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5 Ways To Keep Your Pre-schoolers Active

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The current era has got our kids associated with video games, television, iPods and play stations. With increasing advancement in technology, children are becoming more inclined towards electronics negating the fact that children should be active. This is the time when kids should be encouraged to be physically active with a view to ensure physical and mental development.
Keeping kids active

Why Is It Important That Kids Remain Active?

The natural instinct of most kids to run around and be active. However, owing to space and safety constraints, parents continue to detest their kids from moving around and are generally lured into watching TV or play a video game. Much as we may ignore, it is imperative that kids remain energetic and active through their childhood, and thus fit some activity into their everyday lives even when they grow up. Physically active kids tend to have more concentration and focus, and thus do well in academics as well. Active kids also develop strong muscles, sleep and digest better and are at a lesser risk of being obese or getting type 2 diabetes and even hypertension. Children have a lot to gain from being physically active, though parents now have to be innovative in ensuring that their kids are on the move.

5 Ways To Keep Your Pre-schoolers Active

Giving in to many constraints, kids of today do not have easy access to playgrounds and friends, like many of us did. However, parents can actually do a lot of activities at home that will ensure optimum physical development of the child. Choosing the right activity for your children, coupling it with fun elements and taking the ownership of raising physically active children will go a long way and your kids will always thank you for this.
Let us have a quick glance on the interesting ways to keep your kids active and growing:

    1. Get home a dog as pet: Many kids are quite fond of owning dog as a pet. The dog plays with the kid as much enthusiastically as the kid’s other playmates. Not every time the playmates can be around, but dog will surely be. Get your kids moving by encouraging them to take your dogs on a walk. Majority of people think that exercising with a dog is an excellent way to maintain activeness. Dogs are not only loyal but energetic and will certainly keep the dog walkers at higher levels of activeness. If your kids do not find routinely exercise program interesting, sticking to dog walk will be fun to him

Get a dog

    1. Let your kids explore: At this phase of their lives, kids are very aggressive and crave to learn and experience new things. Quest for things which interest your kids. Make him join some sports or take him on adventures. The more he explores, the more he will learn thus making him more spirited. As per the recent research and analysis, it has been observed that kids who prefer sticking to televisions or play stations, have sluggish concentration power and encounter inertia in comparison with the ones who are vivacious. Exploring and experiencing other things help your kids get accustomed to different real life situations and inculcate intellectualism in them
    2. Healthy snacks: Undoubtedly, healthy snacks keep you energetic and get going. Increasing the intake of foods enriched in proteins, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients help to improvise your kid’s memory and strengthen his bones and tissues. Active kids need right kinds of foods to boost their growth both physically and intellectually
    3. No easy access to television:
      Perhaps, it is difficult to follow but an important factor that can restrict your kid from watching television. It is rightly said that kids are very stubborn and contain big appetite of grabbing everything they can. Not having an easy access to television or iPod can lead them to various other productive activities like playing outdoor games, cycling, helping out mom with household chores etc.
    4. Be your kid’s role model: Kids have the tendency to get influenced by their parents, which is pretty natural. Why not spare some time out for exercising with your kids? If you will exercise, there is no way your kid can escape this situation. Seaming in your fitness regime will eventually enhance his health keeping habits. Your kid’s fitness is congruent to your behavior towards your fitness and health. Strategize an interesting exercise program for him that works out really well


Wake up your kids from stagnation and set them in motion by following the above mentioned ways. Spare some time from your busy schedules and lead your kids the path to progressiveness

How to Keep Kids Active During Holidays?

Holidays are a perfect excuse to deviate from the routines, and kids will behave no different. However, the below ways can help you and your family enjoy a holiday season with activity levels soaring –

  1. Plan a family vacation to an amusement park or take everyone trekking in the woods
  2. Involve everyone in a ‘clean the house program’ – in fact this serves dual purpose! You can even begin a ‘exercise together’ regime
  3. Gardening can also be a great outdoor hobby – if the season favors, hand the kids the shovels and allow them to nurture the plants – thus contributing to nature as well
  4. Engage your kids in some extra-curricular activities like dancing, judo, karate, singing, painting etc.
  5. Participate in community programs of your neighborhood – socialize and let kids play with other participants

With these tips, you will find that your child is less glued to TV screens and is learning more on the practical front. An active kid will always be an active adult, and thus contribute to the society. He will also not develop health problems like obesity and hypertension and will always be a confident person.

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Susila Raman

Oct 16, 2015

i like the way you have describe the little things so briefly.


Susila Raman

Oct 16, 2015

i like the way you have describe the little things so briefly.

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