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Are Amber Teething Necklaces Safe?

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A child growing up can be both an enjoyable and a nerve wrecking experience for some parents. The whole process of an infant growing up into a toddler and blossoming into an adult through the years is astounding yet so fast that many parents face the challenge of keeping up with the milestones the kids hit. Many of these milestones are a learning opportunity for both the child and parent. One of such milestones is teething.
Baby chewing amber necklace

Teething – The Uncomfortable Milestone

Teething unlike other milestones, can be painful or atleast uncomfortable for a child. The journey is just not the same for all kids; some have it rough while for some it’s cake walk! But the most important aspect here is, how the parents can help it in becoming a smooth, easy and enjoyable experience for the child. Many parents even get paranoid thinking about the pain their little bundle of cuteness might have to adhere to, which often leads them into trying various options or alternatives to help their kids out.
One such option to ease out the discomforts of teething is Amber Teething Necklace. Well if you’re hearing this term for the first time, you’d be wondering: What are these necklaces? How do they work? How are they supposed to be used? Are they baby-safe?
Well, don’t worry; we’ve got your queries covered. Here’s all you would want to know about amber teething necklaces:

What Are Amber Teething Necklaces?

So basically, amber teething necklace is nothing but a necklace that is constructed out of Baltic Amber beads. It is believed that wearing amber teething necklaces will soothe babies experiencing teething issues like pain, uneasiness or o ther associated symptoms. The general belief and theory is that when such a necklace is placed on a baby’s neck, the heat from his/her body initiates the release of small quantities of natural body oils that contain succinic acid. This acid is believed to be a naturally-occurring substance in the body. On absorption, it acts as an analgesic for the swollen gums that often lead to pain and irritation.

When Can Amber Teething Necklaces Be Used?

Honestly, there is no so thing as perfect age for wearing this necklace. For some babies, teething can start as early as 6-8 months, whereas other may not show their pearly whites up until 15-18 months. As long as your baby is showing signs of teething (like swollen gums, excess salivation, temptation to chew things etc.), you have a green signal for these necklaces. Here is a little piece on how teething happens in babies. Adults have shown signs of improvement in terms of pain relief when it comes to head, throat or neck pain and even congestion. Hence, no age bar!

How Long Can Amber Necklaces Be Used?

Well, it has been revealed that amber stays good to use up until 2 years from start of usage, depending on the degree of use. Some people say that it can fade a little while others say it gets brittle with time because of daily wear and tear due to soap and water. So two years is roughly the life span of these believed-to-be-miracle necklaces.

How To Take Care Of Your Amber Necklaces?

To clean your amber necklace, you simply need to rinse the amber in clean water. Just dip the necklace into a bowl of clean water and move it around to remove any excess soap deposits. After removing from water, dry it immediately using a soft cloth. Any soft cloth, like flannel, muslin or microfiber should do. It’s that simple, really!
Amber teething necklace

Are Amber Teething Necklaces Safe For The Baby?

Is there ever anything completely safe for kids? Parents often feel insecure about the safety of their kids as there is nothing they can rely onto 100%. And that is actually the truth. Though these teething necklaces are made naturally and are indeed, drug free, yet there is no medical evidence to suggest that the succinic acid actually relieves pain. You can use other alternative home remedies to ease out your child’s distress due to teething.
There are a few countries where the sale and usage of amber teething necklaces have been banned, owing to the risks and dangers these necklaces pose for infants.

What Can Be The Risks Of Using Amber Teething Necklaces?

Even though amber teething necklaces are quite popular and used increasingly, there are definitely loads of things you would want to take care of before you place these beautiful looking beads onto your little one’s neck. Few risks:

  1. Choking hazard: though your child won’t necessarily chew on them (it’s nearly impossible to take it off and start chewing), there are chances your little bud could break it through force and pick up loose beads. So, never ever leave the necklace in the open space where your baby can reach
  2. Strangulation risk: Now this is actually possible if your child tries to pull it apart or if it gets stuck onto something. It’s never completely safe to put anything around that soft, delicate neck, right? Hence, stay distant from any such situation

You should note that most pediatricians do not recommend any form of jewelry for infants at all. This is highly because of the fear of the above mentioned risks. For those of you who would want alternatives to these necklaces, you could try some age old techniques to soothe your little ones like offering chewable treats & toys, massage for gums, cold food items like ice creams or milk. In the end, there’s always a medicine for everything, so go ahead and ask the pediatrician for help!
Here’s hoping that your parental instinct blended with our inputs would bring a joyful smile onto your baby’s face (full of pearly whites)!

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