10 Daily Foods That Kill Your Sex Life

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Foods killing your sex life
Pregnancy and delivery are generally two life events that tend to completely change a woman’s priorities. With a body that has been completely altered and a little one who is fully dependent on you, no one can blame you for not showing much interest in sex. However, there will come a time when you and your spouse are ready for the game yet again. And then when you know that chocolate and almonds will be your best bet as they are aphrodisiac, there are certain foods that may just do the opposite by busting your libido levels. You might want to avoid the following 10 food items during that time as they are known to kill your sex life!!!

10 Daily Foods That Kill Your Sex Life

The following ten foods are known to kill the sexual drive and thus should be striked off your menu, if you want to spice up your sex life.

cup of black coffee

    1. Coffee: Too much coffee leads to less functioning of adrenal glands, which in turns increases the stress levels. More stressed you are, less you will be able to perform in bed. Release of stress hormone, cortisol can also cause hormonal imbalances. Limit your intake one cup every day and try to avoid having it in the night. Strike it off from your partner’s list as well!

Whisky in glasses

    1. Alcohol: Having a drink to “get you in mood” might work against you. For men, excess alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and in women it can lead to trouble reaching orgasm. It might also make you sleepy and less interest in sex. Seriously, romance involves some serious concentration, and with someone falling here and there (is that the bum or the boob??) getting romantic would need to wait!


    1. Cornflakes: This is quite a surprise entry, right? Cornflakes was originally created to lower the sexual drive of the creator’s (Dr. John Kellogg) patients. The current form of cornflakes is much evolved from the original bland one – but it has also become a worse anti-aphrodisiac as it now contains very high quantities of sugar which impacts your hormone levels and make you lethargic. A quick breakfast, yes, but a quickie in the bed, no

processed cheese

    1. Cheese: Anything processed in bad for you. The processed cheese you buy from market not only contains toxins, but it also contains artificial growth hormones added to treat the milk. Both these (toxins and hormones) cause a hormonal imbalance in your body and produce xenoestrogen – both which will result in reduced sex drive. Cheese can contribute to sexual dysfunction by interfering with natural sex hormones

Soya nuggets

    1. Soy: This is another processed food that can kill your sex drive. It contains phytoestrogen which again causes a hormonal imbalance in both men and women, which in turn will curb your performance in bed. Moreover, phytoestrogen sort of competes with male hormones and causes fertility issues, breast growth in men and other issues. Yeah, chuck that soy packet for the days you want some love!

Artificial sweetners

    1. Artificial sweeteners: Watching your weight? Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners? This might be a great idea. There is a hormone in your body called Serotonin that manages your mood, makes you happy and most importantly control your sex drive. A chemical called Aspartame is known to reduce your body’s production of Serotin. Guess what is a great source of Aspartame? Yes, your artificial sweetener. It is in fact better to stay away from all kinds of sweets especially on days you expect action!

aerated drinks

    1. Aerated drinks: These include plain soda and drinks like Pepsi, Coke and Sprite. While these cause a number of health issues (obesity, bad teeth, high blood sugar), they are also know to reduce your sex drive. Regular consumption can also change your mood – which will also impact your drive

mint chewing gum

    1. Mint: Mint produces menthol which will cool down not just your body but also your sex drive. Who would have thought of that, right?? And do not assume we are talking about just the leaves. That after-dinner mint flavored chewing gum you take to freshen up your mouth would kill your libido along with your bad breath. Leaving you distraught in bed

Junk food

    1. Junk Food: This again goes back to what we said earlier about processed food. They contain hydrogenated fats which will cause hormonal imbalance in women and lowered testosterone in men. Go for a proper candle lit dinner and stay away from junk food takeaway if you are planning for a romantic night

Potato chips

    1. Potato fries: When we talk about junk food, how can fries be far behind? Fries are made in bad oils at very high temperatures – this combination is known to be mood-killer. Consuming fries means taking in the unhealthy combination of bad fats and rancid oils at high temperatures, enough to set you away from the path of love. So if you are watching a movie together in the night, keep your hands of the bag of fries to sustain the love in the air!

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