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Benefits Of Running During Pregnancy

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Running While Pregnant
Pregnancy and the birth of a child is a joyous affair for the whole family. The whole family and the near and dear ones make all sorts of efforts to make the mother happy and fit.  Different types of beneficial foods are given to the mother so that she is healthy and all comforts are provided as well.  A Lot of do’s and do not’s top the list for the same. Running during pregnancy, however, is not commonly heard, so it is difficult to say if it’s a myth or truth.
Therefore, let us have a brief snippet at finding out if it is safe to run during the pregnancy period, the conditions in pregnancy when it is not safe to run, the points which should be pondered while running under pregnancy situations, safety measures which should be followed as well as their benefits.

Is It Safe To Run During Pregnancy?

It is considered completely safe to run in the pregnancy period if your body has been accustomed to be running prior to this period as well. Running is the simplest and the most effective way for a proper workout to the body as well as the heart. In case one is not used to be running before, pregnancy surely is not a great time for kick starting it.

When Is It Not Safe To Run During Pregnancy?

  • In case of any diagnosis of cervical issues, it is best to stop running
  • High blood pressure from the onset of the pregnancy is another condition where the doctor prohibits running and is not considered safe.
  • It is highly advisable to not start any new practices while pregnant, especially the fitness regimes.
  • The running habit should be immediately stopped in case one is carrying twins or triplets (multiple pregnancies).

What Are The Points To Keep In Mind While Running During Pregnancy?

  • It is important to keep yourself hydrated before as well as after running. This helps in preventing dehydration.
  • It is mandatory to always do the warming up sessions prior to running and even after it. This helps in cutting down of any sort of injury.
  • It is compulsory to have ready access to the washroom while running during the pregnancy period as the pressure on the bladder is increased due to the baby which in turn increases the urge to urinate more.
  • It is even important to wear a good and proper sports bra in order to offer proper support to the enlarged breasts which could sag if one does not wear a proper bra.
  • From the onset of the second trimester, it is crucial to take short steps and even go slow as the lower portion starts becoming heavier and the centre of gravity gets changed as the belly starts growing.
  • It is ideal to have perfect fitting shoes. In certain pregnancies, the mother-to-be complains of swollen feet or joints getting loose as well. So it is always good to buy a new pair of shoes that support all the required needs.

What Are The Safety Measures To Follow While Running During Pregnancy?

Being active is the key to feeling great and pregnancy is no exception as it is good both for the mother and the baby. However, pregnancy being a crucial condition, there are some safety measures that should be kept in mind while running under this condition and they are enumerated as under:

  • It is important to run but not get into a race, which means going slow and not pushing oneself to the limit of getting tired.
  • Do not indulge in any severe fitness regime, start by doing smaller steps if not already in the habit of doing so.
  • It is mandatory to acquire core strength in order to be devoid of all sorts of injury and pain. During pregnancy tripping and falling are common symptoms as the centre of the gravity changes and building core strength or stability helps with smooth delivery.
  • It is seen in most of the cases that the feet of the women get swollen as the third trimester approaches, thereby, making their old shoes tight for them and causing them to get imbalanced and get injured as well. So, it is important to procure proper and new fitness gear as being active is beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

What Are The Benefits Of Running During Pregnancy?

The benefits accrued from running are not only shelling which are important for labor and delivery time but it is also beneficial for all the nine months of pregnancy and is advantageous for the mother and the baby. Some benefits are listed as under:

  • If one keeps running during the pregnancy phase, it cuts down the chances of all sorts of serious risks including gestational diabetes and also reduces the chances of C-section as well.
  • Running helps with pregnancy symptoms like constipation, nausea etc.
  • The mothers who were always in the routine of running prior to pregnancy have a better check on their weight gain and even a better posture.
  • The energy level gets a gush if one keeps running, thus eliminating fatigue which is a common symptom of the expecting mothers.
  • The habit of running also helps to increase the blood circulation and even strengthen the blood vessels and even the heart.
  • It overall helps in the maintenance of the physical fitness throughout the pregnancy period.
  • The woman who makes running a part of their routine have smoother deliveries and it decreases the chances of foetal stress and helps in speedier recovery post- delivery.

Benefits Of Running On Your Pregnancy

Running during pregnancy is a great work-out to keep the heart and body in control. It helps in boosting both the physical and mental aspects. If done with proper measures and in moderation, turns out to be an excellent way to keep oneself fit. It even helps with the prevention of issues like gestational diabetes, reduces back pain and any other pain related to pregnancy also offering proper sleep.

Benefits Of Running During Pregnancy On The Foetus:

  • The child who is born to a woman who makes running a part of their regime are the ones who are less likely to develop any breathing problems.
  • The babies born to running mothers have a healthy heart.
  • It also reduces the baby fat of the foetus before he is born without actually affecting the normal weight of the baby.
  • Any mother who is fit during the pregnancy time offers better blood circulation and even gives the required oxygen and other nutrients to the baby.
  • The behavioral and the neurological maturity of the child is quicker than other kids.

Therefore, we can say that the myth that running should be avoided during pregnancy is busted as it can be seen that apart from exceptions, running in moderation and with proper safety measures is beneficial both for the baby as well as the mother-to-be. It helps not only in pregnancy but even post- delivery and has added advantages for both the mother and baby duo. After all, it is said,” A good run is more like the consumption of a cup of coffee, where you feel much nicer once you get it, the more you get into the running practice, the better and stronger you feel to be able to face all sorts of difficulties with ease”.

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