be manifest in crying.

What some babies can do

Expecting much from the baby during the first month would be unrealistic and overly hopeful. At best, some babies would show an expression or two when he/she is hungry; the most important being the act of crying. Towards the later parts of the first month, some babies may be able to straighten out their necks and self support it.

What very few babies can do

In rare cases, the baby may clutch onto hands or other things. This may be in response to objects placed on the palm. The important sense organs would still be in the nascent stage. It would still be some time before he/she is able to recognize those around him. Random expressions and movements would be rare at this stage but there are examples when an occasional smile or a frown passes across the face. The following months are more diverse as your child wakes up to a world of wonder. Physical developments follow in a rapid manner.

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