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Benefits Of Eating Avocados During Pregnancy

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Feeling on top of the world that you are pregnant and slowly getting used to the little life growing inside you? Pregnancy is beyond doubt a lovely phase of life where everyone pampers you and makes you feel like a queen. However you need to take good care of your health and make sure you follow a healthy and nutritious diet in every sense of the word. Lots of fruits and veggies are a big yes during this period, but very often you become apprehensive about whether a particular fruit or vegetable is absolutely safe for you during at this time. One such fruit you may have a doubt about is avocado.
Avocado during pregnancy

  • What Are Avocados?
  • 12 Benefits Of Eating Avocados During Pregnancy

What Are Avocados?

Avocados, popularly known as butterfruit is a rich and luxurious fruit loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. They make a wonderful pick during your pregnancy period, and will help you gain the required calories during this phase, all thanks to the monounsaturated good fats that are loaded in it. It generally does not carry any smell and taste almost bland. It has also been found to help nausea and morning sickness.

12 Benefits Of Eating Avocados During Pregnancy

Described below are around twelve benefits of consuming avocados during your pregnancy period.

  1. Loaded with folic acid: It is a known fact that folic acid is extremely vital for the growth and development of your baby’s organs. Lack of required folic acid in your nutrition can cause deformity of the bones of your fetus. Just half a cup of avocado in raw form comprises of 59 mcg of folic acid. What more do you need to get your daily supplement of folic acid during this period?
  2. Averts anemia: Iron deficiency can trigger anemia in moms to be and this becomes quite serious if left ignored. Good news is that avocados or butterfruit as we call it is full of iron too that makes it absolutely healthy and necessary to eat during your pregnancy period
  3. Gives the much required boost to digestion: One of the most common issues which practically every mom to be experiences during their pregnancy period is stomach troubles. Constipation is one such issue which is extremely common till the end of your pregnancy. This lovely and exotic fruit has lots of fiber too, which is vital for proper digestion in your system. In short butter fruit is a good supplement for ensuring proper bowel movements
  4. Rich in vitamins: This lovely fruit is also loaded with all kinds of vitamins too. Name it and this fruit has it. Be it vitamin K, B6, B1, B2 and C or E, avocados are packed with all the above mentioned vitamins, which makes it absolutely necessary to add to your pregnancy diet as all these vitamins are extremely important for the life growing inside you
  5. Battles nausea: Another common symptom during pregnancy is morning sickness which can leave you quite exhausted during those first three months. Avocados that are rich in Vitamin C as mentioned above have been proven to be quite effective in combating that morning sickness in pregnant women
  6. Rich in calcium: Good news is that avocados are loaded with Calcium too. Your requirement for calcium goes up multi fold during your conception phase, which makes it a must to have a diet rich in calcium too. And a fair amount of the required calcium can be got by consuming avocados every dayAvocado in pregnancy
  7. Boosts development of the baby’s brain: Since a single cup of butterfruit comprises of 22 mg chlorine, this is ideal to provide the much required boost for the development of your baby’s brain and even nerve development
  8. Provides relief for leg cramps: Leg cramps are yet another common issue which most moms to be experience during their pregnancy. Avocados are an excellent remedy which you can try to get some relief from leg cramps
  9. Helps to maintain sugar and cholesterol levels: It has been proven that every day consumption of this lovely fruit will help to keep sugar and cholesterol levels within limits especially during your pregnancy
  10. Loaded with minerals too: An avocado also contains calcium, niacin, magnesium and phosphorus all of which are highly advantageous during your pregnancy period
  11. Helps in proper absorption of nutrients: Apart from being loaded with all kinds of minerals, butterfruit has also been found to be extremely helpful in helping your system to absorb all nutrients from other sources also
  12. Excellent source of fat: There is no doubt about the fact you need to put on those extra calories during pregnancy as this is vital for the life growing inside you. But it is important that you need to have good fat and not just junk food which problem could create problems later. Avocados are loaded with mono-unsaturated fats and calories that are actually very healthy for you and the little one

Just a single serving of butterfruit comprises of 177 calories. And to add them to your diet is also simple – eat them the way they are, make Guacamole, add them to salads or soups, make sandwiches or what not!
Aren’t all the above mentioned positive aspects more than enough to begin including avocados into your pregnancy diet today itself?

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