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Buying First Bra For Your Daughter

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The first bra is a big thing for your daughter. And as her mother, you have the responsibility to ensure that she has a good ‘first bra experience’. However, Buying Bra, especially, Buying  First For Your Daughter is not as easy as it sounds. Most parents are somewhat uncomfortable at the thought of their seemingly little daughter (“whose birth feels like yesterday”) needing a bra. So they might delay the big day. The daughter, on the other hand, might be confused too. If her friends are already wearing bras, then she might want one even if she doesn’t need one. Alternatively, if none of her friends are using them yet, then she might be embarrassed to buy one for herself, even if she wants.
woman buying braThe way out? Shed your discomfort. Your discomfort can spread to your girl. There is no shame in having breasts and using bras. This is what you should feel and this is what you should make your daughter believe.

When Is The Right Time To Buy The First Bra For My Daughter?

The average age when girls start wearing bras is around 11. However, some girls are ready early – by nine years or so. And some girls would not need a bra until they are well into teens (14-15 years). Kids these days mature quite early physically, and measurable breast development has been noted in girls as young as 8 years. You can read more about early puberty in girls in one of our articles here.
If you have an open communication channel with your daughter, knowing when your daughter needs a bra should not be a problem. Explain to your child that she is growing and there is a good chance her breasts will feel tender as it grows and wobbly when she runs. Further, nipples might start showing over tee shirts. Tell her if any of this happens, there is a solution. A well fitted bra

will be her comfort and confidence in doing everything she needs to do without being conscious about how her breasts are looking.
Sometimes, your daughter might take the first step and come and tell you she needs a bra. Do not brush her off because you do not think she is ready yet (or is it you who is not ready?). Hear out her reasons. Remember, she is going to remember this experience forever. It is best to get on with it, when she is ready and willing.

How To Choose The Right Bra For Your Daughter?

Many moms feel it is a daunting experience to buy a daughter her first bra. Well, your little girl is growing fast, and you will have to keep up pace. Some moms and daughters are equally nervous and emotional, and this is why we have compiled some practical tips to make the shopping process easier.

1. Ensure the fit is right:

Wearing a good fitted bra is perhaps the most important lesson you can teach your daughter. Most women wear ill fitted bra and unfortunately do not even realize how a comfortable fit feels like. If your daughter is comfortable getting a professional fitter measure her, get that done by all means. Most good boutiques and cloth shops offer them. Alternatively, you can try different size and pick one that is most comfortable for your daughter. Things to watch out for? Bulges in the front or sides, loose pockets of clothes, skin plunging out of the straps are all signs the bra is not fitting the child

2. Decide on the type of bra:

There are many options available in the market. Usually, first time bra users prefer sports bra like bra since it will be comfortable and more importantly, it will not “look” like they are wearing a bra. However, if she wants a different style, let her pick one herself. Make sure the material is soft and comfortable. A bra with lining might be a good option, but do not go for padding yet

4. Make sure it is age appropriate:

While you let her pick her bra, ensure that it is not a push-up bra or a sexy cut bra. Explain to her that at her age, comfort is the most important factor
Buying first bra

What Else Can I Do To Make My Daughter’s First Bra Experience Better?

1. Make her aware about her breasts:

Talk about general breast health. Inform her that she need not be ashamed of them. Explain both breasts need not be of the same shape or size. In fact, for most people, one breast is slightly bigger than the other. Also explain to her that if she does not wear properly fitted bras, there is a risk of early sagging

2. Explain to her how she will need different bras for different outfits:

Yes, the primary reason for using a bra is comfort. But it is also a requirement for fashion. This means that she will need different bras for different outfits. What she wears under the tee shirt might not be same as what she would wear under a party gown. However, as we explained before, please ensure you buy only age appropriate bras

3. Tell her size does not matter:

Explain to your child that just like bodies, breasts also come in all sizes and shapes. And it will continue changing throughout a girl’s life. All shapes are ok. All sizes are ok. There is no need to be self-conscious or worried with her boobs. Whether it is too small or too big should not impact her life in any way

4. Do not tease her about her wanting to wear a bra or her size:

Harmless teasing about breast size that you might tell your friends is definitely not suitable to be repeated to your daughter. Your daughter might already be comparing her size to her friends’ and she does not want any more reason to be conscious about

5. Decide where to shop smartly:

Do not go to the regular cloth shop where the salesmen might know you and your daughter and might make your daughter embarrassed. It is best to go to a good boutique that has a professional fitter. Also, you and your daughter need to do this together. Do not delegate. Or worse, do not bring your whole family with you to the shop!
Happy bra shopping!

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