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25 Hot And Popular Color Inspired Names For Baby Girls

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Colors are great! When naming your baby, you might feel inclined to color his or her world with these beautiful hues of a rainbow. Colors inspired names have been catching on the trend off late, with names like Azure, Scarlet, Violet etc. have become preferred choice as names. Color inspired names bring with themselves a freshness, and some break from serious-meaning names. Why, you can even plan your baby’s room in tune with the color that you name her!
Color inspired names
We bring below color inspired names for both girls and boys. Go ahead, color your world!

25 Color Hot And Popular Color Inspired Names For Baby Girls

  1. Amber: Widely popular, Amber is a precious gemstone in reddish-yellowish hues. It is quite a popular name with Hollywood movies
  2. Aurelia: If you are fond of gold and it’s hues, then naming your daughter Aurelia may well suit you. The name draws inspiration from Latin word meaning ‘golden’
  3. Azura: The deep, blue color of the infinite ocean reflects in the name ‘Azura’. It also refers to a gemstone in the middle ages. A perfect name for a blue- eyed beauty who has blessed your home
  4. Bianca: Pristine and white, the name Bianca has even been used by Shakespeare in two of his epic masterpieces
  5. Fuchsia: Indian in origin, the name refers to a color or a flower
  6. Olive: The name also belongs to Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore’s daughter and comes from from bronze green fruits that olive trees bear. The name is also given as Olivia, to make it more feminine
  7. Hazel: Chosen by Julia Roberts for her little one, this name enjoys immense popularity and refers to a greenish hue. Beautiful color, beautiful name
  8. Pink: Bouncing and riding high on popularity, ‘Pink’ also means being in good health. ‘Pink’ is too cute a name for your little doll!
  9. Scarlett: Though the credit goes to actress Scarlett Johansson for popularizing this name, this name is sure to make your Princess smile about it every day
  10. Ruby: This precious gemstone name is perfect for your precious little as well. No wonder, Tobey Maguire chose it for his daughter
  11. Rose: A rose signifies love and beautiful hues of colors. No wonder, the Titanic’s leading lady as called ‘Rose’. A timeless classic, this name is set to win hearts
  12. Jade: Again, the name refers to a lovely and fascinating bright green gemstone that is precious, and of-course, very beautiful
  13. Xanthe: Fan of yellow? Go ahead and name your daughter Xanthe – the Greek word for the color. Sounds exotic, eh?
  14. Emerald: Seems like green is a popular inspiration for girls’ names! ‘Emerald’ again is a deep-green gemstone which has been traced to Egypt. It is also the birthstone for people born in May
  15. Coral: The name is gaining popularity as it is new, exotic and of course sounds great. Coral stones are also deemed for their being precious
  16. Violet: A beautiful color, this name gained popularity when Ben Affleck gave it to his daughter. Violet reminds us of boulevards, doesn’t it?
  17. Marigold: A flower that reflects a sunny day and a bright yellow. ‘Marigold’ is the name if your daughter has brought sunny days to stay!
  18. Pearl: Who doesn’t love ‘Pearls’? Right? This precious stone is perfect for a daughter who is plainly beautiful
  19. Blue: Blue signifies depth and limitless – like the oceans and the seas. And is absolutely perfect if you have a blue-eyed fairy in your home
  20. Lilac: Refers not only a beautiful color, but also a flower. Name your daughter ‘Lilac’ if she loves the flower
  21. Sage: ‘Sage’ refers to grey-greenish color and a very popular herb. It also means ‘wise and ‘healthy’. You can add ‘I’ in the middle and name your precious as ‘Saige’. Takers for this?
  22. Mazarin: This exotic name is the French word for the color dark blue. Spells royalty already, eh?
  23. Kelly: Green scores, yet again. A popular shade of green in Ireland, it is also recognized as one of the symbolic country of the Irish country
  24. Melanie: Refers to the Greek word for ‘black’. Melanie Hamilton popularized this name in ‘Gone with the Wind’
  25. Raven: Edgar Allan Poe has immortalized this black bird forever, and the name is gaining popularity almost everyday. Can even be used for boys!

What do you think of these names? Which one is your favorite? Which one did we miss? Let us know in the comments!
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