Simple, Creative Activities For Toddlers

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Fun time!!! As many parents have put in, playing with toddlers relaxes them as if they are in a Spa session. Mind Spa, Aha! Every child has a special talent which can be seen or known only if the child is set free, and is able to do something that he enjoys, without resistance from the parents or elders. To cultivate creativity is a child, the first thing is to set him free, and you will know how creative that little toddler of yours is! Let him scribble on the walls, let him play with mud or water, let him explore the toys, see if he even likes to fix it by his own. Encourage your little one on his way to discover things, and let them lead you on their way. Let them explore their own sky of dreams and ideas. This will also help you to know what special skill or quality your toddler possesses. To enhance creativity in a child, along with time and space, you can also indulge in some of the below fun activities:

  1. Paint, paint and paint!

Kids are fond of scribbling on walls and of course, we as parents wouldn’t really appreciate spoilt walls or corners. However, instead of bashing the child and curbing the creativity in him, and of course you need to save the walls, give them a portion of any corner wall (which you can easily repaint) and let them paint draw or scribble on it . It will enhance their way of thinking and helps to develop various ideas.

  1. Dough – Lets Mould!

One of the very common and old methods of keeping your kids busy while you are doing household work is dough play. Playing with dough is something which almost every kid loves to do. Your toddler will make various shapes using these or small chapattis of weird shapes. To encourage them, cook these chapattis and serve it to their father or grandparents or any member of the house. Appreciate their efforts and praise the small things the toddlers create.

  1. Thermocol Balls

Draw any animal or fruit or any shape on a sheet. Give your toddler glue and colorful thermocol balls and ask him to paste these balls inside the drawing, following the outlines. Once they finish, you may paste these sheets in your kid’s bedroom. Not only will he feel proud, but he will also develop a keen sense of patience (by pasting the balls, slowly, until the work is done) and also develop sense of geometry and lines.

  1. Sand play

If you have some sand nearby its good. Otherwise arrange some for your toddler and keep it in the garden. Let him/her try making houses or sand hill or anything. Allow them to work on their ideas thereby enhancing creativity.

  1. Just bubbles or soap foam!

Kids go mad with bubbles! It really develops deep curiosity in them. Market is full of various kinds of bubble spray bottles. It can even be made at home with detergent and water, mixed in the ratio of 1-10, along with a few drops of glycerin. Prior to bath give your toddler free time to play with soap foam. Bubbles and soap foam often make adults go crazy as well!
6     Ice cube massage
The most lovable fun activity during summers is exploring ice cubes! Let them massage with ice cubes or you may also do it for them.
It is difficult to follow any plan with toddler as everything depends on their mood and will. Playing also encourages bonding with the children, but if you feel something has been done over and over, try something new. Discover fun for yourself and your little angel.

Happy Parenting!


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