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Does Teething Cause Sleep Disturbance In Babies?

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Being a parent is never easy. The schedules for eating and sleeping for a baby keeps changing frequently depending on the growth and milestones reached. Just when you get accustomed to a certain pattern and feel elevated, a new development disrupts it all and once again you find yourself making more adjustments. Well, this is not to overwhelm a new mom. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Everyone gets through it and your baby and you are no exception. And in hindsight you will be amazed at how it was all a breeze.
Baby teething
Among various developments that can affect your baby’s sleep, teething is one. It all depends on how your baby takes to it. Some babies move through this phase easily without much fuss, while others face a lot of discomfort. And more the discomfort, lesser the sleep.

Do Babies Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night When Teething?

It is possible that teething is waking your baby in the middle of the night, causing irritation and even affecting her appetite. Babies usually begin the teething process by the time they reach the 4th month till the time they turn 2. Given that teething continues will till 2 to 21/2 years, you need to devise a plan because you cannot let your baby be sleep deprived for such a long time. So, watch out for disturbed sleep patterns during this time so you can help soothe the irritable gums and get your little one to sleep comfortably. While teething might be a cause we must also keep in mind that this is also the time when your little one learns new skills, like sitting and rolling over. So, it is also possible that she is practicing them and is quite excited to get back to try them again. If disturbed sleep is accompanied by fever or other signs, you must consult the doctor immediately. Sometimes ear infecti ons could be keeping her awake and irritated.
For the signs and symptoms of teething, refer Baby Teething- Symptoms and Solutions.

How To Get A Teething Baby To Sleep?

How do you really ascertain that it is teething that is the real devil coming in the way of your baby’s otherwise undisturbed sleep? Here are some symptoms to watch out for:

  1. Swollen/red gums
  2. Drooling excessively
  3. Going off food, refusing to eat
  4. Restlessness and irritability especially at night
  5. Biting and chewing on everything

Some commonly asked questions on teething , refer here.
Sleepless baby

How To Soothe A Teething Baby?

Here’s what you can do to help soothe your little one in pain and discomfort:

  1. Try teething objects: There are zillions of teething toys available that you can buy and freeze. You can them give it to your baby to chew so that the frozen toys numb the gums and ease the pain. If your child is older you can give chilled plain yoghurt. Sometimes even rubbing your clean finger over the gums might alleviate pain and soothe the baby
  2. Provide comfort without changing established routine: Of course a fussy sleeper needs to be comforted, but that does not mean that you will make the baby sleep with you if she is already used to the crib. Try not to break set routine but at the same time soothe and console as much and as often as required
  3. Feed soft foods: Make sure you feed your baby with mashed foods, pasta and baby formula during this time. Hard foods are best avoided for dinner; it may give temporary relief but may cause irritation later
  4. Create a calm environment at home: Around bedtime, make sure the home is quite and comfortable to help your baby drift off to sleep easily. It is important that the baby stays calm so that going off to sleep is easy
  5. For medications, consult your pediatrician: In case you wish to opt for painkillers and gels, it is best to consult your pediatrician for help

One important point to note here is babies get all the vibes. When you get tense or upset, your baby can sense that too and she can become more fussy and anxious. Here are some natural remedies to soothe teething babies.

Do Teething Babies Sleep A Lot?

While most parents have indicated that a budding tooth disrupts sleep, it is also possible that some children might sleep more during this phase. This so happens because sometimes teething works like a nasty cold, making your baby sleep more. Moreover, some babies tend to run mild fevers which can make the baby feel lousy and make her sleep more than usual. Some babies also fall sick during the time – like an infection from putting everything in the mouth. Sometimes, a growth spurt accompanies a teething pattern, and this again will cause the baby to take more naps. However, if the symptoms get worse or your baby sleeps excessively, contact your pediatrician.

Do All Babies Follow The Same Teething Pattern?

Most babies follow a certain teething pattern, but not necessarily all of them need to. Actually, the teeth are present in the gums but they need to make their way out, which can be quite unpleasant for most of them. Some escape the ordeal while others might not be so lucky. In fact, for some the symptoms may change from one new tooth to the next.
Babies undergo lots of changes during their first year and teething is just one of them. It’s normal to feel anxious when your baby feels uncomfortable and the baby is neither eating well nor sleeping normally. But remember, like all other phases, this too shall pass and the worst part is about 3-4 days before a tooth appears upto about 3 days after it has popped out. And when you see the shiny, pearly white toothy smile, all your worries will simply vanish!!

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