Feet Swelling During Pregnancy

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The memorable pregnancy journey cherishes your entire life—an enticing journey of pleasures and problems for every woman. Among the myriad of problems, Feet Swelling During Pregnancy is a common concern for every pregnant lady.


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Don’t panic if your feet or ankles or swollen, you are not single in this tremendous world. Go and enjoy a tour of new footwear shopping. Before that, let us understand why your feet get swollen. Try practicing the simple home remedies to bring a lot of ease.

Swollen ankles or feet bother if your job persists in sitting for longer intervals. Wearing uncomfortable shoes also triggers Swelling.

What Is Edema During Pregnancy?

Edema is swelling of feet and ankles during pregnancy after 22 weeks. It can happen in the face and hands as well. This swelling changes with the weather and even by the time. It increases in the evening. For many women, this problem persists until delivery.

What Are The Symptoms Of Edema During Pregnancy?

Swelling is the most prevailing concern for every pregnant woman.

  • Your ankle gets swelling while you are sitting for long durations. Swelling happens in the morning. So, consult your doctor if the Swelling doesn’t reduce with rest.
  • The intensity of swelling increases with every passing day. Get your doctors to an opinion even on this.
  • Usually, face and hands don’t get swollen. But you can’t rule out this possibility either. Don’t take a nap immediately after eating.
  • If your blood pressure is high, the Swelling of feet is joint.

Swelling should not be more for a leg. Don’t precisely measure it. But if you feel it is a problem, consult a doctor. This medical condition is deep vein thrombosis.

What Causes Feet Swelling During Pregnancy?

  • The causes are usually the increase in body fluids. They accumulate in the tissues.
  • The uterus pressure obstructs the pelvic veins and vena cava.
  • Be cautious with weight gain; an increase in weight also enhances Swelling.
  • The body produces more blood than usual for the growth of the baby.
  • The hormonal changes are common out of many body changes. The veins don’t function well during pregnancy.
  • Don’t spend more time on your feet. Due to gravity, the body fluids get accumulated at the ankles and feet.

What Are The Risks Of Feet Swelling During Pregnancy?

Mild Swelling is doesn’t cause any risk and harmless. But, when swelling is more, don’t try to wear tight footwear.

Yet times, Swelling is related to blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine. So, consider all these aspects before sitting cool.

If accompanied by headaches, swelling can be a sign of preeclampsia

If there are no other health-related issues or a sudden increase in weight gain, it is okay with Swelling.

What Are The Home Remedies For Feet Swelling During Pregnancy?

Try Using Arnica Oil For Feet Swelling During Pregnancy :

Give a gentle massage to your feet with the arnica oil. There will be a great relief to your feet; the Swelling will come down over time.

Embrace Walking:

Don’t skip walking. When you are comfortable, try walking for 30 minutes, and this keeps your Swelling down. Know from your doctor about simple exercises as well.

Enjoy Healthy Diet:

Whatever you eat, try including protein, salts, potassium. These wholesome meals make you healthy. As well, the best way to get rid of problems like Swelling. 

Bank On Nettle Or Dandelion Tea:

These infused teas bring loads of goodness. They also taste and smell heavenly.

Bid Adieu To Caffeine:

If you have the habit of consuming a lot of caffeine, this is high time to reduce consumption. Enjoy having one of coffee and not more.

Sleep To Your Left:

Don’t forget to sleep at your left. This is the best position for your baby to get oxygen as well for you to stay comfortable and healthy.

Keep Your Feet Up:

While you are sitting for a long time, make sure to sit with your feet elevated. Don’t keep your foot too high. Figure out your comfortable posture and continue it.

Magic of Epsom Salt:

Soak your feet with water pouring some Epsom salt generously. This makes you feel soothing and reduces swelling for a long while.

Bank On Foods Rich In Potassium:

There are many natural foods like fruits, herbs, and veggies, which are rich in potassium. Include them in your diet. Few of them are bananas, figs, avocados, lettuce, celery, parsley, kiwi, spinach, cabbage.

Treating Feet Swelling During Pregnancy

Here are some tips to deal with feet swelling during pregnancy:

· Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for a long time. Move-in regular intervals.

· Ensure your shoes are comfortable. Get a new size if you are not satisfied with the older ones.

· Carry a stool or try keeping your feet at some height while you sit.

· Reduce the intake of junk food and foods rich in salt.

· Don’t skip walking or doing simple exercises.

· Try massaging and wear stockings. The pressure helps the excess fluids to get back to the heart.

· Reflexology also helps to relieve Swelling.

· Don’t compromise on drinking more water. Stay well hydrated.

Let Us Wrap It Up

As a woman, get prepared to enjoy pregnancy physically and emotionally. Hormonal changes bring in all the difference to the mood and body. Swollen feet and ankles are quite common as you enter 22 weeks. This is a regular discomfort that gets eased with little change in lifestyle and food. Seek the doctor’s advice if you are not comfortable and finding the swelling increasing.

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