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10 Pregnancy Tips To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

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A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. It is every parent’s dream that their baby grows up to be healthy and intelligent.
Here, we bring you 10 tips that ensure your baby is smarter and intelligent.
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10 Pregnancy Tips To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

  • Eat healthy 
  • Stay fit and active 
  • Pique your baby’s attention 
  • Keep thyroid levels in check 
  • Don’t ignore the supplements 
  • Don’t rule out breastfeeding
  • Avoid 
  • Keep your weight in check
  • Soak up some sun 
  • Stay calm and stress free 

10 Pregnancy Tips To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

Eat Healthy To Get A Intelligent Baby

Omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for baby’s brain development. Make certain you include foods that have a good content of omega 3 such as fish in your diet. Iron found in leafy vegetables helps the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain cells. Also include nuts such as almonds and walnuts in your diet during your pregnancy. Walnuts are essential for brain development of adults and babies alike. Almonds are a good source of niacin, protein and energy and helps in the overall brain development of the baby

Stay Fit And Active To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

Staying fit and active is all the more important during pregnancy. Fight the urge to laze around and get off the couch if you want to make your baby smarter. While exercis ing your body secretes hormones that are good for the baby’s brain development. If you weren’t exercising before getting pregnant, stick to light weight exercises and brisk walks. It has been proven that mothers who are active during pregnancy have smarter children

Pique Your Baby’s Attention

As the baby grows in his mother’s womb, he begins to hear and even respond to sound. He may not understand what you are saying, but  talking or even singing to him can help with baby’ brain development. You can even ask your partner to speak to your belly and feel the baby respond in return. From time to time listen to soothing music or even nursery rhymes. Music helps the baby to keep calm and even increase concentration power. Rubbing your belly gently is also a good stimulation for the baby. A baby, still in the womb, can feel your touch even and even has sense of smell. Try to smell fresh flowers, fruits and other such soothing fragrances whenever you can. These exercises will help with the baby’s brain stimulation

Keep Thyroid levels In Check To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

Thyroid is essential for the body. During pregnancy if your thyroid level is unstable it can affect the baby. Deficiency of thyroid in the mother can affect the intelligence quotient of the baby. Try to eat a well balanced and healthy diet which contains ample amount of sodium. Include iodized salt and yogurt in your diet in case you feel you not get the required amount of iodine in your diet. Click here to know what foods will suit you the best
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Don’t Ignore The Supplements

During pregnancy your body needs extra nourishment. Though a wholesome meal will provide you with ample nutrition, you must take additional supplements for the well-being of the baby and a smooth delivery. There are a lot of prenatal supplements available in the markets such as Vitamins and supplements containing folic acid. Both of these elements play a crucial role in the development of the brain cells of the baby. However, it is necessary that you consult your doctor before taking any supplements

Don’t Rule Out Breastfeeding To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

The first six months are crucial for your baby. Since the baby is too young to eat anything, breast milk becomes the sole source of nutrition. Breast milk is equipped to provide wholesome nourishment to your baby. Not only does it keep the baby healthy, but also helps to increase brain strength. Even if you opt to feed your baby anything else, make sure you breast feed him at least once a day, unless there are some other reasons not to breastfeed


There are certain things that you need to avoid if you want a healthy and smart baby. Once such thing is smoking, it can lead to premature delivery, stillborn baby and can be the sole cause of many defects in the baby. Smoking also considerably harms the baby’s brain cells. Consuming alcohol while pregnant can also have similar effects on the baby. You also need to steer clear of certain foods that have high mercury content such as shark fish, sword fish, mackerel etc.

Keep Your Weight In Check To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

There is a reason that a baby stays in the womb for the whole 9 months. A fetus needs nourishment to grow and develop and achieves full maturity at the completion of 9 months. Premature delivery is often the cause of mental defects in the baby. One way to avoid premature delivery is to keep your body weight in check. The excessive weight of the mother often results in premature delivery. Hence, make sure you don’t overeat and gain extra pounds

Soak up some sun

It is common knowledge that the sun is the ultimate source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is extremely essential when you are pregnant. It makes your bones healthy and lack of it can cause preeclampsia during pregnancy. Preeclampsia not only affects the mother it can also cause stunted mental development in the baby. It could also cause Down Syndrome. The best time to soak up some Vitamin D is early morning when the sun rays aren’t too harsh

Stay Calm And Stress free To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

Just like the unborn baby can hear sounds and feel the sensation of touch, it can even sense when the mother is tense or under stress. This can affect the unborn baby’s mental health. Read stress and its affects on baby to know more
Pregnancy is the time when mothers need to take utmost care of their physical and mental health for the sake of their baby. It is important that the mother stays happy so that the baby in the womb is healthy and smart.

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sarah albert

May 20, 2017

I am expecting a baby girl and I want her to be healthy, so thanks for the tips. Can you please share the safe ways and eatables for having a fair child.


sarah albert

May 20, 2017

I am expecting a baby girl and I want her to be healthy, so thanks for the tips. Can you please share the safe ways and eatables for having a fair child.

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