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Can I Donate Blood During Pregnancy?

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Women make up a big part amongst the universal blood-donating population. Nothing can beat the peace one attains upon helping another human being. Despite how selfless and compassionate you are, you will be discouraged from the gracious act of donating blood once you are pregnant. Your humanitarian act ought to hold up in the course of pregnancy as you need all the blood you have for you and your unborn child.
Blood donation during pregnancy

  • Why Can’t I Give Blood Now That I Am Pregnant?
  • What Issues Can Arise Due To Blood Donation During Pregnancy?
  • What If I Donated Blood Before I Knew I Was Pregnant?
  • My Doctor Has Asked Me To Give Blood. Why?
  • What Is The Significance Of “Cord Blood Donation”?

Why Can’t I Give Blood Now That I Am Pregnant?

In spite of the fact that your body produces around 50% more blood in the course of pregnancy, you will be needing this blood to maintain your baby’s life within the womb. After all, the body produces more blood for a reason, doesn’t it? If you decide to donate blood in spite of these warnings,it can create several undesirable and unwanted issues that affect the health and well-being of both the mother and the child. The American Red Cross advises pregnant women not to donate blood since it is considered unsafe.

What Issues Can Arise Due To Blood Donation During Pregnancy?

The most significant issue that arises due to donating blood in the course of pregnancy is the increased chance to experience iron deficiency anemia. You will see the seriousness when you know another significant fact that, almost 50% of the pregnant women are already experiencing some degree (minor to major) of anemia in the course of pregnancy. The chances get higher once the mother donates her blood as there will not be enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen and nutrients to your baby (as well as your tissues). Significant issues like preterm birth and low birth weight

are usually associated with iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy.

What If I Donated Blood Before I Knew I Was Pregnant?

If you have donated blood before you came to know of your pregnancy, that should be in very early stage. In the earlier stage of pregnancy, your body is still preparing itself for the same, and you should also feel good and be in a good general health. In such a case you are considered eligible to donate blood. Usually, you also receive a short evaluation (before donating blood) where blood pressure, hemoglobin, pulse, and temperature are measured. Thus, donating blood before confirmation pregnancy is unlikely to develop any issues during this early phase. But, if you are worried discuss it with your doctor. A labor atory test can easily establish that you are not anemic.

My Doctor Has Asked Me To Give Blood. Why?

The sole reason you may be permitted to give blood during pregnancy is if your doctor believes you might require a blood transfusion during delivery in case you are tagged under a high-risk pregnancy. This happens mainly if the mother develops severe anemia or if she experiences or possesses any chance of excessive bleeding at some point in the course of pregnancy. If there are chances of hemorrhage, to handle the complications that may come up when receiving blood from some other source, the doctor may ask you to store some blood for yourself in case you necessitate it. And then, in that event, you’ll be donating blood to your future self!
Giving blood in pregnancy

What Is The Significance Of “Cord Blood Donation”?

Cord blood is the blood rich in stem-cells left in the umbilical cord and placenta after delivery. In case you are not planning to store it at a stem cell banking institution, you could consider donating it. When you donate your child’s cord blood, it is put away in an open bank for any individual who needs it. Your gift could be a lifesaving match for individuals with life-threatening diseases like cancer, immune system disorder, sickle cell anemia, etc. Most disease patients who call for stem cell transplants, most of the time, experience difficulty in finding a donor in their family or close circle. The mothers like you who are willing to donate cord blood are like the answers to their prayers. This is somewhat more than blood donation which can give you more fulfillment and helps to dilute down the disappointment of not giving blood for an entire pregnancy period.
Remember, once you are pregnant, anything affecting your health can result in putting you and your child’s life at risk. Thus, in case you are thinking of donating blood now, wait until you give birth. Being pregnant may not be an impairment, instead, it is a tough task.You should be at your most advantageous to maintain the life growing inside you.Yes, you need to serve society. We agree that it is an honorable thought too. In any case, wouldn’t you be able to sit tight for another few months? You can always donate blood later. But this pregnancy will in no way come returned, therefore enjoy it!

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