Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

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oga poses for pregnant woman

During pregnancy, your body needs extra nutrition and care. Doctors suggest that you keep busy. Hence the body stays active and fit. While doctors and specialists do not recommend you to indulge in strenuous exercises, doing simple exercises or poses will greatly benefit the mother and the child. In this article we are explaining 10 Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know.

If you are someone who hasn’t exercised before yoga is your best bet. Yoga prepares your body and mind for childbirth. It calms and relaxes your senses and strengthens your muscles at the same time.

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Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Regular exercise can help you immensely during your delivery and also reduce morning sickness and constipation. Yoga techniques will help your deal with moodiness, fatigue, exhaustion, breathing problems and pains, and cramps. Pregnancy yoga is, in fact, is developing across the globe as a fitness regime for to-be-mothers. Click here to read more about the benefit of prenatal yoga during pregnancy.

10 Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know (With Pictures)

Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

You need not indulge in heavy-duty exercises and asanas. We have carefully selected 10 Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know that is very easy to do and won’t drain you out either. However, do take into account your health and complications in your pregnancy, if any. It would indeed be wise to consult the doctor and hire a yoga trainer or join a prenatal yoga class.

Yoga poses enlisted below aim to help would-be moms to bring their babies into this world in favorable conditions and with minimum complications. Start slow, and work up yoga postures slowly. Stop immediately if you feel uncomfortable at any time.

1. Sukhasan Pose


This pose is perfect for meditation or relaxation. Sukosan relaxes your body and calms your brain. It strengthens your back, knees, ankles and improves your body alignment.

How to do Sukhasan Pose

Sit down with your legs folded. Left foot tucked in the right thigh and right foot tucked in the left thigh. Keep your back straight and hands on your knees in Jnana Mudra (thumb touching the index finger, palm facing upwards). Relax your body and concentrate on your breathing

2. Mountain Pose

mountain pose

Mountain Pose or the Tadasana Pose is one of the simplest yet most effective poses for beginners. This pose helps to relieve back pain during pregnancy and improve your alignment.

How to do Mountain Pose

Sit in the Sukhasan pose. Keep your back straight, raise your arms and join your palms in the Namaste position while keeping your elbows straight. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax

3. Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know – Tree Pose

tree pose

This pose is also called the Vrksasan Pose. Tree Pose helps in improving your balance since, during pregnancy, women tend to lose their equilibrium. This pose also helps to build pelvic floor muscles and strengthens your spine.

How to do Tree Pose

Stand up straight, lift your arms above your head in the Namaste position. Shift your weight on both legs simultaneously to maintain balance. Now shift your weight entirely on your right leg and rest your left foot on your right ankle. Get comfortable in that pose and slowly drag your left foot towards your right knee. Maintain this pose for as long as you can and then repeat with the other leg. Do this for a few minutes and relax

4. Butterfly Pose

butterfly pose

This pose is highly beneficial. It stimulates and improves the reproductive system, improves blood circulation and pelvic muscles. This pose also ensures smooth delivery. It is beneficial for abdominal organs, bladder, and kidneys as well.

How to Butterfly Pose

Sit with your spine erect. Fold your legs so that both your feet touch each other. Hold your feet with your hands and inhale. While exhaling press your knees and thighs downward, you can push your elbows in your thighs to achieve this, if necessary. Repeat this process to mimic the flapping wings of a butterfly. Do this for a few minutes and relax

5. Trikosana Pose


The Trikonasana or the Triangle Pose helps to stretch muscles and improves flexibility. It also improves your blood circulation, cures indigestion, and helps the kidneys to function effectively.

How to do Trikonasana Pose

Stand with your feet wide apart. Raise both your hands to your shoulder level with palms facing downwards. Now bend toward your right side so that your right palm can touch your right knee (you can bend even more if your body permits) and your left hand is pointing towards the sky. Hold this position for a few seconds repeat on the other side. If you feel you are going to lose your balance you can take the support of a wall

6. Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know – Cat/Cow Pose

cat cow pose

This pose strengthens your lower back and helps tremendously during pregnancy. It also strengthens your abdominal muscles and shoulders. This position helps the baby to move to the perfect birth position.

How to do Cat/Cow Pose

Bend into a tabletop position (on all fours). Keep your wrists directly below your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. Inhale and arch your back (pointing your tail bone and head towards the ceiling) and chest downwards (like a cow). Exhale and reverse the action by bending your back (tail bone and head towards the floor) and pulling your chest in. Do it as long as you can and then relax

7. Sitting, Side Stretch

side stretching

This pose will help you strengthen your pelvic muscles and side waists. It helps will help with smooth delivery and increase flexibility.

How to Sit Stretches the Side

Sit on the floor with folded legs. Stretch out your left leg and raise your arms and bend towards your left side so that your left palm touches your left foot, hold this position for a few seconds relax and repeat on the other side. If you find bending difficult don’t go all the way and support your belly with one hand

8. Child’s Pose

child pose

Child Pose helps your body to relax and de-stress. This pose reduces constipation and even calms your nervous system. This pose is especially good for pregnant women as it strengthens the spinal cord.

How to do Child’s Pose

Bend in the tabletop position (on all fours) Rest your hips on your heels and lower your head so that your forehead touches the ground and so do your elbows. Hold this position for as long as you can and then relax

9. Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Know – Supported Squat Pose

Goddess pose

This pose strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and prepares you for the birthing experience. Some specialists claim it to be better than Kegel exercises. The squat pose is a little trickier than the other poses. Do not exert yourself. Practice it only if it is not too strenuous and make sure you take to support and do not go all the way. Read about Kegels here.

How to do the Supported Squat Pose

Stand straight with your feet apart. Join your hand in the Namaste position or hold your waist, whatever is comfortable. Now slowly bring your hips down and hold the position for a couple of seconds then come up. You may take support of a wall if necessary

10. Paryankasana Pose

This pose strengthens your pelvic and abdominal muscles. This pose will also relieve you of back pain.

How to Paryankasana Pose

Kneel down with your knees apart and then sit on the floor so that your hips touch the ground. Now bend backward and take the support of your elbows. You could use a cushion for your back if necessary. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax

Tips For Safe Yoga During Pregnancy

Practice yoga in a calm and serene environment. Tips for safe yoga during pregnancy goes as follow:

  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes and use a good mat, set aside a fixed time for yoga every day or every week, at your convenience
  • In the first trimester, the blood circulation to the uterus can get affected if you lie down on your back. Hence, avoid the same
  • Use the wall or chair for support when doing yoga in the second trimester. This will help you keep your balance as your center of gravity shifts
  • Restrain poses that stretch the muscles too much
  • Any discomfort, pain, or nausea is your body’s indication to immediately stop. Listen to your body carefully

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