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Average Weight and Length/Height of 6-Month-Old Babies

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A baby is the biggest gift from God and it does transform the life of an individual. They come in different sizes; some of them are slim whereas others are chubby; some may be tall whereas others are short. Whatever be their size or shape, babies are definitely special and unique and taking care of their health is a top priority of all parents. After the birth of the baby, all efforts should be made to keep the growth and development as per the set parameters. There are some milestones and a set path which needs to be followed for the growth of the infant . Yet, there are certain areas which require great concern. Read on to know about the parameters on Average Weight and Length/Height of 6-Month-Old Babies.

Your Baby’s Growth
Growth Charts
Average Weight and Length/Height of 6-Month-Old Babies (girl & boy)
How to Naturally Encourage Baby Weight Gain
1-3 Months Old Baby Development
4-6 Months Old Baby Development
6 Months old Developmental Milestones
7-9 Months Old Baby Development
10-12 Months Old Baby Development
Developmental Milestones

Your Baby’s Growth

The newly born baby starts adjusting rapidly to the external world and spends maximum time getting fed and sleeping. However, they do take in a lot even though they aren’t doing much. Many factors contribute to the size of the baby pre and post birth. Some of them are hereditary factors, the intake of food and the drinking habits, and even the type of medical supervision the mother gets in these two phases.

Growth Charts

The idea behind growth charts is to ascertain parameters by the doctor which help in tracking down the baby’s growth and development. These charts offer nationwide height and weight average values for the babies that lie in the same age group. The baby who has normal weight and height value will fall in between the 5

th and 95th percentile. As for the height, the nurse measures it from the baby’s head to the bottom after lying him down. The height and weight of boys and girls of the same age vary as well.

Average Weight and Length/Height of 6-Month-Old Babies (girl & boy)

The biggest parental concern centers on the baby’s health. At every medical visit, the doctor monitors the weight and height of the child and informs the parents if any actions have to be taken. Since all babies are different, some fall in the first percentile while others in last. The weight chart comes very handily for the parents to keep monitoring if the child is below or above the stipulated parameters and till the baby is growing and developing well, there are no causes of worry.

How to Naturally Encourage Baby Weight Gain?

Several simple steps can be taken to assist with the weight gain:

  • It is imperial to take fewer solids or stop them in order to gain weight.
  • Nursing frequently also helps to boost the intake of milk for the baby
  • It is of utmost importance to see that the baby takes the feed from both sides.
  • It is also of great interest to know that expressing a little milk right before nursing increases the chance for the baby to get the richer and high calorific hind -milk.

1-3 Months Old Baby Development

During the period of 1-3 months, there are few parameters that the baby is supposed to reach. The growth and developmental milestones are as below:

  • Lifts head when lying on stomach.
  • Loves to be around other babies as well.
  • Identifies well- known objects and people.
  • Starts imitating, holds the mother and coordinates using hands and eyes
  • Turns head in the direction of the sound
  • Loves to hold the rattle.

4-6 Months Old Baby Development

All babies are different and develop at their pace. Some reach milestones early while others very late. The list below is Developmental milestone of 6 month

olds. This helps the parents to track down where their baby is missing. Note taht it is not mandatory for babies of this age to fulfil all of these.

6 Months old Developmental Milestones

  • Sits up for longer periods and stands with support.
  • Puts all objects in the mouth and even the feet.
  • Loves to eat by himself.
  • Enjoys playing  hide and seek
  • Can recognize his own name.
  • Sleeps the whole night.
  • Reacts to the voice and demands attention.
  • Starts crying when the parent or a familiar face leaves.
  • Babbles when excited, says ah, goo, mamma

7-9 Months Old Baby Development

During this time the baby starts crawling, sliding and starts making the first step towards walking. Their communication skills start enhancing gradually but they yet do not understand the meaning of “no”

  • They start communicating through gestures so rather than crying, they will instead spread their arms in the aspiration to be picked up.
  • Starts eating food with the help of a spoon, although in a messy manner.
  • They become repetitive masters and soon starts speaking in words.

10-12 Months Old Baby Development

All the babies have a different pace of development, and the milestones are just to navigate the parents of the path the baby is leading to.

Developmental Milestones

  • Babies start standing by themselves and walk by taking support from furniture.
  • Starts grabbing a spoon and stacks blocks.

Does comprehends small commands like: “Give this to Daddy, “Get me the book”

  • Tries to get independent and loves to be in social gatherings
  • Starts using other words, rather than mama and papa
  • Some speak in gibberish language

Find more about speech and language developmental milestones here. Keeping the growth charts under consideration, the only time when parents should get worried is when there is a sudden drop or significant increase in the percentile graph and all the parents should know that ”As long as the baby is active and healthy, there is no need to worry about the weight gain”

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