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5 Educational Fun Activities For Toddlers

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Play time is a toddler’s most loved time of the day. Not only playing inculcates social skills, and creative abilities, but also helps in physical and mental development. Though a toddler will probably involve himself with something to discover, as [parents and elders we can also use the high energies in a toddler to develop some educational base. Fun activities are the best way you can make your toddler learn about various things without putting much effort. Learning while playing helps in developing your kid’s personality. You may try a number of educational activities to make your toddler learn things fast. We present 5 activities to engage your toddler and while these are fun, they also make up a great educational start as well.


  1. Recognizing Colors



If you would have noticed, a lot of toffees and candies come in different colors, and surely enough, you’d be handing your toddler a pack of this every now and then. Well, why not make it a learning tool as well? Every toddler is fond of gems and candies, next time when you give him a candy or two, tell them what color they are and ask your little one to repeat. You may repeat this many times (teaching him which color he is eating). Make sure to give the same color and number till he knows the colors well. Next time when he asks you, you may show him the pack and ask him to pick only those two colors which he has just learnt about. Colored fun, isn’t it?


  1. Identifying Alphabets



There are various types of big alphabet boards available in the market these days. These letters can be effectively made to teach your child alphabets. Play a game using these, for instance, hide first five letters in his favorite toys (may be in the doll, teddy or a car).Now ask him to search a letter which is there with each toy one by one. The moment he finds the first letter, tell him what it is called but do not forget to applaud and clap. Soon he will be able to recognize the 5 alphabets. But remember to start with only 4-5 letters at a time. Do not clutter your toddler’s mind, and remember he’s still young to be studying.


  1. The Number Games



Counting is relatively linked with fun. Candies, gems, blocks, fingers – easy to begin with. Count buttons on your toddler’s t-shirt or on night suits and ask him to repeat as well. Let him count cookies on plate or ask him to count their colorful balls. You could also count the number of times your toddler throws the ball.


  1.    Sing-A-Rhyme



Rhymes can be taught in the form of songs. Many DVD’s are available in the market which can be used to teach rhymes to preschoolers. Make them act with the rhyme songs. This will also hone their skills of expression. Singing also clarifies speech in kids.


  1. What are we Eating?



Every time your toddler picks up a fruit to eat, tell him what it is, the color and the taste. Show him any two real vegetables or fruits and tell them their name too. Now draw the same vegetables or fruits in a big size and let him color it in vegetables/fruit’s actual color. Repeat it twice or thrice. Soon you will find your toddler recognizing them. When you go to a departmental store to buy fruits or vegetables, take your kid with you and ask him/her to pick up apples or lady fingers or anything from there. It is a wonderful and interesting way of learning.

Always remember to applaud your little one’s achievements, clap and praise him. Appreciate his efforts and give him time and space. No pressurizing, all these activities should be plain fun, and a little amount of knowledge.

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