Adopting a Special Child – Mental, Financial and Social Challenges

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Adoption in itself is a challenging decision for both the adoptive parents as well as the child to be adopted, especially if you belong to a conservative family. There are hundreds of children out there who are waiting for the day they will get a new home. Out of those hundreds and thousands of children, some babies are special because of their special needs mentally, physically as well as behaviourally. Very few couples are there who look forward to adopting a child with special needs. Are you among those very few? If so, then you have taken a wonderful decision indeed. However, before getting started with the procedure of adoption, take time and educate yourself.

Mental /Emotional ChallengesAdoting a Special Child

Upbringing a special child can be quite challenging for you as well as other members of your family. So, first of all you have to find out if you are mentally prepared to accept this challenge or not. Unlike, nurturing a normal child, you might have to come across a number of hurdles as children with special needs want more attention, love and care. Will you be able to provide him or her with sufficient time?

Yes, time plays a very, very important role here. When it comes to normal children, some toys and your love is enough to keep them happy, whereas in case of special children, they need more of your time and love. If you are working parents, then it might be a difficult task for you. Ask yourself – will you be able to manage both your professional and personal lives? If you can make sure that you can manage both, then you can go for the same.

Financial Challenges

There is no denying fact that you need to be financially sound for adopting and upbringing a child. However, your needs tend to increase if the child you adopted is a special one. Issues with special children vary from one another. For some the conditions are minor and can be cured overtime, whereas for some babies, you might have to go for major treatments, like surgeries and intervention treatments. Will you be able to afford the expenses? If yes, then it’s well and good. If not, then you should give it a second thought.

As far as adopting a special child is concerned, schooling plays an important role. Needless to say, you cannot enrol your special child to a mainstream school. For his or her you will have to find a good school for special children.

Social Challenges

Apart from treatments, schooling and financial expenses, you as well as the child might have to face many social challenges. Will you be able to face them? Will you be able to safeguard your little angel from all possible odds that life and society will throw at him or her? If your answer is positive, then you are ready for the special adoption.

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