Babies are exciting little bundles that spread joy and happiness to parents and complete the family. It is just so astounding to watch babies grow up little by little, and suddenly one day the newborns are a year old. Babies hit new milestones such as rolling, sitting, walking every month and this give new parents immense joy. If you are a happy parent of a newborn, you must feel thrilled at every new thing your baby does. Today we will discuss the developmental milestone of a four month old, its weight, and common activities of this age.

4 months old baby activities

A four-month old baby is supposed to develop specific physical as well as intellectual mileposts as it is growing at a very fast pace. Let us discuss some of them as below:

Baby Milestones 4 Months



  • The weight should be twice more than the original birth weight.
  • The head should be firm while they are sitting.
  • Should be able to sit up straight with support.
  • When on the tummy, they should be able to look with head raised.
  • Can play with a rattle, hold it by using both hands.
  • Starts putting the objects in the mouth.
  • Sleeping peacefully through the night as well and taking 2 naps during daytime.





  • Will be able to see things which are closer.
  • Better coordination of hands and eyes
  • Can coo and laugh loudly
  • Can indicate that she is hungry when sees a bottle in case the baby is bottle-fed.
  • Can identify the voice or the sense of touch of her parents and caregivers.



4 months old baby weight in kg

The growth and the development of the baby becomes of, paramount importance for the parents. In Indian society, many judge the mothers by how the baby looks physically, thus a chubby baby is generally considered healthy than an active or a thinner one. However, as per the medical practitioners the weight of the baby is just not dependent on the intake of the food but even on genetics and their body metabolism As per the growth charts set by WHO the weight of a 4 month old- baby boy should be around 5.6-8.6 kgs whereas a girl of four months should be near to 5.1-8.1 kgs. This growth indicator helps the doctors to gauge the growth and development of the baby.

4 month old baby food

Baby Milestones 4 Months

As per World Health Organisation’s recommendation, solids should not be started until the infant reaches the age of 6 months. However, many medical practitioners give a go -ahead to the parents to start solids for babies around 4 months as well.

In case a parent has been advised to give solids by a doctor, the ones mentioned below should be given only:



  • The best cereal and one which has the least allergic reactions are made from rice and oatmeal.




  • Raw fruits should only be served once the child is 8 months however soft fruits can be given even before this time in case the fruit pulp is soft and also keep in mind if the baby is able to digest it.




  • One should never substitute breast milk or top feed till the baby is a year old as it leads to severe health issues.
  • If solids are started for the baby at the age of 4 months it is important to focus on what the baby eats and remember that she will only take a bite size portion and not the whole food.

Thus, we can say that a 4 month old baby grows at a steadfast pace, however, the look of the baby should not be a parameter to judge the mother as all mothers leave no stone unturned to make sure that her little one is happy and healthy. As long as the baby is developing well and is active, weight gain should not be given too much of importance. It should be understood that an active baby has a healthy brain.