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Balance Beam For Kids

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Kids love to play and try out new tricks. They are very active and love to keep trying new stunts and activities. An upcoming sport popular between kids is gymnastics. This sport teaches them new techniques and offers flexibility and co-ordination as well. One very common tool used in gymnastics is Balance Beam For kids that offers the kid confidence.


balance beam

What Is A Balance Beam?

A kid’s balance beam is a narrow one, which helps in balancing in gymnastics. It is wood-based and is about four feet above the ground, supported horizontally.

How Do You Make A Balance Beam?

Making a kid’s balance beam is not a difficult task, and any novice can make one.

Following are the materials required:

  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood Glue
  • Foam Padding
  • Two electrified angles
  • Six Pine boards of 8 foot and one by six-inch
  • Four 12 inches of 2by 4 inches wood.

Steps To Make Balance Beam

1. It is important to attach the pieces that are 8 feet and one by six.

2. After this, the electrified angles can be fixed under the beam.

3. Then place the four inches longer two by one on the base of the leg.

4. Cut foam strips and cover the top bar with the help of glue and let it dry.

How Much Does A Balance Beam Cost?

The balance beam is available in many types, and so the range varies as well. The price ranges from INR 7000- INR 40000.

What Is A Balance Beam Covered With?

The balance beam has a covering of foam or material like leather, which is about 4 inches in width.

What Are The Factors Taken Into Consideration While Buying A Balance Beam?

To buy a balance beam, one needs to keep in mind the adequate height of the kid, along with many other factors. Some are:

1. Height Of The Child:

It is significant to keep the height of the beam in mind. In case the child’s preference is a lightweight beam, then it is ideal for getting a foam balance. It has more width for extra support. Else one should opt for wood as it gives better support and has durability. It is important to make sure the surface of the beam and its height is in proportional to each other.

2. Fitness Level: Fitness is an important factor for keeping in mind how to fit the child is. If the child is not too strong, then it is better to select beams that offer proper balance and comfort. Encourage more advanced moves like leaps, cartwheels, back bending or jumping, etc.

The beams help in reducing the number of accidents. Apart from the regular beams, there are mini beams and the road beams, which are favorable for kids.

Top 10 Best Gymnastics Balance Beam

The balance beam for kids are easy to build and can be set up at homes allowing the child to explore the most at his comfort. The material used in making the beams are comfortable and durable.

When buying the top gymnastics balance beam for kids, a child’s safety should be the priority. Some top balance beams with features for toddlers and kids are as below with their features:

1. Giantex 8FT Folding Floor Beam

Key features

  • It is durable and strong as made with wood
  • One can detach the legs, and rubber caps are there for increasing stability.
  • As it is wood-based, it enhances the life of the beam.

2. Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam – 8 Ft Folding Wood Low Floor Beam

Key features

  • This design is foldable and has hinges, which makes it easy to store.
  • It is lesser prone to accidents as it is wood-based and is more durable.
  • Due to hinges, the floor remains safe from any dents or scratches.

3. 9ft Folding Medium-Density Foam Floor Balance Beam for Gymnastic and Tumbling – Purple

Key features

  • It is about 9 feet and makes all stunts possible.
  • This product has no sliding problems as it has vinyl.
  • It is easy to store this.

4. Springee 10ft Balance Beam – Extra Firm

Key features

  • This balance beam is additionally firm and likes the regular beam.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • After folding, it is 4’9’’ and easy to store.

5. 8FT Long Gymnastics Balance Beam with carrying Bag

Key features

  • It is easy to store this beam after folding. It is 4′ only.
  • This product is portable and durable as well.
  • It is not a soft beam, so it prevents the twisting of ankles while practicing.

6. The Beam Store Tan Suede Gymnastics Beam (8-Feet) Made In The USA

Key features

  • This balance beam can take the weight to 250 lbs.
  • The suede used is of a high grade.
  • It has a padded top that offers more fun to the kids.

7. Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Gymnastics Training Floor Balance Beam

Key features

  • It has Velcro on either side, which helps to affix the beam and even increase its length.
  • This product is portable as it weighs 4 lbs only.

8. Z-Athletic Gymnastics Folding Training Low Beam for Gymnastics, Tumbling (8ft, Pink)

Key features

  • Its outer covering is of synthetic suede.
  • This balance beam is lightweight and portable.

9. Joom Beem 8FT Suede

Key features

  • Hinges make it easy to fold.
  • The legs are detachable and comes with rubber caps that fixes the beam in one position.
  • It is more durable as the steel bars have a coating of black oxide.

10. Juperbsky Gymnastics Half Folding Foam Practice Balance Beam

Key features

  • Velcro fastener help to increase its area by attaching to more and more balance beams.
  • The outer layer is suede, which is more stable and durable.

Thus, one should inspire the kids if they wish to learn to balance on beams. For that, it is integral to buy beams offering comfort, durability, and easy access always.

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