51 Baby Names Inspired By Fashion Designers

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Fashion has become an inseparable part of our lives. The new age woman doesn’t restrict her fashion sense to just clothes. She is bringing it into her routine and embracing this glorious form of art.
For all our would-be fashionistas mommies, here are 51 Baby Names Inspired By Fashion Designers
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51 Baby Names Inspired By Fashion Designers

  1. Coco:One of the most prominent names in the fashion industry for years has been Coco Chanel. The founder of the majestic Chanel Empire has a unique yet classy name
  2. Vera: Of Chinese descent Vera Wang is the Queen of wedding trousseau. This name is of Latin origin and it means ‘True’. It is also a common name in Russia and in Russian it means ‘Faith’
  3. Alexander: He was the chief designer at Givenchy and later founded the eccentric label of his own name:Alexander McQueen. This name is of Greek origin and it means ‘Defender of Mankind’
  4. Zac: Zac Posen is huge name in the international fashion arena. This name is of Hebrew origin and it is also one of the trendiest names for baby boys right now
  5. Dolce: Dolce of the Dolce and Gabbana fame is one cute name for a baby girl. This name is the variant of the name Dulce and it means ‘Sweet’
  6. Ralph: Known for his suave designs, designer Ralph Lauren is also blessed with a nice name. This name is short, sweet and catchy
  7. Raghavendra: Raghavendra Rathore is a prominent name in the Indian fashion industry. This name is of Hindi origin and it is one of the names of Lord Ram
  8. Chanel: Although a surname, the name Chanel has been in vogue for quite a name now, especially after Chanel Iman took the modelling industry by storm
  9. Carolina: Carolina Herrera is famous for dressing up, royalty like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. Carolina in a Latin name and it means ‘Strong’
  10. Masaba:Masaba shot to fame recently and is already an accomplished designer in India. Of Ugandan origin this name is unusual yet quirky, and refers to a whole race of people there
  11. Oscar: Oscar De La Renta is one of the oldest names in international fashion. It is a Gaelic name and it means ‘Friend’
  12. Victoria: This name is shared by two mega fashion brands one being the famous Victoria’s Secret and the other is the posh Victoria Beckham. This is a timelessly fashionable name for your baby girl
  13. Zuhair: Zuhair Murad is the new king of elegant evening gowns. His is an Islamic name and it means ‘Little flower’
  14. Celine: Celine is synonymous with exquisite leather hand bags. The name Celine is of French origin and it means ‘Sky or Heaven’
  15. Satya: Satya Paul is a well-known name in Indian fashion. The name Satya is of Sanskrit origin and it means ‘Truth’
  16. Nishka: Daughter of the famous Neeta Lulla, Nishka is a fashion designer herself. Nishka is a Sanskrit name which means ‘Honest’ and ‘Pure’
  17. Sabya / Sabyasachi – One of India’s biggest designers : Sabyasachi, more fondly known as Sabya has a Hindu name. Sabyasachi was another name of Lord Arjun
  18. Jason: Jason Wu is a Canadian designer known for his eccentric designs. He has a Greek name which means ‘To heal’
  19. Angel: Known for her elaborate wedding gowns Angel Sanchez is a famous Venezuelan designer. Her name is self-explanatory and perfect for your angelic baby girl
  20. Reem: Reem Acra is taking the fashion industry by storm lately. Her name is of Muslim origin and it means ‘Gazelle’
  21. Kylie: Of the Kardashian fame, Kylie Jenner has grown to become her own person and a talented fashion designer as well. She has a short yet catchy Australian name
  22. Kendal: Another Kardashian sister ruling the fashion industry is Kendal. She along with Kylie has started her own clothing line. Kendal means ‘River of the Kent’
  23. Kanye:The mega successful rapper is now fashion designer as well. His name is of Yoruba origin and it means ‘honor’
  24. Prabal: An Asian name that has made a mark in international fashion is Prabal Gurung. Prabal name is of Hindu origin and it means ‘Strong’
  25. Elie: Elie Saab needs no introduction. Though it may sound feminine Elie is,in fact, a masculine name which means ‘God is Great’ in Hebrew. Elie has grown increasingly popular as a female name as well
  26. Aki: Aki Narula has been in the Indian fashion industry for a decade now. Aki is a Japanese name and it means ‘Crystal Clear’
  27. Donna: Donna Karan, head honcho of the massive brand DKNY is major player in the business. Donna is an Italian name and it refers to a ‘Lady’
  28. Surily: Surily Goel has designed clothes for some of the biggest names in Bollywood. Surily is a Hindu name and it means ‘Musical’
  29. Christian:Christian is a very common name in the fashion industry. It is the name of some of the most successful designers such as Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix and Christian Louboutin. Christian means ‘Believer of Christ’
  30. Giorgio: Giorgio Armani is the created of huge fashion empire called Armani. Giorgio name is of Italian origin
  31. Wendell: Goan designer Wendell Rodriguez is known for his pristine resort wear. Wendell is a Teutonic name and it means ‘Wanderer’c
  32. Tory: Tory Burch is the most sought after designer for bags and shoes. Although Tory is an American designer her name is Scottish
  33. Stella: Daughter of former Beatles gang member Paul McCartney, Stella has made a huge mark for herself in the fashion business. Stella is a Latin name which means ‘Star’
  34. Suhani: Suhani Pettie is a famous jewelry designer of India. Suhani is a Hindu origin name and it means ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Pretty’
  35. Gaby: Gaby Aghion is the creator of the iconic Chloé fashion brand. Gaby is a French name. It is a shorter version of the name Gabrielle
  36. Viktor: Viktor of the Viktor and Rolf fame is a force to reckon with in the fashion industry
  37. Naeem: Naeem Khan has made India proud by leaving a mark internationally. Naeem is a Muslim origin name and it means ‘Comfort’
  38. Karl: Karl Lagerfeld has been instrumental in making Chanel the brand it is today. Karl is a Scandinavian name and it means ‘Man’
  39. Pierre: French designer Pierre Cardin is a famous name of the fashion industry. Pierre is a French variation of the name Peter; it means ‘Solid’
  40. Stefano: Stefano Gabbana is the co-founder of Dolce and Gabbana. Stefano is an Italian name and it refers to the one ‘Crowned with Laurels’
  41. Donatella: Donatella Versace is the Vice President of the magnanimous Versace brand. Hers is an Italian name which means ‘Beautiful Gift’
  42. Roberto: Roberto Cavalli is the mascot of the fashion industry. He is a powerhouse and supremely talented designer. His is a Portuguese name and it means ‘Bright’
  43. Nachiket: Nachiket is a well-known name in the Indian fashion circuit. His name if of Sanskrit origin and it is another name for ‘Fire’
  44. Calvin: After ruling the territory of men’s fashion, Calvin Klein is now a known brand for both men’ and women’s wear. This name is of French origin
  45. Renzo:Renzo Rosso is known as the ‘Jeans Genius’ of the fashion industry. This name is popular in both Spanish and Italian regions
  46. Pernia: Pernia Querishi’s label and pop up shop is famous among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. Although the origin of her name is unknown; Pernia means ‘Dream weaver’.
  47. Marc: Think classy bags, shoes and new age apparels and Marc Jacob immediately pops in our heads. His is a Latin name and it means ‘God of War’
  48. Betsey:Betsey Johnson’s design are grand and eccentric at the same time. Betsey is a Hebrew name and it means ‘Oath of God’
  49. Anamika: Anamika Khanna is the reason behind some of the most memorable looks on the red carpets. Her name is of Sanskrit origin and it has two meanings; one being ‘Little Sister’ and the other is ‘Nameless’
  50. Shane: Shane Peacock is the other half of the famous duo Falguni and Shane. Shane is a masculine Gaelic name and it means ‘God is gracious’
  51. Ranna: Ranna Gill has been in the Indian fashion industry for quite some time and has made a mark for herself. The name Ranna is common in two cultures. In Arabic it means ‘Eye-Catching’ and in Old English it means ‘Friend’

Hope 51 Baby Names Inspired By Fashion Designers is helpful. Spell a bit of ‘oomph’ and ‘aah’ in your baby names! More on baby names in our section here. Find out 50 Exquisite Summer Inspired Baby Names For Girls And Boys here.

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