Oranges During Pregnancy How Safe To Eat?

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Discovering that a new life is growing inside you is truly one of the happiest moments in your lifetime. Your food habits and almost everything else takes a total change, and you begin wondering what’s happening inside you. There is no argument about the fact, and one needs to be extremely cautious about what you are eating and ensure that it is absolutely safe for both you and the little mite growing within you. Fresh fruits are an absolute must during this period, and one often wonders how good oranges during pregnancy would be for you. Most pregnant women love to savor the tangy flavor of this lovely fruit and indulge in them often. Whether you peel them, slice them or squeeze the juice out of them, they are loaded with vitamin C and are absolutely safe to consume oranges during pregnancy, albeit in moderation.
Oranges during pregnancy

Orange During Pregnancy is it Safe to Eat or Not?

Oranges during pregnancy are one of the best fruit to include in your diet plan definitely. You can have the full fruit to derive the more benefits from it. You can also drink the squeezed fresh orange juice during pregnancy phase if you do not like to have the raw oranges during pregnancy. But, avoid to drink orange juice available in some tetra packs as it contains preservatives things that may not accept your system at that phase. You should not be drinking orange juices sold by street vendors also. To get more benefits, eat the entire fruit or drink the orange juice made at home.

10 Health Benefits of Oranges During Pregnancy

1. Brimming with Vitamin C

Loaded with vitamin C, these oranges are ideal for providing your immunity system with the much-required boost during this pregnancy period. Oranges release zinc and iron from the other food you eat and help strengthen your immunity. They aid to make sure the life growing within you is hale and healthy.

2. Oranges Help to Ease Allergic Reactions

Consuming daily oranges during pregnancy can help to lower the risk of developing allergic reactions like wheezing.

3. Promotes Brain Development

Oranges are also proven to support proper development of the fetus’s brain.

4. Rich in Folates

Oranges are packed with around more than 9% of your folate requirement during pregnancy period. Folates that are extremely important during the pregnancy period are found in plenty in oranges. Folates are very important and helpful in averting tube anomalies in your fetus that can occur. They also help in the formation of blood cells and the growth of new tissues.

5. Avert Constipation and Hypertension

Oranges are also rich in potassium that is excellent to avert high ranges of blood pressure in expectant women. They are also packed with fiber that helps to prevent issues regarding constipation that is quite common during the pregnancy period.

6. Oranges Have Anti-Inflammatory Characteristics

These lovely fruits are also good in treating conditions like arthritis and joint issues as they have anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Loaded With Carotenoids

Oranges are also found to be packed with Carotenoids that are quite important in helping to heart health not only during pregnancy but also during normal times.

8. Excellent to Prevent Kidney Stones

Oranges have been found to hike up the ph levels in urine and help in proper excretion of citric acid from your system. This makes this fruit ideal to avert any kidney stone related issues.

9. Orange Peels

Orange peels have the highest traces of vitamin C and so ensure you do not throw it into your bin. They also have lots of antioxidants stored in them. So it would be a good idea to grate your orange peel and add them to your salad or consume them in other ways to reap maximum benefits.

10. Have Hydration Properties

Your body requires to be well hydrated during pregnancy, and oranges are good to contribute to your daily fluid requirements as they have lots of water in them. Oranges during pregnancy help to maintain a good balance of water and hydrates your system.

Orange Juice During Pregnancy

A glass of orange juice contains about 82 mg of vitamin C, while the daily recommended amount of vitamin C during pregnancy is 85 mg. However, orange juice that is available under labels like fresh or chilled has every chance of containing bacteria called Listeria that can trigger all kinds of food-borne infections. So this is certainly a risk during pregnancy. Ensure you reach out for only pasteurized orange juices that are available in the market. They are loaded with calcium and vitamins and are an excellent alternative if you happen to be intolerant to lactose products.

Risks While Eating Oranges During Pregnancy

Although the benefits of eating oranges are multi-fold during the pregnancy period, you also need to be aware of the unwanted adverse effects of consuming oranges during pregnancy this delicate stage.

  • Orange is a citrus fruit and can easily trigger a sour throat which makes you prone to developing cold and other infections during this period.
  • If you are already a victim of food-borne infection, further consumption of oranges can cause dehydration that can lead to unwanted risks like premature delivery or even a miscarriage.
  • Make sure you buy fresh fruits that are not too pulpy.
  • Remember to wash them well before peeling and eating them as the outer skin can contain all kinds of bacteria that can get transferred into your hands and thus reach your body while eating these oranges.

How Many Oranges Can You Eat by Pregnant Women?

A dosage of 85 mg of Vitamin C for pregnant women daily is recommended. This requires amount can be obtained by consuming three oranges per day or other food items rich in Vitamin C. If you have oranges along with other food items, make sure you also consider the quantity of Vitamin C present in it other foods that you eat during the day. But keep in mind that intake should not exceed the recommended amount daily, as increases the intake of oranges could get the acidity issue. If you eat any other Vitamin-C rich food items, make sure you eat these oranges in moderate amounts. Ask your doctor regarding the no of oranges to include in your diet plan.

Tips to Add Oranges in Your Diet Plan

If you love having oranges, know how to eat the right way of oranges during pregnancy. Here are the tips to help you to add oranges in your diet plan.

  • Mix this fruit with the other fruits and make the fruit salad.
  • Peel the orange fruit and then blend it in a juicer mixer to enjoy a thick and pulpy orange juice in the glass.
  • Enjoy this dish as an orange dessert. Keep a few brown sugars on orange pieces and microwave it.

All said and done, and it is your doctor who knows what is best for you during this period and so it would be ideal if you could consult her before adding this lovely fruit to your daily diet. And also, continue eating oranges even after delivery as they are excellent for your skin and help you keep aging at bay. They also are ideal for eating as a snack if you are weight conscious as they have no fat content at all.

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