Chamomile tea in pregnancy
The helpfulness of chamomile tea as an herbal remedy during menstrual cramps is well-known. Probably drawing from this habit, many women inquire whether they should continue the beverage even when they are pregnant. Besides, chamomile tea has often been dubbed as a highly refreshing tea, and the old wives all give it thumbs up owing to its herbal properties. On whether chamomile is safe for the body during pregnancy, the answer is both yes and no.

What is Chamomile Tea?

Essentially, chamomile tea is made up of flowers of a herb. Since it is made of flowers, it carries a beautiful fragrance which is refreshing and soft to the body and mind alike. This daisy-like herb has been known to have many health, cosmetic, and nutritional benefits, thus being a traditional medicine for insomnia, immunity, menstrual cramps etc among others.

Benefits Of Chamomile Tea During Pregnancy

In all these listed issues, doctors can provide you with pills. That is their job! However, nowadays many mothers do not prefer to take the chemicals in because they fear it can affect their baby’s health. While this is true to an extent, maybe you cannot really afford to withdraw totally from pills. You may not want to take the risk. Even then, you can always replace the pills for the following symptoms, at least in part, with an occasional sip at chamomile tea.

  1. Morning sickness: Freaky mornings are a common issue during the gestation period. However, not all mornings are the same! Some days you may feel like a free goddess! Other days, you may feel like a sad, depressed mortal. On the sad days, you can try half a cup of chamomile tea in the morning. It has a pleasant aroma that soothes your senses and rejuvenates your body internally. Of course, you can sip it on the happy days as well! Just keep it to an instinctive safe limit. Read more about morning sickness here
  2. Digestive Problems: From constipation, to gas and bloating, chamomile tea can also alleviate digestive problems
  3. Insomnia: Similarly, you can try an occasional small cup of the tea when you have trouble falling asleep. Pregnancy is a highly stressful time, and you may have problems switching off your brain. This relaxing tea can indeed help greatly to deal with sleeping problems and you can have a small cup just before bed-time. Just make sure you do not make a habit of it – else it will become the reason to keep you awake. Keep it rare to keep it special
  4. Strengthen Immune System: The tea can offer a good boast to the weakened immune system during pregnancy. If you suddenly have a runny nose and slight fever, a mild cup of the brew can be very helpful. However, if your runny nose is due to pollen allergy, it is best to avoid the tea. It does consist of pollens and they can aggravate your allergic response
  5. Getting rid of Caffeine: Especially during early pregnancy, it can be a good way to deal with your caffeine dependency. Having too much coffee when you are pregnant is not at all good. Replace caffeine with the non-caffeinated herbal tea for gentle detachment. Remember that your baby’s body cannot process the neurogenic caffeine molecules like you do. Coffee, smokes, and alcohol are best to avoid entirely during your period. If you cannot fully, limit them to the minimum for the sake of your baby’s health

Benefits of chamomile tea in pregnancy

Cautions To Be Exercised With Chamomile Tea When Pregnant

Just like anything in life, you must be balanced in your chamomile fascination during pregnancy. Drinking one to two cups occasionally is actually good and it can easen the nausea or discomfort of pregnancy.

  1. However, do remember that a beverage that can relax your uterine cramps is never good to drink in excess during pregnancy. Do not abuse the natural medicine. Even excess of herbal medicines can be harmful! In the saddest situations, the tea can actually trigger miscarriage and abortion
  2. Please remember that you do not have to depend on an herbal tea for easing the discomfort. In fact, the tea can also numb your senses to hide the signs of natural cramps. Missing these early symptoms may not be good news for the baby’s health

Little bit of tea is good; but, be careful to avoid stretching the comfort to an addictive level. Pain is very much a part of being a mother. Nature has made you that strong! Instead of suppressing the signs of pain, detect them, so that you can get the best timely treatments.

Side Effects Of Chamomile Tea During Pregnancy

Some cases of miscarriages have been linked with consumption of too much of chamomile tea. Since the tea serves as an abortifacient, causing contraction of the uterus when the delivery is due, unchecked amounts can cause the uterus to contract much early thus posing a risk of a miscarriage. Preterm labor and excessive uterine contractions can also be caused if chamomile tea’s intake is more than recommended. This ultimately could lead to a premature birth. Circulation problems in babies has also been linked to too much consumption of chamomile tea. Refrain from drinking chamomile tea in pregnancy if you have a history of hayfever or are allergic to pollen.
Chamomile tea

How Much Chamomile Tea Is Safe During Pregnancy?

Do not exceed 15g when you prepare your cup of chamomile. Making a strong brew actually defies the benefits of the herbal product. Always maintain limits and balances in anything you do, and you will be good enough. Buy the tea from a good brand that does not add too many supplements in the mix. You can always find a good brand after reading reviews.

Other Herbal Teas During Pregnancy

Besides chamomile, you can also some variety in your teas. Ginger tea is good to treat nausea, for example. As a general rule, you could consume branded herbal teas that are derived from fruits and herbs naturally. Green tea, however, does contain some caffeine, so should be limited. When it comes to other fruit and herbs herbal teas, you can try quite a variety of them. However, always make sure to listen to your body and refrain when you feel it is not the right choice. Read more about them here.

Unsafe Herbal Teas in Pregnancy

When pregnant, do make sure to avoid sage and parsley teas, which have been linked to causing miscarriages in pregnant women. Do not take any herbal tea on a regular basis, and if you have to, try rotating them. The best way would be to limit your intake and have herbal teas only when really required. Large amounts of Chamomile teas have been linked to circulatory problems in babies, so avoid it if you are allergic to any pollen.