Your Baby- Month 24

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At twenty four months, your child is on the brink of completing his/her second birthday. The day would be a great way to remember the journey it has been for you. So far, your duties as a parent had been to take care of your child’s physical issues. From this point of time onwards, there would be more of emotional and psychological issues. Many a time, your child would need your experience in discovering a new world with increased social interactions. This age is crucial as crucial parameters of one’s personality would form now.
24 months baby

What Most Babies Can Do

Twenty four months children would be able to ride a bicycle without much difficulty. Some may require the help of balancing wheels but it would not be too long before they stop using them altogether. An excellent reflex mechanism should be well developed and your child would learn from everything around him/her. As he/she grows, memory would enhance and he/she would develop specific tastes and choices.
Children at this age would be able to undertake tasks such as changing clothes. Having a meal becomes disciplined as your child learns to transfer food from the plate to the mouth. Drinking water from a glass is common for children of this age. Apart from knowing one’s own name, a child of this age would also remember the names of at least a dozen people around him/her.
This is the age of technology where sophisticated gadgets are everywhere. Kids are exposed to these at quite a young age. Many children are well acquainted with tablets and Smart phones by the twenty fourth month. He/she would be able to have in depth exposure to video games. However, letting your child spend a lot of time browsing these gadgets may not be such a good idea.
By the end of the second year, most children would be able to establish a sleeping pattern that totals around ten hours every day. Most children do not require two sessions of day time naps. Instead, a single one suffices. Another noteworthy thing among children of this age is that they do not require a parent to cajole them into sleep.
2 year old baby playing

What Some Babies Can Do

At this age, some children may be drawn into one or more activities such as a sport or a hobby. He/she may spend hours engaging him/herself in that. Some children may show remarkable vocabulary of over a hundred words. Some children would learn to use a spoon while eating. More than a few would use a glass for drinking water.

What Few Babies Can Do

A twenty four months old child is physically much more able. Apart from the general increase in the overall strength of the body, the agility and the resistance would increase too. A lot of children love outdoor games during this period. But only a few children would be able to catch a ball in the air. An even fewer would succeed in writing long sentences from memory.

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