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5 Exercises For Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy

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hypothyroidism and exercise
The tiny thyroid gland assumes a critical role when it comes to how your body functions. One of the most common factors that impedes conception is hypothyroidism. With time, cases of expecting mothers having Hypothyroidism are increasing. Today about 40 percent of pregnant women are detected with hypothyroidism. There is no doubt that this condition develops complications in pregnancy, but the good news is, there are medicines and some very natural ways to treat this condition. Find out 5 exercises for hypothyroidism during pregnancy.

  • What Is Hypothyroidism?
  • How Does Hypothyroidism In Pregnancy Affect The Baby?
  • 5 Exercises For Hypothyroidism In Pregnancy
  • Can Exercise Help In Reducing Hypothyroidism In Pregnancy?

What Is Hypothyroidism?

Though a tiny little butterfly shaped gland in our neck, it has a lot of important functions of which the main is to provide energy to our body and regulate the body temperature. It also plays a major role in running the metabolism of our body. If the gland does not work properly, our food does not get digested and we do not get energy. So, the thyroid gland function is extremely crucial when one is pregnant because during pregnancy, you need more energy; both for the mother’s body as well as the developing baby. Pregnancy places an increased demand on the thyroid gland, and hence it becomes important to regulate the same. Read more about Hypothyroidism and pregnancy here
Also, find out Top 5 risks with hypothyroidism during pregnancy.

How Does Hypothyroidism In Pregnancy Affect The Baby?

Let’s get over with the bad news first; studies have shown that babies born from mothers having hypothyroidism have lower IQs than those born from normal mothers. Also, the chances of miscarriages and still births are higher. Before birth, a baby’s thyroid needs are met by the mother’s thyroid till about 10 weeks of gestation when fetuses develop their own thyroid glands. Studies have arrived that children born to mothers with untreated hypothyroidism often exhibit developmental delays and face difficulty in school. The more severe the hypothyroidism in the mother, the greater the risk of developmental problems. Read more about this study here

Now the good news is, once detected, you will be well-treated. There are many medicines for it and you have a 100% chance of delivering a healthy baby.

5 Exercises For Hypothyroidism In Pregnancy

Other than medication, another very effective way of keeping hypothyroidism under control during pregnancy is through exercise. Yes, you heard me right, you are pregnant, but you still need to do light workout sessions to help your thyroid glands to work properly. Here are 5 exercises which you can do every day; you will see a welcome change in your thyroid levels:

1. Work out the Thyroid gland:

Lie down on your back, massage your diaphragm with your hands for about a minute. Put one hand on your throat and exhale. With every exhalation make a sound, this will stimulate your thyroid glands and get them working. If you find time to do this exercise for 5-10 minutes every day, you will get fantastic results

2. A brisk walk of 10 minutes:

Don’t exert yourself; just do a brisk walk of 10 minutes either in your garden area or on the treadmill. Since heavy aerobics will not be your pick, this walk will give a cardio boost which will help in combating hypothyroidism

3. Leg Lunges:

While standing with your feet apart bring one of your legs to a bending position such that your foot is firmly placed on the ground. Then bring the other leg down to bend at the knees and its toes to touch the ground. Keep your hands on both the sides. You will feel a slight feeling of stretch in your thigh region and this is exactly what we are aiming for. Do 10 lunges on each leg, slowly and steadily

4. Squats:

Hypothyroidism makes your thighs and hip area bulky and the more bulky your thighs, the lesser space your baby gets to grow in the sac. Squats help a lot to shed a few pounds from your thigh area which is extremely helpful for your growing baby

5. One-leg lift:

While you hold on to something, keep the other hand, in a relaxed position in front of your thigh, bend forward until your hand touches the ground. Do it 10 times on each leg. And keep in mind not to bend your back into a curve while you bend. Your back should be absolutely straight
Pregnant woman squats

Can Exercise Help In Reducing Hypothyroidism In Pregnancy?

The thyroid gland plays a major role in regulating the metabolism of your body. Hormones released by it travels all throughout the body, but when it malfunctions the body is deprived of it. During this time exercise helps a lot. Especially Hypothyroidism leaves you feeling very sluggish. You also gain weight along with the baby weight. You will have to push yourself to do exercises because it is the only way your body is going to achieve a higher metabolism rate other than the given medications.
The above mentioned are very light exercises and are pregnancy safe. All you have to keep in mind while doing them is if any position causes you any discomfort, immediately refrain from doing that routine. Also, keep your doctor updated about the exercises you are doing. Keep in mind that your and the baby’s safety if a FIRST. Always remember, exercises can help in alleviating thyroid symptoms, but in no way can replace any medications prescribed by your doctor. Keep up with your medications and have a positive attitude.
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