Benefits of Eating Popcorn During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the time when you will feel food cravings to another level. You may feel a craving for the food you have otherwise disliked or you may detest something you so dearly love to eat. It is a complicated period for sure. During pregnancy, your appetite will also increase. You will have to eat something in the gap of 2/3 hours. But having heavy meals all the time is not possible. So you need to have a snack that is light, tasty, and healthy of course! And this is where having popcorn during pregnancy fits in!
popcorn during pregnancy

If you like popcorn then the struggle will be quite easy for you. Popcorns are a healthy and filling snack that you can have during pregnancy. There are a lot of benefits of eating popcorn during pregnancy. So if you have the queries like can I eat popcorn during pregnancy or is it safe to eat popcorn during pregnancy then read this out.

What are the Benefits of Popcorn During Pregnancy?

Popcorns are extremely healthy for your body and keep your digestive system happy. Here are the benefits you will get from popcorn:

  • Popcorns are corn kernels. It is rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Also, it provides a high level of plant protein.
  • Popcorns will provide you the necessary amino acid for the growth of the baby, especially during the second & third trimesters.
  • Corn is a very healthy snack with no fat included. So there is no worry to gain extra weight.
  • Popcorns are high in fiber and low in calories so you can eat them in bulk without worrying about issues like pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, or miscarriage.
  • The corns are rich in roughage and therefore will help with digestion. It also keeps your intestine clean. It will alleviate constipation which is a common problem during pregnancy.
  • Popcorns can prevent premature delivery. The selenium content of popcorn helps to reduce complications associated with labor and ensures the timely delivery.

Can I Eat Popcorn During Pregnancy?

Popcorn during pregnancy is safe, provided, you are eating it in limited quantities. It is one of few snacks that you can have during pregnancy without any worry. You don’t have to follow a time to eat popcorn. You can have it anytime you crave it.

Popcorn is a whole grain. It is rich in zinc, minerals, and essential vitamins that are good for pregnant women. So yes you can eat popcorn during pregnancy and enjoy your binge-watching.

However, it is better to stay away from instant popcorn packets that come with oil, butter, masala, or salt. The quality of these add-ons may not be up to mark.

Is Popcorn Safe for a Pregnant Woman?

Popcorn is a safe snack option for a pregnant woman. But whether it is healthy or not depends greatly on how you make it. Popcorn, in itself, is healthy. It is the method of cooking and the add-ons that can create any health issue. Here are some points you need to keep in mind before preparing popcorn for a pregnant woman.

  • Do not pop the popcorn in the microwave. It is not safe for the pregnant lady. Make it on the gas using a rice cooker instead.
  • If you are buying ready-made popcorn or popcorns with added flavors then read the ingredient chart thoroughly. Some flavoring can create troubles during pregnancy.
  • Even if you are using salt for taste make sure the amount is little. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure.  High blood pressure during pregnancy invites many complications that could adversely affect the health of mother and child.
  • Make sure the popcorns are well cooked otherwise you will not be able to digest them properly.

eating popcorn during pregnancy

How to Eat Popcorn During Pregnancy?

So you must be wondering how to eat popcorn healthily then? If there are no flavors and salt then will it still taste good? Don’t worry! You can use salt, butter, and flavors in your popcorn. You will only have to reduce its quantity. It is better if you cook it at home. Also, consume it in moderation as you should also try other nutrient-rich veggies.

Pregnancy does not mean you will have to let go of all those tasty snacks that you used to love. Yes, you will of course have to restrain yourself from having junk food. But popcorn does not fall under this category. You don’t have to stop your craving for popcorn during pregnancy. They are completely safe and healthy for you if you let go of those added flavors and toppings. So enjoy your pregnancy by watching movies or web series or spending some alone time with your budding baby while having a popcorn bucket by your side!

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