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mango during pregnancy
Pregnancy is a lot about food and nutrition. Your taste buds are always craving the odd food, rendering you and your loved ones restless. The hunger pangs and cravings often raise the question of whether the food in demand is suitable for consumption during pregnancy. One such food item, the luscious, juicy, and extremely tasty, the king of fruits – MANGO is frequently demanded by expecting women. Some ladies crave the tangy and sour taste of unripe mangoes (kairi) paired with salt, whereas some for the flavorful and juicy ripe mangoes during pregnancy.

Mangoes are rich in nutrients and at the same time, it is rich in sugar also. Therefore, there are some factors you should consider before adding this fruit to your pregnancy diet. This article shed some light on how to buy mangoes and their health benefits during pregnancy.

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Mangoes During Pregnancy- Are They Safe?

Mango is usually a summer fruit and savored in various forms such as mango pickle, aam panna, mango pudding and simply raw too! Before you lay your hands on mangoes in pregnancy, you may have already been warned about the elders to refrain eating them or stick only to occasional intake. This is because our elders advise us that mangoes increase body heat, which may pose risk for the baby. Although there is no scientific evidence to this, mangoes should be relished in moderation during pregnancy due to following reasons:

1. Mangoes have High Calorific Value

Mangoes are rich in carbs and therefore may add unwanted weight to your already increased weight during pregnancy.

2. Steer Clear from Artificially Ripened Mangoes

Artificially ripened mangoes can cause side effects, hence you will need to be careful not to buy and consume them. The mangoes ripened using chemicals lose their nutritional benefits and may cause stomach upset, hives, mouth ulcers, dizziness and headaches.

3. Mango Allergy

The substances on the skin of mango and near its stalk may cause allergy when they come in contact with skin or is sucked upon.

4. High Sugar Content

The sweet, ripe mangoes can unbalance the sugar when consumed in large quantities, thus if you have gestational diabetes, you will have to avoid the fruit. Also, women with high blood pressure must be careful about consuming this sweet fruit.

Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes During Pregnancy

pregnant woman eating mango

Controlling the above factors, mangoes hold a plethora of nutritional benefits:

1. High Antioxidant Content

The high antioxidant content of mangoes help in increasing the immunity- which a pregnant woman needs a lot of to keep herself safe and away from infections.

2. Vitamin C and E

Mangoes also have ample quantities of vitamin C and E, which provide glow to the skin and have anti-aging effects. Keep the glow during your pregnancy and if you still face the dullness, here are some tips to help you look your best during these nine months. Beats the stress, yay!

3. Provides Iron

Mangoes are rich in iron and helps women combat pregnancy anemia, which is a very common problem during the gestation period.

4. High Mineral Content

Mango is a decent source of various minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. These minerals ensure healthy functioning of organs.

5. Fights Constipation

Mango is diuretic in nature and aids in digestion. The rich fiber content also helps in keeping the bowe movement healthy, fighting off the most common side effect of pregnancy- constipation.

6. Provides Energy

Get tired easily? Grab some of the yellow fruit and get instant energy. Mango is rich in carbohydrates and is great in preventing fatigue during pregnancy.

7. High in Beta Carotene

Keep your system clean by eating a few slices of the king of the fruits. Mango flushes out the toxins from the body, fights bacteria and boosts immunity.

8. Cures Acne

Mangoes help in improving skin texture and can also be applied externally to fight acne.

9. Improves Brain Health

Vitamin B6 found in mangoes improves nerve functioning.

10. Healthy Development of Baby

Mangoes are also beneficial to the growing baby. Being rich in many vitamins and minerals, the consumption of mangoes during pregnancy helps in the growth of the baby during pregnancy. Keeps eyes and nervous system healthy!

11. Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Instead of grabbing a bucket of ice cream or a big piece of cake, go for a few slices of mangoes to crave that sweet tooth of yours.

12. Can Help in Weight Gain

Incase you are not gaining enough weight, do have mangoes regularly and mind you – you will put on those pounds quickly!

Considering the above facts, mango is largely SAFE for consumption during pregnancy.

Ripe or Unripe Mangoes During Pregnancy

ripe or unripe mango

Both are safe for consumption during pregnancy. The ripe mangoes contain natural sugars – a great alternative to high-calorie desserts containing artificial sweeteners. It aids in digestion, stimulates appetite, and improves complexion.

The unripe mangoes are high in vitamins and help those struggling with morning sickness. They fight against acidity and cure constipation. Mangoes also increase the immunity of the body with high antioxidants and Vitamin C and keep the liver healthy and fight infections.

Mangoes in Late Pregnancy

Unless advised by your obstetrician or allergy, you may continue to savor mangoes during your last trimester. However, at this stage, everything should be exercised with caution. Limit your mango intake as it may cause gestational diabetes. Make sure you wash the mango skin thoroughly to avoid any resin-related allergy.

It’s best to dice the mangoes and enjoy a bowlful! You must be careful about mango consumption during pregnancy if there is a history of mango aversion during pregnancy in the family. To relish mangoes, it’s best to go slow on them and pay heed to your body. If you feel warm or notice hives or other forms of irritation, it’s a sign to ease on the mango!

Unripe Mangoes in Pregnancy

Our elders have always advised against consuming unripe mangoes during the last few months of pregnancy. This includes mango achaar, aam panna, and raw unripe mangoes. They consider that these may cause miscarriage.

Too many unripe mangoes during the last trimester may cause bleeding as it is considered a warm fruit. However, you must discuss this with the doctor first, and as long as he does not ask you not to eat unripe mangoes, you should be good to go.

Buying Mangoes During Pregnancy

pregnant woman buying mango

When you go out to buy mangoes for consumption during pregnancy, you need to be somewhat careful. Opt for them only during their season as the chances of you buying the ones that have been artificially ripened are less.

The artificially ripened mangoes can trigger undesirable effects on the mother and the baby. Although calcium carbide, the chemical agent used to artificially ripen mangoes contains traces of phosphorus and arsenic and has been banned by the Indian Foods and Safety Standards Act.

How Can I Know if Mangoes Have Been Artificially Ripened?

Some signs that can help you figure out if mangoes have been artificially ripened are:

  • Look ripe, but when you cut is hard and unripe.
  • Are generally tasteless.
  • Have a garlicky odor.
  • Look blackish or greyish.

Before you consume mangoes, make sure that you wash them and peel the skin off. Also, try buying unripe mangoes which can easily ripen at home and would hence be free from chemical agents used for ripening mangoes. Avoid eating mangoes from roadside vendors, who offer them cut and seasoned.

Overall, mangoes are safe for pregnant women. Unripe mangoes may naturally help you ward away the morning sickness whereas the ripe mangoes will provide you with lassi and smoothies containing all the natural goodness!


1. Will Mangoes Cause Preterm Labor?

No, they won’t. Eating too many artificially ripened mangoes can increase body heat. Eating organic mangoes in moderation is completely safe.

2. Can Mangoes Cause Birth Defects in Babies?

No, they cannot. Limit your intake. Opt for organic varieties to avoid pesticides and other chemicals.

3. Can Raw Mangoes Help With Morning Sickness?

Yes, they do. Many women prefer sourness. However, do not overconsume.

4. Will Mangoes Make me Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

Yes, they can. They are high in calories. This along with pregnancy hormones can cause weight gain.

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