Are you unable to conceive? Did you know that Feng shui can help you? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, where “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water. According to Feng Shui, space is filled with energy or Chi. So in Feng Shui, the first thing to ensure that the house should have positive energy or flow or Chi. So let’s see how can Feng Shui help you with fertility or to get pregnant. Be it by using some traditional Feng Shui elements that can cure fertility or to place certain items to bring in positive energy for fertility, here’s what all you can do:


  1. Do not block the front door or entrance. Remove any huge items of furniture etc and hang a wind chime on both sides of your door to attract energy
  2. De- clutter and clear out your home as it might be blocking the energy flow
  3. Keep or display open pomegranate
  4. Do not have any heavy chandeliers or ceiling fan over your bed
  5. Keep little statues of elephants with trunks down in the West or Northwest direction of your bedroom
  6. Put up pictures of cute babies on your bedroom walls
  7. Allow kids to jump on your bed. Yes, this invites the energy of fertility.
  8. Do not use red colour in your bedroom. Red is supposed to be too hot a colour and supposedly drains out the baby energy.  Use calm colours such as green (known to increase fertility), beige, white, ivory and gold.
  9. Place a water feature like a small fountain in your house or bedroom
  10. Keep a piece of bamboo in your bedroom’s the West area


  1. Do not keep any mirrors in your bedroom and remove mirrors which are facing the front door, as these push put the positive energy
  2. Do not keep electronic devices near your bed
  3. Storing items under or inside your bed is a bad idea. Do not store anything in your bed as that blocks energy
  4. Keep a bowl of uncooked rice under your bed
  5. Keep a small dragon charm near your bed to bring up the Yang energy. This Yang energy helps you to get pregnant
  6. Wear some fertility stones like Rose Quartz, Carnelian or Amethyst
  7. Keep a statue of Buddha with children in your bedroom in the West direction. But remember not to place this on the floor
  8. Find out your Kua number and your personal birth element as that  can help find tips suiting you
  9. Wear more of orange colour clothes as that helps to activate and balance your Sacral Chakra
  10. Place fertility goddess symbols and statues to increase your fertility
  11. Keeping turtles can also strengthen the energy flow and give you more protection and good luck
  12. Plant a fruit tree as it is a symbol of fertility
  13. Remove unnecessary things from your bedroom. These include things like computer table, pictures of family, any exercise equipment, or clutter in the drawers or closet
  14. Fix the leaking taps as dripping water represents loss of energy
  15. Be ready to leave your favourite side of the bed. To conceive, a woman needs to be on the right side of the bed and the man on the left. This harmonizes or balances the couple’s energy

So Feng Shui’s principles can definitely help you achieve more harmony and positive energy in your life. You might want to use all the above-mentioned tips but do remember that at the end of the day this traditional art helps you to find balance; so use only those tips which you are comfortable with.