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50 Unique Baby Names For Girls Born In Autumn

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It is now a trend to name your baby according to the season they are born in. If your baby is due is autumn and you are hunting for a name that reflects and symbolizes the beautiful fall season, look no further.
We bring you an interesting list of baby girl names inspired by autumn season.
Autumn girls names

50 Unique Baby Names For Girls Born In Autumn

  1. Auburn: Red, orange and auburn are colors of fall and autumn. What better way to name your autumn girl after this vibrant hue of the season
  2. Diya: Since Autumn is also the Diwali season, name your baby girl Diya which means ‘A lamp’ that spreads light and happiness everywhere
  3. Carmine: This name is of Hebrew origin and it represents an orchard or a vineyard. It is also a name of the flower that blooms in the autumn season
  4. Archisha: Autumn is also the time for Hindu New Year. Name your girl Archisha which means ‘A ray of light’ which marks ‘new beginning’ in Sanskrit
  5. Autumn: The name Autumn is increasingly growing in popularity off late. It is short, crisp and perfect for baby girls born in this season
  6. Rajika: Another name reminiscent of Diwali time is Rajika. This name is of Hindu origin and it means a ‘Lamp’
  7. Nyssa: This name is of Hebrew origin and it represents ‘New beginning’; Perfect name for your Diwali child
  8. Leora: Another name that represents the festival of lights and is Leora. This name is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘Light’
  9. Laelia: Laelia is a flower that blooms in the autumn season. It can be a pretty name for girls of the autumn
  10. Hue: Hue is another name for colors. Autumn is a time for bold and deep colors. Let your girl’s name represent these hues
  11. Onella: This name is of Greek origin and it means ‘Light’ which signifies Diwali time
  12. Ash: This unisex name is of Hebrew origin and it signifies ‘Ash Tree’ of the autumn
  13. Viti: This Sanskrit word which means ‘Light’it is another name that represents the festival of lights which is Diwali
  14. Freesia: A pretty name for your even prettier daughter could be Freesia. Freesia is an autumnal flower
  15. Vartika: This Sanskrit origin name which means ‘Lamp’ also signifies Diwali
  16. Ivy: Ivy is yet another flower name for your lovely baby girl. This is again an autumnal flower
  17. Azure: This name belongs to many origins such as old French, Arabic and Latin. In old English this name means ‘Sky blue’. This name can be a contrast name for your autumn child
  18. Usra: This name is of Sanskrit origin and it means ‘First light’ or ‘First ray of the sun’ which signifies the Hindu New Year that falls in autumn season
  19. Amber: Another color that dominates the autumn season is the color amber. In old English it also means ‘Fierce’
  20. Laurel: Laurel Trees signify Autumn / Fall season. It can also be a perfect name for baby girls born in the same season
  21. Agniv: This name is of Sanskrit origin and it means ‘Bright as Light’; a good name for babies born during the Diwali season
  22. Azalea: Autumn is the time for rare yet beautiful flowers. One such flower of the autumn is Azalea which can be an interesting name for your baby girl
  23. Dahlia: Another flower that blooms in the fall is Dahlia. It is a common name for baby girls born in autumn
  24. Preshthi: This is a Hindu name and it means ‘Ray of light’ which signifies the Hindu New Year which falls in Autumn season
  25. Olive: Although olives are not associated with autumn season. Many baby girls born in autumn were named Olive in the past
  26. Crimson: Crimson is one of the prominent shades of the autumn season. It can be the perfect name for your pretty girl
  27. Aster: Aster is a flower that blooms in autumn. It is an interesting name choice for a girl
  28. Ember: Ember is another thing that represents Autumn season. It is also a common Old English name for girls
  29. Hri: Autumn is a holy season in India since many festivals such as Diwali, Dhanteras and Navratri are celebrated during this time of the year. Hri which means ‘Holy chant of hymns’ is the perfect name for girls born during this season
  30. Ruby: Ruby is synonymous with the color Red which in turn is synonymous with autumn. This can be a cute and catchy name for your girl
  31. Fern: Ferns are a common occurrence during autumn since they require shade and can’t grow in harsh sunlight. Also it is a cutesy name for your darling baby girl
  32. Sharanya: Autumn is also ‘Navratri’ season in India which is celebrated in honor of Goddess Durawho is called the Protector. The name Sharanya which means ‘Guarantor of refuge’ is homage to the Goddess
  33. Oriana: Autumns can be gloomy. What better way to name your baby autumn baby sunshine by naming her Oriana which means ‘Dawn’ in Latin
  34. Lavender: One of the most popular flower that blooms in fall is Lavender. It is also an interesting name for girls of this season
  35. Hazel: Hazel was a popular name for autumn girls in the 17th century. It is quite uncommon now yet it is still a pretty name
  36. Talia: In Hebrew Talia means ‘Morning dew’. It is an apt name for your autumnal child
  37. Angarika: This is a Sanskrit name and it means ‘Flame colored flower’ which signifies the season of autumn
  38. Nerine: One common British name for autumn babies is Nerine. It also refers to ‘Sea Nymph’ in Greek
  39. Ahilya: Diwali is the festival of Lord Rama. Hence it makes sense to name babies after mythological characters. Ahilya is one such name; she was a woman who was saved by Lord Rama
  40. Sharika: Sharika is a Sanskrit name. It is another name for ‘Goddess Durga’
  41. Quilo: Quilo is an interesting Roman name which means ‘North Wind’ which signifies the cold autumn weather
  42. Ashira: Yet another festival of autumn is ‘Dhanteras’ which signifies wealth and prosperity. Ashira is an Israeli name which means ‘Wealthy’
  43. Anila: Anila is a Sanskrit name which signifies ‘Wind’; which can be an appropriate name for autumn girl
  44. Kinari: LaxmiPujan marks the beginning of Diwali. Naming your baby after the ‘Goddess of wealth’ is quite auspicious
  45. Sreesha: Another name for Goddess Durga is Sreesha which literally means ‘Goddess of wealth’
  46. Camellia: Autumn is the time for some rare exotic flowers, one such flower is Camellia, also a nice name for autumnal girls
  47. Rose: Rose was a common name in the past decade but it has become quite rare off late. What better way to name your girl than to name it after the most beautiful autumn flower?
  48. Daria: This name is of Persian origin and it means ‘Wealthy’ which signifies the ‘Goddess of wealth’
  49. Juniper: Juniper trees are associated with autumn season. It is also an interesting choice of name for girls
  50. Scarlet: No other color signifies autumn like the color red. Scarlet is another name for this bright and vibrant hue

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