Anxiety While Pregnant – Tips on Dealing With Pregnancy Fears

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Anxiety while pregnant is common and normal because both pregnancy and the birth of a newborn are significant events that impact life changes. The reasons for anxiety during pregnancy are different: some women worry about the fact of pregnancy, for example, if the pregnancy was unplanned. The others are frightened by their health condition (especially if the pregnancy is not very easy) and their changing body. Still, others wonder if they will be able to properly take care of a newborn, how their relationship with their husband will change, or how their older brothers and sisters will accept the child. Keeping that in mind, we will find out tips and tricks on how to deal with pregnancy fears.

Knowledge is a key

Be interested in the changes related to your body, and the course of childbirth, and search for advice on how to raise a child. Read books, and articles, watch shows, and attend lectures, and classes.  Many pregnant women feel better and calmer after gaining more knowledge. You can use a due date calculator to know when your baby might arrive in this world.

Seek support

Talk to your husband, family members, and friends. Talk openly about expected changes in family life: who, how, and when will take care of the little one, when your return to work is planned; how household chores will be shared, etc.

Trust your doctor

Visit your doctor regularly and don’t be afraid to ask questions that worry you. The patient must not be afraid to ask questions. If you feel that you will not be able to establish a sincere relationship with one specialist, it is necessary to find another.


Do your favorite activities: read books, take photos, cook, or do anything that helps you forget and divert your mind. Pregnancy is a good time to engage in activities that you simply did not have time for before.

Rest and a healthy diet

It is very important to find time to rest – just to get a good night’s sleep. It is also advisable to eat healthily, to have your favorite activity, or hobby, and not to forget walks, trips, and entertainment. People who are restless and do not enjoy their free time are more prone to stress.


Exercise – long walks, and yoga for pregnant women not only strengthen the body but also reduces anxiety. Regular physical activity both improves mood and reduces anxiety and stress. Whenever we are stressed, our body prepares to attack or run, or fight, therefore our heart beats faster, we sweat, and blood flows to the muscles and they are ready for work. If you walk, do yoga, or cycle for at least half an hour, it’s very likely that this will be enough to make you feel better and even sleep better.

Enjoy massage

Spend some money on a pregnancy massage or ask your husband to give you a back massage. Massage for pregnant women is much gentler and deep tissue massage is not recommended. The most popular massages for pregnant women are relaxing, Thai, therapeutic and lymphatic massages. If you decide that you still need a more intensive massage, talk to your doctor.

Believe in yourself 

Every woman has expectations and visions about the moment of childbirth, so she chooses to give birth where it seems safe, and where she wants to be trusted by people who understand her expectations. Keep reminding yourself that women have been giving birth to babies for millions of years and your body knows what to do.


Most of the time, the problems that surround pregnant women in life are basically very similar to others: the issue of relationship strength, financial problems, health problems, and so on. Only attitudes differ. Although it is perfectly natural to have worries, having the same worry for a long time is harmful and unpleasant. Long-term stress is harmful to all people, but especially to pregnant women because it passes on to the baby.

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