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20 Beautiful Color Inspired Names For Baby Boys

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If you though color inspired baby names are only for girls then you are probably wrong. Infact, since some time now, colors have been the inspiration for naming many baby boys. Now there are some names that are used extensively for girls, but there are some other ones that will suit your little prince. Consider a color that defines you and your journey, and you will have a name that will be very, very close to your heart. Go ahead, bring colors in his life with these trendy yet exotic color inspired names for boys.
Color inspired boy names

20 Color Inspired Names For Baby Boys

  1. Indigo: Sounds appeasing for boys, this name refers to bluish purplish color that is obtained from plants. This color is also gaining popularity as a fashion hair color, and it is said that the name predicts a serious upturn in fortune. Who would want to miss this?
  2. Auburn: Though the name is gender neutral, you could call your little boy ‘Auburn’ if the reddish brown color is your hue and you wish to celebrate it for life
  3. Azul: Again, ‘Azul’ can be used for both boys and girls. The name is of Arabic origin meaning ‘sky blue’
  4. Brown: If your prince has those deep brown eyes, you may want to use it for him. However, ‘Brown is more common as a middle name, though that does not mean it cannot be used as a first name. If “brown’ seems too direct, opt for ‘Bruno’ – lending the name a chick feel
  5. Ash: The Hebrew word for ‘fortunate’ or ‘happy’, ‘Ash’ lends a uniqueness and sensual appeal as a name. It is often used as a short from for Asher, Ashton and other names
  6. Rusty: No, not referring to the iron rust here, but close. The name is derived from Old French word Rousel, which refers to the color red. Rousel comes from Latin word russus. It also has a rugged appeal to it
  7. Gray: Being a neutral or achromatic color, ‘Gray’ makes up for an awesome name for your little
  8. Morado: This name is inspired by the color purple. The name boasts of a southern charm
  9. Sky: Meaning ‘from the heavens’, the name ‘Sky’ can be used for both girls and boys. The name has a charming appeal in the essence of the beautiful hues of the skies
  10. Beryl: This British name refers to a green stone, and is a pretty uncommon and an unusual color name. The name has been around since 1950s but has not been very common
  11. Beige: The name has a classy appeal and refers to a shade of light brown. It qualifies as a decent name with a great sound
  12. Ivory: Because the name refers to the famous West African Ivory Coast, the name is quite popular with African-American parents. The name is hugely gaining momentum since 2014
  13. Teal: Inspired by the beautiful hue of blue-green color, Teal will make a unique name for your boy and is sure to make heads turn
  14. Moss: This one is inspired from nature, and if you are close to it, you’d be pleased with the sound and the earthiness the name brings to it
  15. Forest: The woods, the greens, and all things nice come together to the mind when this name is called out. Name your boy ‘Forest’ if it is the earthiness that steals your mind!
  16. Sterling: Like the metallic effects? The name also brings back the memories of a top animated spy. Refers to something in the midst of silver and grey
  17. Cyan: Highly unique, sophisticated and exotic, ‘Cyan’ refers to blue-green hue of Cerulean and Celadon
  18. Jade: The lovely color comes from the bright green gemstone and the name is derived from the word ‘ijada’. It refers to the ‘stone of the colic’. Short, sweet, and absolutely beautiful, the name can even be spelt as ‘Jaden’ for your boy
  19. Red: The fiery color is a good one for red heads and if you have lost your heart to the color, you can call your son the same. Works best as a nickname
  20. Silver: The luster, the coolness and the glitter associated with the color all come alive with this metallic name. You can consider the name ‘Steel’ as well

Which one did you like the best? Have we missed anything? Do you have a boy whose name is inspired by a color? Share with us! Check more on baby names here

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