10 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy
The nine months-long periods of pregnancy is a time when an expectant mother has to take many precautions for ensuring the safety and health of the baby. Pregnancy and food craving goes hand in hand. Not all the food is good during pregnancy. Find out the top 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Life goes topsy-turvy and everything changes from what you eat, how much you sleep, how much you exercise, etc., everything matters and affects you and your growing baby. What to eat and what not to consume is one of the most important things that a pregnant woman should learn from the day her pregnancy is confirmed.

10 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Here is a list of some foods that should be avoided in pregnancy because they are known to pose risks to you as well as your baby.

1. Non-Pasteurized Dairy Products

raw milk

Dairy products are regarded as the best source of vitamin D and other valuable nutrients. But raw milk is a source of many lethal micro-organisms that can adversely affect you and your baby’s health and wellness. You can consume pasteurized milk instead of a raw one.

Listeria bacteria are found in abundance in raw milk and milk products and are known to be accountable for causing miscarriages. So, shun the consumption of raw milk and dairy products while you are expecting

2. Avoid Sushi


The consumption of sushi or raw fish should be avoided during pregnancy as it contains parasites that can result in abdominal discomfort. The bacteria found in sushi can also cause food poisoning. So, do not eat sushi as the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy and it can prove dangerous both for you and your baby

3. Undercooked Eggs And Meat

Undercooked Eggs And Meat

Inadequately cooked eggs and meat are known to affect your baby’s health. Such food items contain salmonella bacteria and its poisoning can cause early onset of labor and even severe dehydration. Make sure to eat eggs that are properly cooked till their yellow and white parts are firm and meat till it becomes soft and can be easily chewed

4. Avoid Liver


Pregnant women should not eat liver products or liver sausages. Retinol or vitamin A is present in high quantities in the liver and this high amount is injurious to the developing baby in the mother’s womb. According to scientific studies, a high amount of retinol or vitamin A is associated with congenital birth defects. So, say no to the liver!

5. Caffeine


Another important food to avoid during pregnancy is caffeine products such as coffee and tea. Whatever you eat, drink, or do affects your baby. Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, etc., can be deleterious to your baby’s health. Many women resort to endless cups of herbal teas believing they are free from caffeine.

Though herbal tea is endowed with innumerable health benefits they are certainly not for the expectant mother. Avoid taking herbal tea containing a variety of herbal compounds such as lemon verbena, mint, etc. They can be harmful to your baby. So, expectant mothers should refrain from taking these things.

Click here to read more about caffeine during pregnancy

6. Seafood Containing High Mercury


Avoid eating sea fishes such as swordfish, shark, tilefish, tuna, and canned albacore because such large fishes contain large quantities of mercury in their flesh. Mercury is a very lethal element, so do not eat the seafood while you are pregnant.

Also, avoid seafood that has been exposed to industrial pollution, that is, fish produces from local lakes and streams. Click here to read whether eating fish is safe during pregnancy?

7. Unpasteurized Juices

unpasteurized juice

Unpasteurized juices often contain harmful bacteria like E. Coli and salmonella that can adversely harm you as well as your unborn baby. Their infection can even lead to congenital meningitis so do not risk falling prey to it.

Pasteurization is a specialized process that involves heating at a specific temperature for a specific time and then followed by sudden cooling. This completely kills the notorious bacteria.

8. Yummy Soft Cheeses

soft cheese

Soft cheese like Feta contains Listeria bacteria and causes listeriosis. They have more moisture content as compared to hard cheese and are ideal for the growth and proliferation of bacteria.

Expectant mothers should not eat soft cheese like camembert, brie, feta, etc., because listeriosis can cause stillbirth, miscarriage, and other severe illnesses. If the cheese is not from pasteurized milk, cut it off the list till you are pregnant.

9. Avoid Refrigerated Foods

refrigerated food

Expectant mothers should not eat stored foods stored in their refrigerators. The ingredients lose their nutritive value if stored for long. Eat freshly prepared or cooked foods as it is healthy and full of nutrition.

Make fresh fruit and vegetable salads and eat a bowl with every meal. This is a healthy option against stored junk food.

10. Alcohol


Partying has become an inherent part of our newfound independent culture. Though wines such as red wine are not harmful to the fetus when taken in moderate amounts, exposure to alcohol can cause interference with the development of the baby. There is no moderation when it comes to alcohol, and you should completely refrain from it during your pregnancy. it is definitely one of the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Read more about food poisoning during pregnancy here. We wish you a healthy pregnancy ahead!

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