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Is Surya Namaskar Safe During Pregnancy

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Surya Namaskar During Pregnancy
The beautiful phase of pregnancy is full of nervousness and excitement. Motherhood is a choice made by one in which the priority is given to someone else over yourself. Even though not aware of the rights or wrongs, the mother makes every little and big attempt to do everything right possibly. During pregnancy, the mother keeps getting lessons from the elder and the experienced lot. Apart from being happy and eating healthy, on every common notion is to do SuryaNamaskar as it is good for both the mother and the baby.
Let us know have a look below and find out if it is safe to do Surya Namaskar during the pregnancy phase. The benefits accrued to doing the same, how safe is SuryaNamaskar as well as the points that should be borne while doing the SuryaNamaskar.
The best way to keep one healthy and fit during pregnancy is doing Yoga, whereas Surya Namaskar refers to a collection of asanas which is an entire work out of the body, it even helps with the blood circulation and also imparts strength to the joints as well as muscles. It is beneficial to practice SuryaNamaskar early in the morning. The early morning sunrays are the rich source of vitamin D that is necessary to get strong bones and clear vision. There are umpteen benefits of doing the same and ten of them are enumerated as under:

  • Ten Benefits Of Surya Namaskar During Pregnancy
  • Is Surya Namaskar 100% Safe During Pregnancy?
  • Surya Namaskar During The First Trimester
  • Surya Namaskar During The Second Trimester
  • Surya Namaskar During The Third Trimester

Ten Benefits Of Surya Namaskar During Pregnancy

  1. Upsurges The Oxygen Supply To The Fetus: The oxygen level in the body upsurges significantly due to repetitive inhalation and exhalation, offering more oxygen as well as blood to the fetus.
  2. Prepares The Body For Pregnancy Changes: Surya Namaskar is a collection of asanas and the body needs to be well-coordinated to get used to all sorts of internal as well as external changes that take place during the pregnancy phase.
  3. Prepares The Mind To Adjust To Pregnancy Changes: Surya Namaskar helps to calm down the mind greatly, helping it for accepting all types of changes in a better manner as some women get irritated with the physical changes that take place in the body.
  4. Helps In Facing All Types Of Mood Swings: Mood swings are common during the pregnancy phase which is the result of increasing hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy and Surya Namaskar helps to ease off the mood swings, making one happy and peaceful.
  5. Enhances The Energy Spurts: It is said that if Surya Namaskar is done early in the morning, it helps to spurt the energy levels for the entire day.
  6. Lessens The Labor Pain: It is believed that doing Surya Namaskar during the gestation period helps to reduce the labor pain at the time of delivery.
  7. It Helps In Having A Healthy Weight Gain: The women who practice SuryaNamaskar during pregnancy always stay fir and gain weight in a healthy manner.
  8. Helps In Lowering Down The Morning Sickness Level: The most common symptom during pregnancy is the morning sickness that happens in the first trimester and can be reduced greatly by doing Surya Namaskar.
  9. Helps To Relieve Back Pain And Leg Cramping: Surya Namaskar helps to offer flexibility to the spine, back, shoulder, legs, Overall helps to combat the back pain that is a commonplace complaint during the pregnancy.
  10. Helps In Gestational Diabetes And Hypertension: High blood pressure is another commonplace symptom and so is increased sugar levels in the body, and doing Surya Namaskar helps to keep both in control.

Is Surya Namaskar 100% Safe During Pregnancy?

The most beneficial and safe in pregnancy is Surya Namaskar. Yet, is the most susceptible stage for a woman and is not 100% safe doing it at this time. So it is better to keep practicing Surya Namaskar but at the same time, keeping the undermentioned points to get the maximum benefit from doing it.

Points that should keep in mind While doing the Surya Namaskar during pregnancy

1. Consult The Doctor Prior To Starting The Practice Of Surya Namaskar:

It is always advisable to consult with a doctor prior to continuing the Surya Namaskar during the pregnancy phase. There are times that even if one feels fit, there are situations that need less physical stress so the medical practitioner is the best bet to be referred to.

2. Never Do It In Case Of Complications During Pregnancy:

Surya Namaskar is a complete no for all the mothers who have been advised bed rest as the Avoid this practice if you have some complication in pregnancy: If you have any complications in your pregnancy avoid doing the Surya Namaskar as to stop the routine practice at once.

3. Stop Immediately, Even If You Feel Slight Discomfort:

The phase of pregnancy has to be dealt with utmost care and a simple mistake can worsen the condition of both the mother as well as the baby. Thus, in case of any discomfort, it is best to stop at that very moment.

4. Be Gentle And Calm:

Pregnancy is a time when one ought to be gentle with their movements without straining the back or the abdomen. Never forcefully to do the Surya Namaskar as done prior to the conception period. Always go slow and then increase gradually considering the comfort levels.

5. Take The Professional Guidance:

In case of trying Surya Namaskar as a beginner, it is best to do it under a professional instructor as it can have adverse effects if not done in the proper way.

6. Be Cautious While Doing The Seventh Step:

One should be cautious that no pressure should be put on the belly as it can cause discomfort which is not good for the baby and the mother-to-be.

7. Never Go Beyond The Limitations:

During the pregnancy, the energy levels are not as high as compared to other phases, thus once one starts to feel exhausted, it is best to step and not take the risk of over-stretching.

8. Never Omit Savasana:

Savasana is the last and final step after the completion of Surya Namaskar. It is thus best not to skip this step.

Surya Namaskar During The First Trimester

While performing Suryanamaskar during the first trimester of pregnancy, you

  • Should seek permission from your doctor
  • Should perform it in presence of a professional trainer.
  • Should not exert yourself too much
  • Should minimize the numbers of Surya Namaskar. Do it as far as you are 100% comfortable

Surya Namaskar During The Second Trimester

While performing Surya Namaskar during the second trimester of pregnancy, you

  • Can increase the number of surya namaskar as your pregnancy is more or less stable now. However, keep in mind that you cannot do is as much as during the prepregnancy time
  • Should ensure the room you perform this yoga is well ventilated
  • Sip some water during the breaks to avoid feeling dry.
  • Give enough space for your growing belly

Surya Namaskar During The Third Trimester

While performing Surya Namaskar during the third trimester of pregnancy, all the points that you should follow during the second trimester are relevant. Also,

  • If you feel pain or discomfort, immediately stop doing surya namaskar
  • As your pregnancy belly will be huge during this trimester, the balancing will not be easy. Therefore, be extra careful not to slip.
  • When you bend,  always bend the hips and not the back.
  • It is quite natural you cannot be able to keep your legs together because of your huge tummy. So the postures can deviate a little from the way you did it during pre-pregnancy.
  • In step seven of suryanamaskar, you have to rest on the belly. However, during the third trimester never attempt to rest on your tummy.  Instead, by using your hands and legs make certain that your tummy does not touch the floor. Also, never hold this position for too long.

Thus, practicing SuryaNamaskar definitely yields to fitness, but at the same time, needs a lot of care. Being mother is one of the most blessed and the most challenging job in the world and so it is important that it is done vigilantly to keep both the mother and the baby secure, healthy and happy.

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