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Broken, Fallen, Chipped Tooth Accidents

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They run, they jump, they kick, they sit, they holler, they laugh – kids embrace volatile behavior throughout the day. Their testing and fearless attitude may sometimes be threatening, rewarding the little ones with cuts and bruises. Your kid coming back home with a tooth that has been chipped or lost is also not an uncommon scenario. Many babies in the stages of being independent fall on their faces and hit their pearly whites. However if the broken tooth is a permanent one, then this certainly raises concerns. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of broken tooth:
Broken tooth

What Can Cause Tooth Accidents?

The day to day activities of your child predisposes his teeth to the risk of being ruptured. Chipping the tooth or hitting it hard so as to dislocate or even lose it can be a result of either one or more pointers enlisted below:

  1. Accident: An unfortunate accident rendering injury to jaw or face can damage teeth
  2. Fall: A fall from the bike or simple tripping can sometimes render your kid toothless. Young babies in the process of learning to walk or climbing stairs can often fall on their face chipping or knocking off their tooth
  3. Injury from sports: A smash from the ball or kick during Karate increase the risk of losing the teeth
  4. Biting hard objects: Some kids have the habit of biting on to pencil, scale or testing things with their mouth. A bite gone wrong can make him lose his tooth. Even young babies explore everything with their mouths, though they do not bite hard, yet they can hurt their teeth by rubbing them on uneven, hard objects
  5. Fights: ‘Whamm’ a punch on the face or accident due to pushing all make your kid susceptible of losing a tooth
What Is The First Aid For A Broken Tooth?

If your kid has lost his tooth, follow the below first aid measures to ward off any complications:

  • Rinse: First of all rinse the mouth using warm water, to ensure your child doesn’t swallow any broken fragments of tooth
  • Cold compress: Simply wrap few ice cubes in a napkin and hold it at the site of pain. This will numb the area and reduce swelling as well as pain
  • If your kid broke a permanent tooth then rinse his mouth, make sure there is no debris at the site of broken tooth and place back the broken tooth at its location
  • Give a gauze or towel for your kid to bite on in an attempt to keep the tooth in place. Note: If this tooth cannot be placed back, store it in a jar of cold milk

The longer the delay between replacing the permanent tooth, the greater the chance of losing this opportunity. It’s wise to carry along the broken tooth if possible, for further examination of the dentist.
Tooth accidents

Should I Take My Baby To A Dentist?

Well, certainly. But taking your child to a dentist becomes absolutely necessary if:

  1. There are signs of infection, bleeding or swelling or tenderness
  2. Your baby is very much in pain and infant paracetamol is not being effective
  3. The tooth has been partially broken, or is fragmented
  4. It is hurtful, painful in any other way
  5. A broken tooth may cause pain for 2-3 days, but if your kid complains of intolerable pain, sensitivity, pain while opening jaw, bleeding or fever, then you must immediately take your kid to a dentist

Only a dentist can examine the exact extent of damage. You may be recommended imaging tests such as X Ray or CT scan of your child for better diagnosis. Sometimes, the tooth is broken halfway and depending on the bruise to dental root, may suggest appropriate treatment. This could be dental filling or dental crowns.
The tooth needs to be monitored for 2-3 weeks to identify any infection or other complications.

Complications Of Tooth Accidents

The pain and unpleasantness associated with a broken tooth usually resolves in 2-3 days, but closely watch for other developments to rule out signs of infection. Watch out for following complications:

  • Severe bleeding: The aftermath of broken tooth mostly includes swollen and or bleeding gums. But in some cases the bleeding may be severe depending on the nerve damage
  • Chipped teeth: or there could be chipping of other teeth due to trauma. Therefore try to see a dentist as soon as possible to rule out any infection and ensure proper care
  • Torn muscles: Sometimes, sharp edges or fragments of broken tooth may cause tear to the smooth muscles inside the mouth or even the tongue, which may require stitching
  • Dis-figuration: A broken tooth itself may not be serious but if proper care is not taken, may lead to disfigurement and make your kid self conscious
After Care Tips For A Broken Tooth

Since a tooth accident does take some considerable time to heal, the below pointers will help you in ensuring that no further complications arise.

  • Ensure that your kid continues to maintain mouth hygiene by brushing with an extra sensitive, soft bristled tooth brush
  • Get a mouthwash
  • Avoid giving any hard foods, stick to semi-solids and liquids
  • A popsicle or ice cream may help relieve pain

Your heart goes out to see your little one in pain, but then the falls and fails are part of growing up. Educate your child how he should counter the situation in which he hurts himself. This valuable information will increase his self-confidence and brave the circumstances. And for those little babies who lost their tooth, tell them about the tooth fairy…!

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