Your baby could have a thick foliage over their head or just a few straggly strands of hair – both of which evoke only and always deep love for your little angel! If your baby has voluminous hair, you worry about their upkeep and care. If your baby has just a few strands of hair, you worry about their hair growth – nice and fast. You then look for some recommendations for baby hair growth and receive advice – advice that comes from all quarters – some solicited, and most of it, unsolicited.

Time to shrug off your worries. Time to take a look at some simple baby hair growth tips.


8 Tips to make your baby’s hair grow faster:

  1. Use baby shampoo:

    Apply two drops of gentle and tear-free baby shampoo on your baby’s scalp and rub it with some warm water. Applying shampoo cleans the scalp off dirt and also rids it of excess oil. Wash the head and dry it with a gentle skin-friendly baby towel. Some baby shampoos comprise organic oils and fragrances such as lavender and chamomile which have a calming effect on babies.

  2. Put on the cradle cap:

    Sleeping on the back of the head during infancy leads to a small bald patch in that specific area. This has been observed by several mothers whose children sleep on the back of their heads – either on the bed or in the cradle. The solution to this problem is simple – put on the cradle cap and move your baby from one side to the other at least once during the night.

  3. Oil your baby’s hair regularly:

    Sometimes, if your baby’s scalp is dry, it itches and leads to hair fall. In this case, give our baby gentle and regular head massages with baby oils. There are several baby oils which contain gooseberry or almond extracts which help nourish the scalp and increase hair growth. Also, adding a few drops of castor oil to your baby’s hair oil can further increase hair growth.

  4. Use a homemade conditioner:

    You can prepare some unique and child-safe hair conditioners to improve your baby’s hair growth. One simple homemade conditioner could be a mixture of pure honey and virgin olive oil. Some other gentle homemade concoctions could be ripe banana, virgin olive oil and Greek yogurt, or avocado, coconut milk and honey. These pastes can be applied on your baby’s hair or scalp, allowed to sit for ten minutes and then washed off.

  5. Apply aloe vera juice on your baby’s hair:

    We know that aloe vera works wonders for the skin. Guess what, aloe vera works wonders for your hair as well. Apply some aloe vera juice on your baby’s head and massage well. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of aloe vera juice to the shampoo or conditioner to improve your little one’s hair growth!

  6. Give your baby occasional haircuts:

    Trimming your hair often and giving them, a good hair cut once in a while keeps them healthy and clean. Similarly giving your baby, those occasional haircuts must be embedded into their haircare protocol. When to trim and what length should you desire are left to each parent’s discretion. Also styling them further is completely up to you!

  7. Detangle your baby’s curls:

    You can detangle your baby’s curls using a light shampoo followed by a conditioner or hair serum. Child-friendly hair conditioners and serums are now available in the market. In fact, there are some good combinations of baby shampoo and condition which you can try with the permission of your doctor.

  8. Use a soft brush on your baby’s hair and scalp:

    Using a soft brush will allow the hair follicles to be stimulated and stroked. This will result in improved hair growth – both in terms of length and texture.

Some other things that you can try to help improve your baby’s hair growth are tying or braiding their hair- depending on the existing length, feeding them yogurts – a good source of calcium, and keeping them well-hydrated by feeding them water and other liquids often.

All of the above tips when combined with the right diet and necessary diet changes show positive results soon enough. Ensure that your baby’s diet is rich in proteins and Vitamin D – both vital elements required for healthy and strong hair.